List of games compatible with Lucky Patcher in 2023

by George Philip
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Lucky Patcher is the most popular app for rooted Android devices. Lucky Patcher can hack many Android games. Nowadays developers are trying to protect their applications from luck.

We will list below that are only compatible with the latest version of the Lucky patcher.

Many games can’t be pirated with lucky patcher right now. So here we provide a list of the main and compatible games to be freaked out with the app. You can download Lucky Patcher for free from this link.

Below is the list top of games you can hack with Lucky Patcher.

Games Compatible with Lucky Patcher

1. Dictator 2 (with achievements):

You are powerful, you are a young dictator and you have unlimited power. Try to be a more powerful dictator and you must determine your approach to the 6 factions. Build your army and lead them to victory. You need to make 2,000 critical decisions and build oil drilling towers, banks, prisons and more. We know you also want to be a dictator if you’re saying no, just install it for once! We want you to be addicted to playing again. Link here.

2. Robots (with achievements):

To survive you need to shoot. The first quick shooter will survive. Others will simply die. Using different weapons, tactics and upgrades to claim the leaderboard. Just download and get started. You will receive some advanced features in this advanced weapons and customization game, and a great menu of options. 60 fps on most devices. Full of customizations and super control will give you the best shooting experience. Earn achievements and enter the in-game leaderboard. Link here.

Buy everything, just select the ‘Restore Purchase’ option and close the app, open it again, and your purchase is successful.

3. Brothers: Clash of Fighters (with achievements):

Do you like the tournament and like to fight? If your answer is yes, then this fighting game is for you. The hero of your dream movie will fight there. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra will fight there. Gymnastics boxing ring, the R2F sand wins your battle and ends all achievements to become immortal. Some features will surprise you, such as Arcade Street Fighting, tournament mode, 8 characters including David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra), 6 international fighters, combo moves, finished moves, 4 fighting environments, daily missions and missions, daily Rewards, rock music and soundtrack. Link here.

4. Farm away! – Idle agriculture (with achievements):

Now for the one-day folks who love to play farm games on their Android device. Growing domestic animals, cultivating if you are fascinated with them, download this game. This agricultural game will give you some special features that will make this game more interesting and addictive. Automate agriculture by collecting crops. Feel free to play online or offline without a mandatory connection. Be more profitable, make money and get rich. Link here.

5. Unfinished mission (with achievements):

Play as a brave soldier, your mission will be to save innocents and will hunt down enemies. He stacks the lens of the long-range ass as the hero of the film. Amazing 3d view of the graphical interface, upgrade a gadget, upgrade a weapon, real command test will be there, hundreds of missions, 3d sniper shooting based missions, time-based missions, confirmed murders with a dramatic killing camera, defend your with antibral vest and medic Kits, work on your way, in inventory Every weapon will be realistic and each has a unique feel and performance. Link here.

6. Golga 2 (with achievements):

The third-party shooting game will give you 27 different types of mercenaries, 41 types of rifles, and weapons. This game is for shootings. Build your team and earn rewards. I like to shoot, download this game and shoot the enemy. Reflect the Real Weapon feature, multiple firing assignments, a list of powerful mercenaries, Google Play Service support, weapon collection, assault rifles, and sending rifles, these words will be addictive. Link here.

7. Build off! -Idle builder (with achievements):

Do you like city buildings? If yes, this is the best game for you, automate, collect money massively, have carnival ice cream, and play anywhere, online or offline. You will receive a virtual test of real estate moguls. This game has a smart control, and 3D graphics with good animation. Make money from every company. You will be a city of billion-dollar construction and making money. Very addictive game with high-quality graphics.

8. The factory (with achievements):

If you want to start a factory, this game is for you. Create your craft simulator, resource manager, basic construction, materials and slow work. The factory will contain two in-app purchases, a rescue package, and supplies. If you want to start a production run, a delivery package saves time. There the construction manufactures profits, and slow work. Link here.

