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How to create a Store on Instagram to show products

Learn how to use Facebook's trade manager to create a store and catalog to sell products on Instagram

If you’re thinking of selling products through Instagram, creating a Store to display items on the social network may be the best showcase for your business. To help you understand the process of setting up this feature, we’ve prepared the tutorial below. Follow the walkthrough to expose your catalog and create collections through facebook’s commerce manager.

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Before you start a Store on Instagram

According to Meta, there are some prerequisites to opening a store on its platform. You must:

  • Be a Business Manager administrator.
  • Connect your Facebook Page and Instagram business account to the same Business Manager account.
  • Have management permissions for the Facebook Page.

Creating a Store on Instagram by Facebook Manager

If you have met all of the items ordered above, follow the step by step below to create your Store:

  1. Go to The Commerce Manager from the desktop.
  2. In the side menu, click “Start” and then go to “Next” at the end of the page.
  3. In the “Choose checkout method” section, define where your customers will complete the payment.
  4. Continue clicking “Next”.
  5. In the “Choose sales channels” section, select the Instagram profile corresponding to your Store.
  6. Confirm your business email and click “Send”.
  7. Choose an existing catalog or create a new catalog to show your products on Instagram. You can add products to it later.
  8. Now review your store details and check the box that confirms that you have read and are in accordance with the Merchant Agreement.
  9. Finish on “Complete setup.”

About Purchase Completion Methods

By choosing the completion method, you can choose your site (made on a third-party platform), direct completion on Facebook/Instagram (available only to companies based in the United States), or by direct message, where you can combine payment with the buyer.

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Add products to your catalog

Now that you’ve set up your Instagram Store, it’s time to add products to the catalog. To do this, follow the step by step below:

  1. Go to the Trade Manager.
  2. Click the catalog you created when you set up your Store.
  3. In the “Catalog” table, click “Add items.”
  4. Select “Add manually.”
  5. Add an image, name, and product description.
  6. If you have a SKU or unique identifier for your product, you can add it in the “Content ID” section.
  7. Fill in the order fields with product purchase link, price, availability, and brand, among others.
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Add variant options, such as colours or sizes.
  10. Finish on “Add item.”

Yay! Now just perform the operation whenever you need to add a new item to your store. Don’t forget to keep your catalog up to date with recent information about your product and its availability.

Tips: Bet on images that are in good resolution and attractive to captivate your potential customers. If a product is unavailable, you can hide it from the catalog.

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