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Best Websites to download Korean Movies for Free 2023

Websites to download Korean Movies with English Subtitles are definitely an interesting choice to watch movies and accompany your free time.

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It cannot be denied that many people including Indonesians, Brazilians and Nigerians like and watch Korean movies very well. Most people even end up crushing on actors.

As a Korean movie lover, you can always visit websites to download Korean movies with English subtitles online, aka Drakor, whenever you’re bored.

Moreover, generally, this kind of site also provides a large selection of Indonesian sub-Korean movie titles from various genres so that they are more varied and not boring.

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Well, if you are looking for a website to watch and download the original Korean movie with English subtitles online, we have a list of the best recommendations.

Apart from being able to download for free, you don’t have to subscribe, you can also watch Korean movies with Indonesian subtitles and English subtitles, to Korean movies which will certainly always be updated. Curious? Come on, let’s look at the following list of sites:

Top 22 Best Websites to Download Korean Movies with English subtitles

1. Viu


The first recommendation for the best website to download Korean movies is Viu. 

This platform provides streaming services for various Korean movie titles ranging from classic movies to movies that are still airing. 

With Viu you can watch Korean movies in HD quality with Indonesian and English subtitles.

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For those who are watching ongoing dramas, you don’t need to worry about having to wait long, that’s because Viu updates the movie collection pretty fast. 

Aside from Drakor, Viu also provides Korean variety shows as well as other Asian, movies and films, such as China, Japan, Thailand to the Middle East.

They also provide a download feature, so you can download and watch your favourite Korean series in offline mode.

The most important thing is that you can enjoy the content available on Viu for free. It’s just that there are still restrictions for free access users, such as being unable to access premium content and advertisements.

So, if you want to access all content including premium content without the interruption of advertisements, you can subscribe to Viu Premium by paying around 30,000 rupiahs for one month.

You can access all the content from your Viu via the Viu website or via an application that you can download via the Play Store and App Store.

2. Viki


The majority of Korean movie lovers are definitely familiar with Viki because the online download website for Korean dramas from America is quite famous among k-drama fans. 

The collection of dramas in Viki is quite complete, starting from old movies to the latest ones, which are equipped with subtitles in various languages, including English and Indonesian.

Apart from providing Korean movies, Viki also has a collection of films and several Korean variety shows. Not only Korean shows, but through Viki, you can also watch movies from Taiwan, China and Japan. 

The most interesting thing about this website to download Korean movies is that they provide a learning feature, where you can watch Drakor while learning vocabulary as well as pronunciation.

You can enjoy the content available on this Viki for free. 

However, if you want to enjoy more complete services such as accessing exclusive content, and ad-free, access to the latest dramas in HD quality, you can subscribe to the Viki Pass by paying around $ 0.83 or around (Rp.12,000) to $ 4.17 (Rp. IDR 60,000) for each month.

For those who are interested, you can directly visit the Viki page or you can also download the application via smartphone on the Play Store or App Store.

3. Vidio


Vidio is a legal website to download Korean dramas. This streaming platform is known to provide live streaming services for local TV channels, domestic series and films as well as several blockbusters in Hollywood.

The content they provide does just that. Vidio also offers streaming services for Korean dramas and films. Although the collection is not as many as other streaming services, several popular movie titles are available here, such as What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Descendants of the Sun, The Moon Embracing the Sun and many more.

For you fans of dramas or TV shows from tvN, Vidio also provides live streaming services for tvN. So, you can watch live programs on TVN.

The services contained in this Vidio can be enjoyed for free, but unfortunately, the free access in Vidio for this Korean drama is quite limited and only available for a few episodes.

For those who want to get premium services, you can subscribe to Vidio Premier by paying around 49,000 rupiahs each month for the platinum premier package or 29,000 rupiahs for the gold premier package.

For those who are curious about the collection of Korean dramas in Vidio, you can check out here. Or it can also be checked via a smartphone application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or App Store.

4. KBS World TV

Korean movie fans must be familiar with one of the biggest TV stations in Korea, KBS. KBS also provides live streaming services of Korean dramas or rerun of KBS production dramas, such as Born Again, Once Again, Soul Mechanic and so on.

In addition, you can also watch other KBS flagship TV programs live, such as The Return of Superman, Music Bank, Two Days and One Night and many more. Almost all KBS programs are contained with English subtitles. Some of them are even available in Indonesian subtitles.

As this is an on-air broadcast, you should check the schedule of their programs in advance. KBS World TV can also be enjoyed via mobile by downloading the application on your Android or iOS device.

5. DramaCute

Sadly, there are so many Korean drama titles that are complete, DramaCute is also a good recommendation for those of you who are looking for websites to download Korean dramas with English subtitles online.

Not only complete, this site also provides a special menu to watch ongoing dramas so you won’t miss the latest Korean dramas.

In addition, this website also provides many famous variety show titles such as Running Man that you can watch for free. It is suitable as an alternative to KDramaIndo which now looks less comfortable to look at.

