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How to use DaVinci Resolve 2023

It originated as software for colour correction in audiovisual products. See below, how to use DaVinci Resolve and focus all post-production needs on a single tool. In addition to colour correction functions, cuts in raw material, final editing, mergers and effects and export are present in the application solutions.

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Where did DaVinci come from?

The origin of the DaVinci Resolve application came from the company Blackmagic Design, the company has grown rapidly, gaining prominence, trying to become one of the world’s largest innovators and manufacturers of creative video technologies.

With extensive experience in high-quality television, film and powders, the company is focused on changing the industry, with solutions that are simple but of great capacity for professionals.

What’s DaVinci Resolve for?

The goal of DaVinci Resolve is to be the market solution combining professional editing, colour correction, visual effects, motion graphics and sound post-production in the same software tool.

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The interface is modern, sophisticated, quick to learn and easy for novice users, but powerful for professionals in the field. DaVinci Resolve lets you work fast, even at a higher quality, because you don’t have to learn and gather multiple apps or switch to different tasks.

In short, one can work with the images in the original quality of the camera throughout the process. It’s like having your own post-production studio in a single app.

Functions present in DaVinci Resolve


It is a very advanced professional nonlinear editor. The familiar trail layout, dual-monitoring design, and traditional workflow make learning easier for new users while making it powerful for professional editors accustomed to other software.

It features drag-and-drop assembly, customizable keyboard shortcuts to work faster, and a library with hundreds of titles, transitions, and effects to integrate and animate. Other points are the tools of media management, organization and complete timelines.


For faster jobs that require less detail, those who worked with audiovisuals in the old years can compare the tool with the old Sony BVE editing machines — “machine to machine”.

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The Hack page is ideal for projects with tight deadlines that should be delivered quickly. She’s also great for documentary work. The cuts page has a simplified and easy-to-understand interface for new users with a focus on agility.

Features like source tape, dual timelines, quick-view, and smart editing tools help you work faster.


The main product is also present, colour correction. DaVinci Resolve’s Color page is the most used colour corrector in Hollywood and has been colouring and finishing more feature films and television shows than other systems.

The version is also uncomplicated with new features designed to make it easier for new users to get results while learning the most advanced tools.


Many 2D and 3D tools for visual effects and motion graphics, plus advanced curve animation editors and keyframes that let you create natural and realistic animations.

Fusion includes everything from point tracking, gliding and a 3D camera to rotoscope and a scan tool to create photorealistic compounds, animated titles, 3D particle systems, and other functions.


DaVinci Resolve’sprofessional post-production sound tool pack. It’s like having a digital audio workstation (DAW) integrated into the editing and colourizing system. Common keyboard-based editing tools let you work faster.

The new Fairlight Audio Core lets you work with up to 2,000 tracks at the same time with effects processing, EQ and real-time dynamics.

Media and delivery

The page is ideal for before and after the job is finished. It serves to import, manage and deliver final projects. The Media page provides a full-screen desktop for greater concentration on image preparation, clip synchronization, file footage organization, and adding metadata before you start editing.

The quick export tool lets you upload files to YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter from anywhere in the software, but the delivery page gives you full control over encoding options and formats, plus a rendering queue to export multiple jobs.

Free and paid

There are two versions of the system, DaVinci Resolve which is free and DaVinci Resolve Studio, which is the paid version of the software. Both versions typically cater to novice or “home” users, the difference for Studio is some additional functions.

Studio Includes everything from the free version, plus DaVinci Neural Engine,3D stereoscopy tools, dozens of additional Resolve FX filters and Fairlight FX audio plug-ins, plus advanced HDR gradation and HDR scopes.

DaVinci Resolve is the fusion of all the necessary tools for good post-production for audiovisual works. If the needs are met only with the free version, just download and enjoy.

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