9 Typing Games to Boost Your Typing Speed

by George Philip
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We are fortunate to live in a digital world and have multiple options to sharpen our skills. In the present digital world, it is not just the kids who have multiple options to raise their typing speed but the same opportunity is for the elders.

It may sound new to you but you are fortunate to have typing games in the online market that can boost your typing skills at games and take your words per minute test to an all-time high. Typing games came into existence because of necessity and as it is rightly said, ”necessity is the mother of invention”. 

The primary aim behind designing the typing games was to teach you how to type the keyboard and attain mastery over typing speed. Typing games made the process of typing easy and such games exactly show you the method of typing. 

This is the reason for the good demand for such games in the online market. Typing games originally came into existence in the 1980s and one of the games was Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. This typing game made use of the keyboard as a game mechanic for boosting the typing skills of the new generation of computer users. 

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It is very important to type with complete accuracy and the typing should be fast. If you master these two areas, you will be called skilful in typing. The credit goes to the present-day typing games and such games can make things all the easier for you when it comes to mastering the skill of typing. 

With such games, you can spend more time in practice, and as the proverb says practice makes a man perfect. With practice, you can take your typing skills to an altogether different level and there will be a time when you do not even have to look at the keyboard. 

The prime focus of modern typing games, also known as keyboard games sometimes, is on entertainment as well as education. 

If fun moves side by side with learning, you love it and grasp the skill more. Below you have a list of typing games that are completely beneficial to enhance the typing speed of both kids as well as adults. 

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Remember that learning has no age and the day you rise becomes the finest day of your life. Another good news for you being a learner is that many of the typing games are free of cost and therefore it does not put any impact on your pocket and affordability. You can play typing games as often as possible and can enhance your typing skills. 

1. The Textorcist

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The Textorcist is an excellent typing game and is available in a paid version in the online market. You can buy this typing game on the online marketplace Steam and can operate this one as a single-player game. If you have a deep interest in adult humour or are a big fan of horror movie themes or the Bullet Hell Games, then Textorcist is a typing game you are searching for. 

This game is a fusion of spellbound combat systems and typing games with sensational music. It keeps you bound on the keyboard and no doubt about this fact. In this game, you play an exorcist or a self-styled detective who deals with the cases of exorcism with a prime focus on the possession cases that sound scary or out of order. For keeping the evil forces at bay, you can type the exorcisms with the help of the keyboard during the diffusion of bombs, diversion of the bullets, and tackling barf puddles. 

When you play the Textorcist, it keeps you engaged both physically and mentally. There is no doubt about the fact that it is wonderful and you will indeed get that experience as you play this typing game. This game keeps you deeply occupied and is quicker when it comes to speed giving it an upper edge as compared to the other conventional action games. 

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2. Monologue

The Monologue is an exciting typing game to enhance your typing skills and is available in the free version. Your role to play is the moustachioed villain who has put the enemy to major trouble by typing him on a railway track and the dangerous part of it is that the incoming train is going to pass by on that very track. You play a major role in this typing game. You type to be victorious and prevent the enemy from escaping. if you make an error, you will have to re-type the word. You cannot waste the time and for that, you have to be precise and quick. There is no doubt to say that this one is an exclusive typing game that can boost your typing speed beyond imagination. You have multiple monologue examples available online. 

3. Typing of the Dead

Typing of the dead is in the list of arcade games and is developed and crafted by WOW Entertainment and published by Sega. It is on the list of exclusive typing games. This typing game is the modified version of the light gun arcade game that was released in 1998. In this game, you can make use of the computer keyboard as a gun. In this game, the player makes use of the typing of the words as a strategy to shoot zombies as well as other enemies. You have the needed word or sentence as a display in the box with the enemy. You can achieve the ending of this game by replying to the honest answers to the questions that are asked at the time of the boss fight. It is hassle-free to do the typing of the dead download. 

