Where to find the 100 hidden action figures in GTA Online

Check out the exact location of each of GTA V's 100 action figures, how to find them, and what rewards to receive

hidden action figures in GTA Online

GTA Online maintains the franchise tradition with missions involving hundreds of collectibles. This time, the player receives a message from a comic book store owner who wants to retrieve all of his 100 GTA V action figures scattered throughout San Andreas. Check out the location of each and how much RP and money the hunt can yield.

Where to find gta v action figures

The quest to find the 100 collectibles hidden in GTA Online has been added as part of the Diamond Casino Scam upgrade. Each action figure found yields 1000 RP and GTA$ 1000 for the player. The last two figures, representing the special characters Beast and Bigfoot, are only available after collecting all the others.

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After finding all the action dolls, the player is invited to go to Lester’s friend’s comic book store. There, he receives over GTA$ 50,000, a haircut and a costume of the character Fury Powerless. Some figures found can also be displayed in the player’s apartment.

One of the actions figures of GTA V (Image: Reproduction/Rockstar Games)

This map released by Rockstar itself, contains the location of all items. If you prefer, in the table below there is also the description of where to find each of the 100 action figures of GTA V. 

1Inside a locker in Devin Weston’s hangar at Los Santos International Airport.
2Behind the sign of the Hotel Crastenburg at Los Santos International Airport.
3In a small office building at Pier 400 on Elysian Island.
4Bugstars’ shed on Elysian Island.
5Inside the security cabin of the Port of Los Santos.
6Inside the hardware of a bus in the rubble shed of Murrieta Oil Field.
7Behind the shed at Murrieta Oil Field.
8At the base of one of the Rancho Towers in Rancho.
9Ltd Gasoline’s davis office.
10East of the Ammu-Nation store in Cypress Flats.
11In the doghouse in front of a house in Chamberlain Hills.
12In the sink of a public restroom in Rancho.
13At the homeless camp down the highway in Strawberry.
14Next to some décor items in Simmet Alley, in the Textile City district.
15In a cabin near the train line in La Mesa.
16On the shovel of a backhoe in the Los Santos Storm Drain canal in La Mesa.
17On a bookcase inside the El Burro Heights Fire Department.
18In the sink of a public toilet near the lake in Mirror Park.
19Inside a garage at the lost MC Motoclub’s head way in East Vinewood.
20In the maintenance tunnels near the entrance to East Vinewood.
21At pillbox’s closed subway station, following through the maintenance tunnels, near the train line.
22On the bench of the Burton Station underground subway station.
23In the navigation arrow sculpture at Arcadius Businnes Center, Pillbox Hill.
24At the fountain of the square near the Maze Bank Tower.
25Inside the ltd gasoline gas station office in Little Seoul.
26At the base of a billboard on the south side of Vespucci Canals.
27Northwest of Vespucci Canals.
28In the mouth of a shark sculpture on Vespucci Beach.
29In a garbage can at pleasure pier on Del Perro Pier.
30On the railing of a lifeguard tower in Del Perro Beach.
31In a grave at Hill Valley Cemetery.
32At a table in the Up-n-Atom Burger restaurant on the top floor of Del Perro Plaza.
33In a trailer near the west entrance of the Richards Majestic building.
34Behind a railing gate in an alley in Burton.
35On the stairs of a building in Downtown Vinewood.
36On top of the board of the Hardcore Comic Store in West Vinewood.
37Within a walkway of a house, below pool level, in Milton Road, West Vinewood.
38Near a tennis court of a mansion on Steele Way, Rockford Hills.
39Inside a small cave in Richard Mansion in the Richman neighborhood.
40Sixth hole mark on the southmost side of the GWC and Golfing Society golf course.
41At the base of one of the sculptures of the Kortz Center museum.
42On the couch upstairs at Richard Mansion.
43In a flashlight at the Parsons Rehabilitation Center in Richman Glen.
44On a playground in Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park, Vinewood Hills.
45Near a swimming pool in one of lake vinewood estates mansions.
46In the entrance tower of Vinewood Lake (Vinewood Lake).
47On one of the vinewood bowl benches.
48At the top of the letter N of the Vinewood sign.
49Near a psicina behind the mansion of La Fuente Blanca.
50Inside the lower part of the Land Act dam.
51On the sign near the entrance to NOOSE headquarters.
52In the back of the store 24/7 in the mechanics Tataviam Truckstop.
53Inside the train control tower near Palmer-Taylor Power Station.
54In a dog house in the Grand Senora desert, east of Redwood Lights Track.
55On a bookcase near a building south of the Redwood Lights Track.
56Inside a dumpster at cherry pie farm in Great Chaparral.
57At the juice stand in Arthur’s Pass Trails, Vinewood Hills.
58Near the Abandoned Mine in Great Chaparral.
59In the red kayak at the White Water Activity Center in Tongva Valley.
60At the poolside bar at Pacific Bluffs Country Club.
61Behind the Rob’s Liquor liquor store in Chumash.
62Inside a dumpster near the 24/7 store in Chumash.
63Ron gas station on the west side of Route 68.
64Near the entrance to the main building of Marlowe Vineyards.
65Next to the estatua at Fort Zancudo Approach Road.
66On a tree stump at hill valley church cemetery in Great Chaparral.
67Next to a trailer west of Harmony.
68At the Los Santos Customs mechanics office in Harmony.
69In the north-east guard tower of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
70Sandy Shores Airfield control tower.
71At the side entrance of a house northeast of Sandy Shores.
72Behind the Liquor Ace liquor store.
73In the back of a boat near a house west of Sandy Shores Airfield.
74In a bathroom in Stab City.
75In a big dumpster near Fort Zancudo.
76In one of the rust ponds at Zancudo Treatment Works.
77Near chemical toilets in a small building behind the Hookies bar in North Chumash.
78Outside a cabin on one of the islands of Paleto Cove.
79On the statue of a lumberjack at Bayview Lodge.
80Inside the Paleto Forest Sawmill locksmith in Paleto Forest.
81In a small cave at Altruist Camp in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness mountains.
82Inside the tunnel below Mount Chiliad.
83At the observatory at the top of Mount Chiliad, to the left of the mural.
84Inside a big dumpster next to a house in Paleto Bay.
85On the far right of a sill below a slat at Clucking Bell Farms, Paleto Bay.
86At the end of a drainage tunnel in Procopio Beach.
87On top of an old couch in Dignity Village.
88On top of an old couch at Braddock Farm.
89Inside a tire next to an abandoned shed in the Galilee community.
90Inside a vending machine at the inside of an abandoned supermarket in Grapeseed.
91At the entrance of a barn at O’Neil’s racho in Grapeseed.
92Inside a doghouse in a house near El Gordo Lighthouse.
93On top of a wooden pole in front of the balcony of a house in Catfish View.
94On the shelf at a small car repair site in the San Chianski Mountain Range.
95On the porch of Moude’s trailer in Grapeseed.
96On the hood of a Regina car on Sandy Shores.
97Inside the letter U on the humane labs and research sign.
98On the desk of davis quartz’s control room.
99On top of an airplane fuselage in the Grand Senora desert. (Puppet “The Beast”)
100Inside a cockpit of the wreckage of an airplane in the Grand Senora desert, near the action figure above. (Big Foot Doll)

One note: the table reference numbers are just to facilitate the follow-up of the hunt to gta v action figures.

Source: GTA Wiki.



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