Best 8 Ball Pool Tricks and Hacks: Unlimited Money, Coins and Cues


Playing pool in a nice bar while enjoying the night is an activity that many of us enjoy. However, what if I do not want or cannot leave the house? That is where the internet comes in handy. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of the most popular billiard games for mobile devices. In this article, we will share with you some of the best 8 Ball Pool tricks.

I will provide detailed tips to help you become an excellent player in 8 Ball Pool. You can even aim to become one of the best players in the world. Don’t worry because I have tested these tips multiple times, and they are completely legal. So, let’s review the best 8 Ball Pool tricks that work perfectly.

8 Ball Pool tricks to have infinite coins and unlimited money

There are people who make deceptive offers online to hack the game. Many resort to these offers to obtain free coins without effort. Most are scams that put your information at risk. However, there are methods and tricks to get free unlimited money in 8 Ball Pool easily and legitimately, without exposing yourself.

You have to keep in mind that, in this game, coins and money are not exactly the same thing. Coins are the resource that allows you to get advantages and rewards to continue advancing, while money refers to cash per se. Of course, with the money you can buy coins that help you move forward in the game.

There are multiple techniques available for obtaining infinite coins and unlimited money on 8 Ball Pool without resorting to questionable websites or methods. These techniques are safe and legitimate, and below is a detailed explanation of how to obtain free coins in 8 Ball Pool in the following section.

  • Choose the tables well: at the London table, for example, you can easily win money. At the tables in Sydney and Moscow, the prize is double the deposit, the same as in Tokyo, Las Vegas and Jakarta. The highest levels are Paris, Rome and Bangkok, with prizes of millions of coins. In Monaco, you can win double what you bet, even though it is very expensive to enter —1000 coins—. So, be careful with your bets.
  • Enter Tournaments: Competitions in leagues, fields, and the world championship give great rewards of money and coins that you can accumulate each week, usually up to five or six times the money of your fee.
  • In every game you start, try to get the initial pass. This way, you will have the option to “sweep the table”, planning all the plays, which will give you more opportunities to win infinite coins.
  • In the lower stakes, such as Moscow, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Jakarta, draw rings and start to dominate the tables little by little.
  • There are daily missions that you can complete to obtain rewards in the form of coins. A tip related to this trick to earn coins in 8 Ball Pool is that, when entering the application, activate notifications to receive challenges.
  • Playing 9 Ball is one of the fastest ways to earn rewards. But be careful! Do not try to do it when you are with the ball in hand, no matter how easy the play may seem, because it can be counterproductive.
  • If you practice and learn to do the risers well and use the turns in the best way, you will have more than one opportunity to obtain rewards.
  • If you are broke, have no savings left and need help – in the game -, you can ask your Facebook friends to give you gift coins.
  • Another option for those moments when you run out of money is to download other apps that help you recover money. To do this, there are a series of offers that you can find in the tab at the top left. Just by downloading and following the instructions, you will get cash.
  • An extra trick that you can apply is to enter a weekly competition and leave five minutes before the league ends. You must wait until Saturday or Sunday and you will be placed in a simple league. This will allow you to earn money easily. Each league ends on Monday, so you will have a week to compete. When you register, you will be informed of the prize amount.

The long lines trick in 8 Ball Pool

To have long lines, do not try to hack the game, since it is not possible to obtain them that way. In this section, I explained how to maximize your shots in games to be the best. It’s all about how and where you aim, and what you do to maximize the power with which you hit the cue ball. Normally, the white ball collides with those inside the triangle, transferring its energy.

You get the best results by placing the cue at the bottom of the table, with the cue ball close to the edge. Try to hit the second ball of the rack of balls, that is, the next one from the ball that makes the tip of the triangle formed by the rack.

Legendary cues: everything you need to know about them

One of the things that 8 Ball Pool players like the most is winning and highlighting their skills through the cues. Standard cues allow you to access greater abilities and powers as you accumulate them. On the other hand, legendary or special cues give advantages in visual effects and superpowers. You can purchase them at the official box store.