9. Bio Inc. – Biomedical game (with achievements):

This game is about Bio Inc, the simulation of biomedical strategy is more fun. Be a scientific doctor and try to save the victims. 18 Stages with different gameplay, and over 100 realistic biomedical conditions. Real-time human body degradation and amazing graphics. Thousands of ways to play the game. Stay tuned with them because they are updated continuously. Link here.

10. Mad Day – Truck away game (with achievements):

fight against extraterrestrials. This game is to fight aliens with your truck and other unique quality vehicles. Over 1,000 unique character combinations. Buy new hats, clothes and other accessories. Tough boss fight, multiple upgrades, weapons, Rocketaches, alien flow, and armour are available to play. Social resource, simple control, friends ranking table, many achievements. Link here.

11. Watch out for zombies! (with achievements):

It arrives a lot through the streets, meters, grass and crazy zombie drivers. However, that’s not all, there are also zombies that need to arrest. Watch out for zombies! Play as a boy or a young man and make the cars continue to race on the zombies or be able to fall into the tram den. Play as a child, 7 different zombies, 25 challenges, and 20 achievement functions available there. Link here.

12. Fruit Ninja free (with achievements):

That’s ninja fruit. Create, you’re ninja, just cut the fruits with your sword. Different fruits skills to cut. Show your loved ones that you are the best ninja there is. Show them how much you can cut a mutual screen in a nearby multiplayer game, or contrast your score with your fellow stumens through positions and reach the highest point of the ranking table! Big fruit ninja fan: puss in boots? Make sure that you will do with you the attractive and addictive mini-games and find your best option! Link here.

13. City invention (with achievements):

This invention city game is a construction game. 10 different characters and 50 different stages make this game more interesting and unique. If you like to build, build this game is for you. Build your buildings. This game will read your external and internal memory. This game is in the stored data of the game account, you will have an idea about the city, the house, the floor, the decoration of the house, and the complete package of interior design in a single application. Link here.

14. Cricket Hungama 2016 (with achievements):

This game is only for cricket lovers. The film was made about Ms Dhoni. This game is a cricket game that is world famous for its 3D graphics, multiple mode and television broadcast function. A different angle and a different view make this game more attractive and popular. 25 the game is making you Ms Dhoni and you will feel it. This game has full control over team selection, batting order and more. Link here.

15. Zombie has a pogo (with achievements):

It’s a zombie game. If you want to be a zombie and like to jump with a pogo, this game is for you. In this game, you will be a zombie and you will have to keep going to avoid any accidents, but remember one thing: you only have one pogo. It advances with a Pogo and reaches the goal of being successful, no brain is needed, 8 death-defying cloth zombies, and 17 unusual porogs. Be the best jumping. Hours of fun and endless travel. Link here.

16. Swamp Attack (with achievements):

In this game, you have to defend your house from invading monsters, zombie-style monsters, aliens, and crocodiles coming home to kill you and destroy your house. You have to shoot them; Each complete mission will reward your money. And the money is improving the weapons. Shoot, drag and drop explosives on the monsters. An interesting and addictive game. Each stage is interesting and you will not get bored with shooting, different enemies will make your interest. Link here.

17. Bright bee (with achievements):

To meet with the singing bee and explore the Bee Land, you must play this amazing game. It’s a puzzle game. It is an easy and addictive game. with 6 different game modes and over 200 addictive levels. Challenge your friends and don’t forget a supply of word games for life. The developer team always works hard to develop the games. Your valuable review is always making them interested in development. Stay tuned for the update. Link here.

18. Zombie catchers (with achievements):

If you like to kill or hunt zombies, then you can play this. This game is already in the top 10 in 90 countries and 5 games in more than 100 countries. Catch Zombies!, Discover new territories! Unlock new and exciting gadgets!, Build an Empire of Juicy and Delicious Companies!, Enlarge and manage Micro your own underground lab! They are the key features of these applications. This game is free for everyone, but some features are available for purchase. If someone isn’t over 12, you can’t play that. Link here.

