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How to Get Free 11GB Data on SIMO app

We could actually say we are all having a nice time browsing the internet these days as we have enjoyed several data bonuses.

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Now there is this application, it is called SIMO, with this application you can browse the internet without a SIM card or WiFi connection and enjoy up to 11GB of free trial data using the SIMO application.

I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about SIMO in this post.

About SIMO application

SIMO is a global and local internet provider and it was released on September 17, 2018, on the Google PlayStore.

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SIMO offers your Android phone local and global internet service. Just install SIMO and click the “Connect” button, you can enjoy stable and high-speed internet without a SIM card. Try SIMO and get Free Trial Data right now!

With SIMO installed on your Android Phone, you can connect to the Internet in over 130 countries & regions without a SIM card. No SIM, No Wi-Fi, No Problem.

simo virtual sim

However, only a few devices are supported at the moment and the reason behind it is that these phones have in-built virtual SIM chip technology that allows them to browse the internet even without a SIM card or a Wi-Fi connection.

List of Supported Devices at the Moment.

  • BLU G9 (Available in the U.S. and American countries)
  • TECNO Camon 12 (Available in Nigeria)
  • TECNO Camon 12 Pro  (Available in Nigeria)
  • WIKO Tommy3(Available in Indonesia)
  • WIKO Tommy3 Plus  (Available in Indonesia)

We are working hard to support more devices, please kindly understand – SIMO support. 

Benefits of SIMO application

  • Free 11GB trial data
  • Surf the internet without a SIM card or WiFi connection
  • You get connected to different networks. You could be connected to Airtel this minute and the next time you connect it again, you might see MTN or 9mobile or GLO.
  • Pay As You Use (PAYU) on SIMO. No limits and you no longer need to get worried about running out of data again.
  • SIMO also offers free roaming services. Regardless of where you go, you pay a low rate for data. No surprise roaming costs or expensive international phone plans.
  • Experience fast and blazing speed up to 9mb/s
  • Less data consumption
how to use simo app

Why choose SIMO

  • Use with no hassle: Just 1 click and you will get connected.
  • Always enjoy the best network: Get optimal operator network with AI-powered engine-whenever, wherever
  • Economical and various Plans: Use all data you pay for, at a more affordable price, with no daily limits
  • Global coverage: High-speed 4G connection in over 130 countries & regions
  • Multiple payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, T-cash, Go-pay, Paytm (coming soon)
  • Get Support 24/7: Contact customer service within the app

How to use SIMO

  • Download SIMO from Google Play Store, and install it on your device.
  • Open SIMO and sign up. Currently, SIMO supports 3 ways to sign-up: phone number, email address and social media account (Facebook, Twitter).
  • After logging in successfully, close your wifi and click the ‘Connect’ button on the SIMO homepage to get yourself connected with the local network.

How to get SIMO free 11GB trial data

  1. Open PlayStore, Download and install the application on your supported device
  2. Launch the application
  3. Sign up using your email address or phone number or social media account
  4. Click on “connect” to get connected to any local network
  5. In less than 60 seconds, another network bar would appear at the top bar
  6. That’s all, you can now enjoy your free 11GB trial data.

How to Subscribe to a Data plan on SIMO

After you’ve exhausted the free 11GB trial data, you can subscribe to very cheap and affordable data plans on the SIMO application like PAYU Pay as you use with no limits.

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how to subscribe on simo app

You can contact them if you want SIMO to work on your device, contact them at [email protected]

Know more about what SIMO can do at https://simowireless.com/.

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