4. Typing Attack

Typing Attack is a typing game available for free and this is good news for you. This is a single-player browser-based game and with this typing game, you will learn to type on the keyboard speedily. You can not only type the words with this game but also practice spelling. the goal is to improve your typing skills and with the typing of each word, you will improve the skill of typing. You can also type the common words of the English language quite fast, faster than you expect. Such a game is recommended for typists of all levels be they experienced or fresh typists. The bigger advantage of this game is that you can type words at once rather than typing the keys one by one. You need to press the accurate keys for demolishing the aliens with a laser. With this game, you can easily grasp the keyboard layout and this you can do in a short period. 

5. God of Word

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God of Word is a fine-typing game based on the epic proportion of typing games and wordplay. You find it available on Steam and this game is available as a paid version. It is an attractive game based on the fusion of the exotic settings of Greek mythology as well as various game modes. Such a fusion creates a fascinating word game. This game is a challenge for you when it comes to the testing of vocabulary skills. With this, you have various scramble puzzles as well as challenges related to quick typing for defeating opponents. As you proceed in the gameplay, you will get multiple chances to unlock weapons or armour possessing distinct qualities. Finally, the best part of it is the bonus rewards. To get the rewards, you will have to accomplish hangman and chest minigames.

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6. Ghost Typing


Ghost Typing is a typing game available for free and you can find this game freely available on ABCya. This wonderful game is browser-based and makes use of a single-player. This is good for the guys who are already apt with typing but just want a speed increase. To speak another way, it is a fine choice to increase extra typing speed.

It is a speed booster in a way because it provides you with the objective to type the words appearing on the screen speedily before the ghosts in the background come close. In this game, you have five lives in all, and your typing speed matters here. 

If the speed is not quick enough, each ghost will take one life. It is really fun with the keyboard and also comprises a Halloween theme making it more effective. 

7. Typing Ninja

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Typing Ninja is an exclusive typing game available for free this is a browser-based game and operates by a single player. This game resembles Fruit Ninja but the process here is different. You have simply to type letters instead of making the fruit slices. You will face three obstacle levels as you play this game.

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At each level, you have the selection option of either letters or numbers. You have a chance of three lives in this game and you will have to take extra care at the time of the bomb hitting. Some versions of this typing game are ninja cat typing games etc. You can also join the ninja typing club once you become a member. 

8. Dance Mat Typing

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Dance Mat Typing is a typing game for kids and it is offered for free by BBC. This game is indeed not just a game but can enhance the typing levels of the children. It is good for children because they can strike the keyboard fast in comparison to writing on paper with the help of a pen or pencil. 

If you are familiar with the general psychology of kids as parents, you will give them this game to play because the children will love only something they are interested in. With Dance Mat Typing, the children get the liberty to explore and they can learn about new things as they navigate the keyboard. Other online games permit the children to use the mouse. But with keyboard typing, the children will get perfect typing skills. 

If you follow the proper guidance for the Dance Mat Typing Game, this will become a highly interactive method for your kids to learn to type fast and enhance their keyboard skills. 

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9. Cooldog Teaches Typing

Cool dog Teaches Typing is a free typing game available online and is available on Itch.io. This game is different from any other pet game because, in this game, the pet teaches you how to type, and in this way, you can enhance your typing skills. The game comprises just three lessons but you need to work on some extremely amusing paragraphs. Many lines are senseless but you need to copy them with care as they appear on the screen. 

10. Key Seeker

Key seeker is an exclusive typing game and an exemplary choice for kindergartens who are interested in learning the alphabet by way of typing. Such a typing game primarily focuses on the little one so that he can recognize the letter on the screen. After that, the kid needs to press the exact letter on the keyboard that matches the letter on the screen. On the left and right sides of the keyboard, the alphabets are in two colour shades. This is a fine choice for enhancing the typing skill of your kid. 


The Internet is a fine tool with multiple options and as of today, you have various free and paid versions of online games that can increase your typing skills. Such online typing games are helpful for both the child and adults as well as fresher and more skilled. These typing games are available for both learning as well as enhancing typing skills. Enhancing the typing skill in case you already know typing to a certain level.


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