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK

19. Watch out for zombies! (with achievements):

When you play this shooting game, you must remember that it is the only hope to survive. The zombies will get there like a tsunami and the world is now in anarchy, you are the ultimate hero. The city is full of bloody zombies. There are 3 killer moods, 5 urban area history, 3 powerful heroes to kill zombies, and over 100 challenging levels. Exclusive weapons and pistols. Stop waiting just download and enjoy your heroism. Link here.

20. Hunger Games: Panem Run (with achievements):

restless career game. As it works, it will travel through 12 districts at randomly generated levels, with more districts available soon. The surroundings of the hunger game make it more alive and more addictive. Dodge, jump and smash is the only strategy to survive and run. This game is based on the hunger game movie that was released in 2013. If you liked the game of hunger game, you should play this. This game will give you a total experience of the hunger game. Link here.

Some of the other games that are compatible with lucky patcher.

  • ROBOWAR robot VS aliens
  • Real Racing 3
  • Hot Wheels-race off
  • Master of cards TCG game
  • Frisbee(R)Forever 2
  • Stromblades
  • Robo5: 3D action puzzle
  • Connect It.wood puzzle
  • Where’s my Water? 2
  • Star wars puzzle droids
  • Real boxing
  • Smash cops heat
  • Boumey bits
  • 14-beauty and The Beats
  • 15-toon shooters 2: freelancer (online)
  • 16-inside thought bubbles
  • 17-maleficent Free fall
  • 18-tadpole Tap
  • 19-virtual beggar
  • 20-ley ropes
  • 21-monster dash
  • 22-MMX racing (online)
  • 23-city island 2 building story
  • 24-cartoon Wars Blade
  • 25-sniper gun 3D Hitman shooters
  • 26-taps to riches
  • 27-mega jump 2
  • 28-smash bandits racing
  • 29-Disney emoji blitz
  • 30-piewdiepie’s tiver simulator
  • 31-battle Empire: Rome war game
  • 32-just shout
  • 33-street skater 3D
  • 34-snowboard master 3D
  • 35-stickman fight
  • 36-modern sniper
  • 37-Xtreme Hill racing
  • 38-fishing mania 3D
  • 39-glory wings
  • 40-minesweeper flags
  • 41-spacer crush
  • 42-robbery Bob
  • 43-modern command
  • 44-weed firn – replaned
  • 45-dragon finga
  • 46-goldrush coin fails
  • 47-star away! – idle star stream story
  • 48-hibachi hero
  • 49-cube critters (online)
  • 50-fishy bits 2
  • 51-sticked man fighting
  • 52-wresting champion 3D
  • 53-desert worms
  • 55-super Phantom cat 2
  • 56-monster Island
  • 57-Santa madness
  • 58-wild run
  • 59-nyam cat- The space journey
  • 60-make Money rain-cash clicker
  • 61-song of pan
  • 62-badminton league
  • 63-on The run
  • 64-bridge construction simulator
  • 65-drone Shadow strike
  • 66-Istun 2
  • 67-never every second chance
  • 68-just get 10
  • 69-bubble search
  • 70-jungle Jumping
  • 71-extreme forklifing 2
  • 72-fishing simulator Hook & catch
  • 73-building a bridge
  • 74-toutchgrind BMX
  • 75-bacon space
  • 76-toutchgrind skate 2
  • 77-undead killer Z
  • 78-starland – connect The gems
  • 79-hunger games – panem run
  • 80-the BFG GAME
  • 81-high speed police Chase (online)
  • 82-zoombies attack
  • 83-bid wards : pawn Empire
  • 84-tiny gladiators (online)
  • 85-age of Wind 3
