7 apps and sites like Pinterest to get inspiration

by George Philip
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Pinterest is a social network that helps us find inspiration in many aspects: photography, content, fashion, travel, cooking, decoration and many others. However, it’s not just him out there. It is possible to come across other platforms that have the same proposal as the social network (or that can work in a very similar way). See below 7 apps and sites like Pinterest to get inspiration. Let’s go.

7 apps and sites similar to Pinterest to get inspiration

1. We Heart It

Created in 2007, We Heart It is a social network very similar to Pinterest, where you can search, save and share images and articles for inspiration.

Available for desktop and mobile (with the ad-free plan), on the platform, you can choose channels on subjects you like the most and follow profiles that create this content. In addition to liking the posts, you can also share them on other channels and download them to your device.

Also, in the profile on the social network, the user can upload images, create collections of content and browse the publications liked.

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2. Designspiration

With a very interesting and simple interface, Designspiration is a site where you can explore new creative ideas for images. As the website itself describes,: “ Designspiration is a hub of creativity and a tool for collecting and sharing ideas.”

On the platform, created in 2010, it is possible to seek inspiration from categories or filter by the colours you want. In addition, in the profile, you can follow your saves and create collections with the saved images.

Designspiration even has a Pro version.

3. Behance

The Behance platform, which is part of Adobe, aims to help its users show and discover creative work. It works as an online portfolio, where you can publicize your own materials and also follow and monitor profiles and projects you like, that is, it is a way to keep creative professionals connected.

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On the platform, you can browse various categories such as design, 3D, photography, and fashion, among others, in addition to knowing more information about the artists.

In the mobile application, the user still has access to chats, and content promoted by Adobe Live and can publish stories that are visible on the home page.

4. Dribble

Dribbble is a website aimed at design professionals. In it, you can find creative works of illustration, brands, animation, typography and several other categories that can help you find inspiration.

Founded in 2009, the company also has other interesting resources for creative professionals, such as courses; markets with products for sale; space for hiring designers; and job vacancies.

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5. Mix

The mix is ​​an image, GIF, video, and article app with a TikTok – like interface. By dragging the screen up you can see your For You posts, following the content format you want to see. In the “Discoveries” tab, you can also browse topics that interest you.

In the app, you can still follow profiles, like content and share them on other social networks.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblog, launched in 2007, where users can publish all types of content such as texts, images, videos, GIFs, dialogues, etc. As the site itself explains: “Tumblr is your white canvas.”.

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Very popular in the past, the platform also works as an inspiration tool, where you can follow profiles, follow content and discover photos from the most diverse categories.

Just like Instagram, you can follow hashtags and browse their content, which takes you to various profiles on the platform. There is also the “Explore” tab, where you can browse the most popular or recommended content for your profile.

Tumblr can be accessed from both desktop and mobile.

7. Flickr

Flickr is a 2004 platform that aims to help manage and share images. In other words, users can upload them to organize their photos and videos, make what they want public and also browse other users’ publications.

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The platform also allows you to connect to groups that like the same things as you, organize your publications into albums and take photos on the spot.

You can access your account from your computer or mobile phone. The app also has the Pro version with an annual and monthly plan.

Do you already use any of these platforms? How has your experience been?

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