8 ball pool boxes

The legendary boxes come with pieces to be assembled gradually. To acquire the legendary cues you have to use money and buy all the pieces, enjoying bonuses, such as coins, powers and mini-games. These legendary cues have several benefits, such as increased strength, better aim, timing, longer lines, and visual effects. In 8 Ball Pool, there are 20 different cues with powers.

The best cues for the game

Do you want to know the best 8 Ball Pool cues so that you always win? Depending on your skills and what you want to achieve with them, there will be some that are more recommended than others. We leave you the 10 best so you can make the best decision:

cues in 8 ball pool
  • Excalibur: its design is like that of a sword. its score is 8 strength, 8 aim, 7 spin and 7 time.
  • Thor’s hammer: has light effects and is designed with 8 strength, 7 aim, 8 spin and 8 time.
  • Plasma: another of the best cues with 8 strength, 8 aim, 7 turns and 8 times.
  • Shangri La: a very interesting option if you are looking for power since it has 9 strengths, 7 aims, 8 turns and 9 times.
  • Atlantis: With a marine design, this cue is also part of the top 10. It has a score of 9 for strength, 8 for aim, 7 for spin and 8 for timing.
  • Firestorm: The firestorm has a flame design and a score of 9 strength, 8 aim, 8 spin, and 9 time.
  • Valkyria: This is one of the most popular tacos due to its design and competitiveness. Its score is 8 for strength, 9 for aim, 9 for turning and 8 for timing.
  • Galaxy: you can buy this option with money. In fact, it is one of the most expensive cues. its score is 9 strength, 8 aim, 9 spin and 8 time.
  • Arcángel: this cue is considered the best by many experts and something difficult to find. Your figures? 9 in strength, 9 in aim, 8 in turning and 8 in time.
  • Archon: one of the great achievements of the game is when this cue is deactivated and you can use it for your next games. Without a doubt, he is one of the best, thanks to his 10 points in strength, 8 in aim, 9 in turning and 8 in time.

How to use the cue ball in 8 Ball Pool?

spin in 8 ball pool

Within billiards, precision is very important and, therefore, the point at which you touch the ball with the cue since this collision creates different effects. So, the best way to use the cue ball in 8 Ball Pool is with the spin. What does this turn of the cue ball imply? Having more precision and more opportunities to put your other balls and prevent a bad play from causing your cue ball to go into the hole at an unwanted time.

To apply the cue ball spin in 8 Ball Pool you have to access the ball seen in the upper right corner. It will appear enlarged with a small red dot. You can change the position of this point, which will allow you to accurately hit the ball to make the spins you need.

If you use hacks in 8 Ball Pool, you can be banned

No one likes having their account blocked. But, if you play at being a hacker and apply the tips you find on different websites, it is possible that they will catch you and block your account. Keep in mind that if your account is permanently blocked you won’t be able to do anything to recover it.

In addition, Miniclip, the owner company, reserves the right to give you prior notice and is not responsible for any purchases you have made in the app, so you may also lose money. Taking these aspects into account, if you believe that your account has been blocked accidentally, please contact the customer service department of Miniclip.

You will have to prove that you have not used hacks or anything illegal. Normally, this doesn’t work and your account will still be banned as punishment. In this case, if you want to continue playing, what you can do is ask the customer service department to delete that account so that you can create a new one with another user and another device, that is, starting from scratch.

Can 8 Ball Pool be hacked?

There are websites that offer to hack the game, but most of these sites share malicious software and do not deliver anything you expect. The same happens with those that promise free gems Brawl Stars 2023. These are the typical hacks for 8 Ball Pool that you can find on the internet:

  • Xmodgames: For this option, you need to install the app and have your mobile device rooted. However, players have reported that this method does not work. Find out more about this type of apps to hack games.
  • Cheat Engine also claims that it can make you get more coins in the game by installing an APK, without data or root. But no changes are observed after installation.
  • Hackealo Net is another way that many people who are looking for 8 Ball Pool hacks use. On this page they ask you to enter your game account and select the operating system you use, the account where they will “send you a code”. Of course, we do not recommend it.

What 8 Ball Pool Hack Sites Do

Once you are inside these hacking websites, you have to choose the money pool and coins package. As soon as you click continue, a loading bar appears with the order. They will make you confirm that you are not a robot, forcing you to download an app.

