How to uninstall Steam games

by George Philip
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Digital game services have already taken over the market. See in our article how to uninstall games from Steam. The games are already yours, you don’t need to fill up your HD and slow your PC down by having to read all the files in your game library.

What is Steam?

Steam was the first digital game distribution service for consumers. The platform was created by Valve and allows automatic updates of all installed games. Steam has software of various functions in addition to games. The game library has more than 9000 titles.

Steam’s great advantage is being able to offer games at a reduced cost compared to physical purchases. Just download the client, free of charge, create your account and start using the platform.

Advantages of uninstalling games

The platform sells the rights to the games. The Steam user downloads the games and stores them on their computer. Even if it is not installed, the software rights are yours, and downloads are available as many times as necessary.

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In order not to overload the hard drive with unnecessary information, which will be read every time the PC is turned on, it is interesting to store only the files of the games you are using. After a few years, the library has many titles, slowing down the computer if this cleaning and rotation of games available on HD is not done. 

How to uninstall Steam games

There are 3 ways in which uninstallations can be done.

Via Steam

  1. Open the Steam Client;
  2. Login;
  3. At the top, click on “Library”;
  4. Find the game you want to uninstall in the list and right click;
  5. In the floating menu that opens, go to “Manage”;
  6. Click on “uninstall” and confirm in the last window.

Now the game has been uninstalled, the name will still remain on the left of your library, but to play it you will need to download and install the game again.

Via Windows

It is like any process of uninstalling software inside windows. This method is interesting if you are cleaning many folders on your system at the same time. 

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  1. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar and access;
  2. Select “Programs and Features”
  3. See in the list the game you would like to uninstall;
  4. Right-click;
  5. You will be taken to the Steam page to give the latest confirmation;
  6. Uninstall.


  1. Navigate to the directory where Steam is installed on your PC;
  2. Open the Steam folder;
  3. Click on “steamapps”;
  4. The list of games on your computer will appear;
  5. Right click and “delete”, the files will be removed from your computer;
  6. They may still appear as “installed” on Steam, but without a new download or update the game will not work.

The less information to be processed on your computer, the faster it becomes and the behavior is stable. We hope we helped answer your questions on how to uninstall games from Steam. The great advantage of digital distribution services is that even if you go anywhere in the world, your library will accompany you. Good games!

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