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How to download videos from Pinterest 2023

Like a Pinterest video but don’t know how to download it? The social network offers a wide variety of content, such as recipes, tips and tutorials, allowing you to save photos or videos directly to your phone or computer. However, this quick feature is not available for downloading images.

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You can easily download videos from Pinterest using sites that specialize in capturing videos from social networks. With a few clicks, the user can save, on the computer or the mobile phone, videos of pins.

The best way out is to resort to external tools that allow you to save this type of file quickly. Overall, the way is basically the same: just copy the original URL of the video and paste it on some websites with this feature. Here’s how to download videos from Pinterest.

How to download videos from Pinterest

There are several websites capable of downloading videos from Pinterest, as well as some apps available for iPhone and Android. Usually, the site method is the simplest, just copy the video link on the social network, access the download site, paste and download.

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Also, using download sites ends up being safer than installing certain applications, especially on Android, which may have more permissions than necessary and collect sensitive user data, without them realizing it.

For those who need to download pin videos, from storage tips to quick recipes hosted on Pinterest, it is safer to use dedicated websites for this.

There are several pages capable of collecting and downloading videos from Pinterest, such as:

In this example, we will use the Keep Save It download tool on the desktop, but you can choose the one you want. Some work better on a PC or mobile phone. So here is how to download Pinterest videos:

  1. Copy the link of the Pinterest video you want to download;
  2. Visit keepsaveit.com ;
  3. Paste the link in the search bar and click “Download”;
  4. On the next page, click on “Download” and then on the download button;
  5. The Pinterest video will be downloaded to your computer or mobile phone.

And that’s all.

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Most video download sites, although with one or another different step, follow this same download pattern. So, choose what you like best.

How to save Pinterest videos on iPhone?

To save Pinterest videos to your iPhone, the step-by-step is a little different. Open the video you want to save in the app and press the screen until the “send” icon appears, select the “copy link” command, access the chosen app, paste the link and press “download” for a few moments, then tap “ download linked video” and the file will be stored in the iPhone gallery.


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