You will be asked to continue completing tasks while leaving your personal data, such as phone number, email, and more. Always redirecting you to more websites with advertising and without sending you the code at any time.

When you put your data on this type of page, you risk misusing it. Therefore, the only way you can hack this game is by accessing the main code. It would even take a programmer a long time.

Tips to always win your games

It is said that in sports the important thing is to participate, but no one can deny that winning gives an adrenaline rush. With these 8 Ball Pool tricks, you will be closer to your long-awaited victories:

  • It is important that you know the faults of the game so that you do not give the victory to your opponent. For example, do not put the 8 ball in the hole before the others, and do not aim at your opponent’s balls, among other faults.
  • Always choose the level that is most appropriate for you. Each level you unlock will offer you greater rewards, but will also be much more demanding. So, if you don’t have that much experience, start at the beginning.
  • Before advancing to higher levels, get as many coins as you can. We advise you to do this because, if you lose at those levels, you will lose everything you have achieved up to that point.
  • Use the spin in each of your plays to have more precision.
  • Invest in improving your cues and practice with them. Consider your skills and what you want before purchasing so you can get the most out of them.
  • Improve your aim, regardless of the cue you use.
  • Take advantage of the mini-games and daily rewards that the app offers to earn coins and money day after day.
  • If you really like the game, join a club or online chat to practice. This way, you can exchange gifts and rewards.

Where to download and play 8 Ball Pool

You can play 8 Ball Pool for free, once you download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Play with people from all over the world in 1 vs 1 battles or in tournaments with up to eight players. Win games to level up and face the best in the game. Also, you can invite your friends to a game from your Facebook or Miniclip account.

You just have to log in to the app. Choose the table and customize the cue you use by winning prizes, such as pool coins and new items, which you can also buy in the store. The game is available in more than five languages, including Spanish and English.

How to play 8 Ball Pool?

One of the reasons why this game is so popular around the world is because the app follows the same rules as the game of physical billiards, of course, adapted to Android. If you have already downloaded it, to start playing and learn all the 8 Ball Pool tricks, you just have to log in —or access as a guest without registration—. You can log in as a Facebook user or as a Miniclip member.

This way, your progress will be saved. But if you log in as a guest, you’ll have to start from scratch every time you log into the app. The game begins when one of the players throws the white ball against the rest, which are placed. From there, the first ball that enters the hole will determine the rest of the game, which will be playing with the smooth ones or the striped ones.

The game ends when the first player puts all the balls of his type in the holes and the black ball.

8 Ball Pool Tricks and Hacks: All Your Questions Answered

How do you play 8 Ball Pool on your computer?

Depending on your personal taste, there is more than one option to enjoy this game on your computer. You can play from the website. Also, if you use Windows, you have the option to download the app and have it on your PC.

If you want to enjoy other mobile apps, apart from this billiards game, you can download an Android emulator for your computer. One of the best emulators is Bluestacks.

Who owns the game 8 Ball Pool?

The company that owns 8 Ball Pool is Miniclip, a company of Swiss origin founded in 2001. To date, it has launched different games for all mobile operating systems, as well as Xbox 1, PC and PS4.

What is the highest rank in 8 Ball Pool?

There are many ranks in this game. The lowest one is called Apprentice (Trainee). But, with time and practice, you can reach the highest rank, Billiard Emperor (Pool Emperor).

What do I do if 8 Ball Pool stops by itself?

There is more than one reason why the game stops on its own. Try the following trick to fix this problem:

  1. Access Settings (Settings) on your mobile.
  2. Find 8 Ball Pool in the application manager and open it.
  3. On the screen that appears, select the two deletion options: data and cache.
  4. Restart your mobile.
  5. Enter the app to verify that it works correctly.

Can I play 8 Ball Pool offline?

If you are playing on your mobile, when you open the app, you will see an option in the upper right corner where you can check if you want to play offline. So yes, you can play the game offline without internet.

Now that you know all these tricks and secrets of 8 Ball Pool, you can become the star of the table. Be sure to download this fantastic billiards game on your smartphone, available for Android and iOS completely free.


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