  • 86-zoombies got a pogo
  • 87-UFB rampage-ultimate Monster
  • 88-car draving simulator (online)
  • 89-oii Hunt 2 -brithday party
  • 90-monster fishing – lure & catch
  • 91-world war 2
  • 92-drift Max Pro -car drifiting game
  • 93-talking tom pool
  • 94-streampunk syndcate
  • 95-extreme racing aventure
  • 96-gun club armoury
  • 97- brawl smash- minign shooter
  • 98-epicTower
  • 99-dash rush
  • 100-forest home
  • 101-overdrive-ninja Shadow revenge
  • 102-game of Warriors
  • 103-gun club 3- virtual weapon sim
  • 104-desert storm grande gummer FPS game
  • 105-subdivision infinity
  • 106-race The tráfic nitro
  • 107-run fish run
  • 108-word sparch Magic
  • 109-escape Titanic
  • 110-bird climb
  • 111-optical inquisitor 17+
  • 112-flappy golf 2
  • 113-dr. Parking 4
  • 114-dreamcage scape
  • 115-little gunfight 2 – SWAT (online)
  • 116-castle cats: épic story quest
  • 117-sling Kong
  • 118-real basketball (online)
  • 119-thunder fighter
  • 120-happy Magic witch
  • 121-checkpoint Champion
  • 122-punch Quest
  • 123-small fry
  • 124-mushboom
  • 125-doofus drop
  • 126-Gx racing (online)
  • 127-sing a Kitty
  • 128-mini racing adventure (online)
  • 129-this or that
  • 130-brofist: beat The bullies
  • 131-Gx Monsters (online)
  • 132-farming simulator 14
  • 133-turkey blast: reloaded
  • 134-mike V: skateboard party lite
  • 135-fighting dead
  • 136-smash The office – stress fix
  • 137-race Max
  • 138-hooked inc. Fisher Tycoon
  • 139-simple truths
  • 140-cops and robbers! (Online)
  • 141-drift mania Championships 2 LE
  • 142-king of opera – party game!
  • 143-stickman dowhill monstertruck
  • 144-dustoff Heli Resene 2
  • 145-circuroid
  • 146-running circles
  • 147-2048 dally Challenges
  • 148-neko gatcha – cat collector
  • 149-daytona rush
  • 150-RGB express
  • 151-little gunfight counter-terrorist (online)
  • 152-ground operation
  • 153-give It up!
  • 154-pop in MY soup
  • 155-gummy heroes
  • 156-the pirate plague of The dead
  • 157-driver dash
  • 158-rolly bally
  • 159-mascot dunks
  • 160-jump buddles
  • 161-gravity evolved (online)
  • 162-toadled
  • 163-hex commander: fantasy heroes
  • 164-currot defence
  • 165-cyber swiper
  • 166-anime gatcha!
  • 167-tower dash
  • 168-lemons – flappy jump game
  • 169-follow The line 2
  • 170-splashy dots
  • 171-kingdom rush
  • 172-zombie defense
  • 173-desertopia
  • 174-4X4 ham HD
  • 175-fancy cats- Katy cat dress up
  • 176-tile remove
  • 177-ropes and dragons mobile
  • 178-framesshock
  • 179-drifty Chase
  • 180-ring mania
  • 181-geometry race
  • 182-inch by inch
  • 183-hellrider 2
  • 184-speed racing – street racer
  • 185-counter Assault forces
  • 186-hockey fight lite
  • 187-snowboard party Aspen
  • 188-simpo’s
  • 189- Miner map
  • 190 zombies after me!
  • 191- kubom (online)
  • 192-badminton league
  • 193-rally racer dirty
  • 194-rocket racer
  • 195-zombies and Guns
  • 196-zombies gunship Free
  • 197-tower madness 2
  • 198-edge drive
  • 199-drifting School bus
  • 200-nuts! Infinite Forest run

These are currently some cool games compatible with Lucky Patcher. You find most of these games and apps to download.

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