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by George Philip
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Without a doubt, the sales industry is changing rapidly. Traditional sales methods are no longer enough to get more sales. Nowadays, you need different sales tools for improving sales. One such tool is sales enablement software.

It is a wonderful tool that enables the sales team to make successful sales. Many businesses have been using BrainShark for improving sales. But it is not reasonable for every business. There are many other substitutes that you can find on the market.

If you are in need of a BrainShark alternative, then you are in the right place. Content Camel is one of the best sales enablement software to improve sales. In this post, we have compared Content Camel and BrainShark in detail.

What is BrainShark?

BrainShark is among the leading software created for sales enablement. The tool prepares the sales reps to face the clients with comprehensive knowledge and skill. It is a wonderful software that enables the sales teams to perform at their best level.

What is Content Camel?

Content Camel is a comprehensive sales enablement software that equips, trains, and motivates sales reps to enhance performance. It will enable the sales team to organize and manage all the content in one place. The sales content can be organized by content type, funnel stage, custom tags, and more.  

BrainShark VS Content Camel

Here is an extensive comparison of Content Camel and BrainShark.

Excellent Content Management

One of the best features offered in both the software is content management. It helps the sales reps find the information they are looking for without any difficulty. Thanks to this feature, the sales and marketing team can manage and organize all the content in a centralized place.

Not only this, but the software will also enable the sales reps to sort the information through funnel stage, tags, content age, and content type. With the help of this sales tool, reps can have access to content in a hassle-free way.

Free Trial

One of the biggest differences between these software is the free trial. Just like the rest of the sales tools, BrainShark has no free trial. You will have to subscribe to use it. However, Content Camel  offers a free trial. You can subscribe to it if the software is suitable for your business needs.

Rapid Seller Adoption

Another great feature of Content Camel is that it has rapid seller adoption. The sales team will not require advanced training for using the software. On the other hand, BrainShark doesn’t feature this function. The sales reps take time before they start using it.


When it comes to price, most of the sales enablement software and tools are extremely expensive. BrainShark is also an expensive choice as it is made for large organizations. Subscription will cost you $420 per year. While Content Camel is affordable and can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. The subscription price is $15 per month and $162 per year.

Content Experience

Content Camel features a content experience function. It enables the sales reps to provide a tailored buyer experience for all its customers. BrainShark offers internal content for training only.


When it comes to implementation, BrainShark takes months to set it up and use it. Also, you will have to pay additional setup costs.

Content Camel is easy to set up and can be implemented within days. You will not have to pay any additional charges.


A great thing we liked about Content Camel is that there is no monthly lock-in. It means you don’t have to sign up for long-term contracts. You can subscribe to it on a monthly basis. Whereas BrainShark can be subscribed annually.

Chrome Extension

Since Content Camel is a web-based software, you can use it through Chrome Extension. It means the sales enablement software works well everywhere. The sales team can use it in Outreach, Pipedrive, Salesloft, Salesforce, and Gmail.

While BrainShark works well with Salesforce only. It cannot be used everywhere as it doesn’t have a Chrome Extension.

BrainShark is Best For?

For decades, BrainShark has been used by sales teams. It is basically, training and coaching software that helps in providing skills and knowledge to perform better. The tool is perfect for large companies that require advanced sales training and coaching tools for scorecards.

Why is Content Camel The Right Choice?

Content Camel is the best choice if you are looking for software that will allow you to have easy access to all the content in one app. Through Chrome Extension, you can find any content and offer a personalized experience for buyers.

Content is a great BrainShark alternative developed for small and medium-sized companies. The sales tool is an ideal pick for teams who want to make the most of their limited budget. With this tool, the sales reps can improve their performance and improve sales.

Another great thing about this software is that it will keep the software costs low. You can subscribe to it for only $15 per month and $162 per year. Thanks to this, you can use all the saved-up money for campaigns and content.

Content Camel has not hidden fees or setup fees. You will pay the mentioned amount only. Also, you can get a free trial without having to provide credit card information. 

One of the things we liked in Content Camel is its content analytics. It will help the sales reps understand the performance of the content. The sales tool will provide insights into customer engagement. In this way, you can know which sales content is working and which is not.

Final Verdict

Sales enablement software is an exceptional tool for improving sales and productivity. Both software are great for giving the sales performance a boost. BrainShark is perfect for large companies while Content Camel is best for small and medium-sized companies.

In our opinion, Content Camel is an amazing sales tool that every business should implement. The sales tool has a wide range of features such as content management, sales analytics, customized buyer experience, integration, rapid seller adoption, and much more. It is a complete sales tool that will help take your business to a whole new level. 

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