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Can A Phone Actually cause Explosion in a Gas Station

In various parts of the world, the use of phones at gas stations is prohibited. It was believed that phones were at risk of exploding or causing a fire. But is our safety really at risk if we take it out when refuelling?

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While there is some degree of risk, it is not as we generally think. With information from Express, experts point out that, although the use of phones at gas stations or in any dangerous area can be a risk and it is better to prohibit its use, the probability that it will cause a fire is limited.

But on the other hand, the UK Petroleum Industry Association has stressed that phones are not designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Not being “intrinsically” safe, they should avoid being used in hazardous areas, such as a gas station or near any fuel pumps. In this way, a phone should not be near the pump nozzle or around the tanks.

Are there facts to back it up?

The reason it is commonly considered a myth is that there are no accurate or proven reports about it. In other words, there are no facts to support that fires at gas stations and other places with flammable vapours have been caused by the use of phones.

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According to the UK Petroleum Industry Association again, this measure also has the function of discouraging the use of phones on the road by drivers who may be distracted by their use. Even, since in that country it is the drivers themselves who fill gasoline, what you want to avoid is that they get distracted when putting gasoline in their car or walking through the station. (Actually, it sounds pretty logical!)

This could also apply to countries like ours, where drivers commonly get out of the car to check levels or supervise the operation of the gas station. For this reason, phone use is safe once you are away from tanks and pumps, such as a parking lot or store.

Despite this, according to the portal, this measure has an origin. According to a 2005 study by Dr. Adam Burgess, he’s blamed for the deaths of 167 people on an oil rig near Scotland in 1988.

Is the risk the same inside the car?

According to the UK Petroleum Industry Association, the use of phones in the car does not represent any risk. So much so, that various companies around the world have developed applications so that users can pay for the service from their phones. Finally, the phone is an intelligent device that currently has a use that goes far beyond communication.

Now you know, in flammable or explosion-prone areas, it never hurts to be exaggerated and much more cautious.

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What do you think?

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