How to turn off trophy videos and save space on PS5

by George Philip
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How to turn off trophy videos and save space on PS5

The PS5, by default, records and saves short video clips every time you win a trophy in a game. It may not seem like much, but over time, it ends up taking up precious space in the SSD. If you don’t want to worry about it anymore, here’s how to turn off trophy video recording on PlayStation 5.

Recorded videos, every time you win a trophy, are done automatically and have a standard duration of 15 seconds. The exact moment of the trophy is shown. In addition to this capture, the PS5 also saves an image in the media gallery.

How to turn off trophy videos

Follow the steps if you want to turn off this automatic video save, and save space on the console SSD.

  1. In the PS5 main menu, go to Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner);
  2. On the screen you open, scroll it to the end and select Captures and Broadcasts;
  3. Finally, in the Trophies option, turn off the Save trophy videos button.

Additionally, you can take advantage and also turn off the button that saves trophy screenshots. That’s exactly the same way.


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