What is YouTube Premium and how does it work

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What is YouTube Premium

You may have already come up with ads from the Premium version of YouTube out there. But what is YouTube Premium and how does it work? Follow in this article all the advantages of subscribing to the video platform service and understand if it is worth it for you.

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a video platform subscription service. For $11.99/month, subscribers have access to different features that aren’t available to ordinary users, such as ad-free videos and background playback.

Youtube music and premium plans

How YouTube Premium works

Everyone can sign up for YouTube Premium for a trial period that usually lasts a month. If the user cancels the subscription before then, they won’t have to pay anything. However, if you want to continue enjoying premium benefits after the trial, you will need to pay $11.99 per month.

But come on, what are the main advantages of subscribing to Premium?

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Watch videos without ads

If the advertisements before and during the videos of the platform bother you a lot, Premium may be worth it to you. The paid version of YT has no ads, even those of overlay or banners.

You may see some promotions or branded content from the creator of the video, but YouTube ads won’t be there.

YouTube Music Premium included

YouTube Music is a music streaming platform that is already included in premium subscription. From it, you can access the entire collection of YT music and videos without ads, download songs to listen to on your mobile device, use the “play in the background” feature to listen to music while messing with other apps, and turn on “audio-only” mode to listen to tracks without having to upload videos.

Download videos to watch offline

Premium users can download videos and watch when they are not connected to the internet. This feature works for regular YouTube and YouTube Music, which is also included in the premium subscription.

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YouTube Originals

At no additional cost, you have first-hand access to movies and series from the platform’s biggest creators.

Source: YouTube.

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