6. DramaQu

If the site watches the Indo sub drakor, DramaQu does specifically give you Korean dramas or films that can be watched for free online.

This Korean movie streaming website also provides several alternative servers if the first live streaming link doesn’t work. So you don’t need to worry about broken links.

If you want to watch Kim Soo Hyun’s Korean drama, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, how come you can watch it on this Korean sub-Indo-Korean drama site!

7. MyAsianTv

The next best recommendation for websites to download Korean dramas with English subtitles Online is MyAsianTv which offers a simple display without the presence of advertisements at all.

This site also provides many Korean drama and film titles which are quite complete and updated.

Not only that, but this site also provides Top Day, Top Week, and Top Month features which contain lists of Korean dramas and films that are currently hits on that day, week, and month.

But even though the appearance of the site is clean of advertisements, these ads are still present on the sidelines of Korean dramas like YouTube.

8. Cool Cinema

Maybe you rarely hear about this site to watch Korean dramas with English subtitles online. However, who would have thought that Bioskop Keren also provided Korean content?

Even though, this is actually one of the most convenient sites for streaming Korean dramas. Almost all the latest and best Korean dramas are available here.

The choice of Korean dramas is complete, even information is given about how popular it is through the number of views given to the drama title.

9. Omb-sharing

If you don’t care about the appearance of an ordinary website, Omberbagi could be one of the best sites to download Korean dramas online.

Here you don’t have to worry about broken links. Just report it and you can see the repair process carried out by the admin.

Aside from that, one of the advantages of this Korean drama streaming site is its fast servers.

Just combine it with an unlimited fast and stable internet package, you don’t need to worry about being slow anymore.

10. KissAsian Movies

Not only Korean dramas, but the KissAsian website is actually also intended to accommodate films and dramas from Asian countries.

Starting from a collection of films and you can find Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and so on dramas on this site.

Unfortunately, KissAsian only provides English subtitles in it. Yes, calculating can simultaneously learn English and Korean.

11. YouWatch

Not much different from other websites to download Korean movies, youWatch is also highly recommended for you to visit.

This Korean sub indo drama site offers a clean look and minimal annoying advertisements that make streaming activities more enjoyable.

Not only that, but the selection of Korean movies on the YouWatch site is also quite complete with HD quality categorized according to their respective genres.

For those of you who are lazy to watch online, interestingly this site also provides a download link for Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles, you know.

12. DramaGo

The website to watch and download Korean movies called DramaGo is indeed specialized in providing films and dramas originating from Korea, Japan and China only.

The initial appearance of this site immediately provides a list of Korean drama titles based on the latest episodes that you can immediately watch.

Not only watch Korean dramas online via a PC or computer screen, but you can also download Korean movies on this site via your smartphone.

13. DramaCool

This Korean DramaCool streaming site seems to provide a choice of dramas from various Asian countries.

You will also be given complete information about the release dates of the latest films and dramas via the calendar feature that is owned by this site.

So you can schedule to watch the premiere, without the need to miss updates compared to your friends who like Korean movies too!

14. Iflix


This Malaysian streaming service provides a special corner called k-flix which includes k-drama, k-entertainment shows to k-news specifically for those of you who enjoy watching Korean dramas. 

Iflix’s Korean drama collection is quite good, they even broadcast dramas that are still running like The World of The Married.

Not only that, but Iflix also provides films, dramas and TV shows from other Asian countries such as China, Thailand to Indonesia. 

You can also watch animations online that are available on the Iflix service. Certainly TV series and Hollywood blockbusters are also available on Iflix.

In addition to its extensive content collection, Iflix also provides download services, making it easier for you to watch without an internet network. And the most interesting thing is the streaming service on Iflix can be enjoyed for free.

However, if you want to enjoy more facilities such as watching premium content, you can subscribe to Iflix VIP by paying around 39,000 rupiahs for one month.

One of the other advantages of Iflix is ​​that they provide VIP services for free for customers from several cellular or internet providers. 

You can enjoy the Iflix service directly on iflix.com or via a smartphone application which can be downloaded via the Play Store and App Store.

15. Amazon Prime Video

In addition to presenting various collections of original content, western TV series, films and other popular TV shows, Amazon Prime Video has also added its wings to the Asian market by presenting Asian-produced content, such as anime, films and dramas and Korean dramas are no exception.

Although their Korean drama collection is not as many as previous streaming services, several popular Korean movie titles are presented here, such as Goblin, The Beauty Inside, 100 Days My Prince, to classic dramas such as Princess Hour. 

Just like other streaming services, Prime Video also provides a download feature, which makes it easier for you to download and watch Korean dramas offline.

To subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you will be charged around 85,000 rupiahs for each month. Especially for new customers, Amazon will provide free access for the first 7 days. Every Prime Video subscriber will also get access to Twitch Prime or a free game streaming service. Because the rate charged is one package with Twitch Prime.

If you are interested, you can directly visit the official Amazon Prime Video page or download the application on your Android or iOS device.

16. Netflix


Most of you must be familiar with this famous streaming service. As we already know, Netflix is known for its epic quality of original content. 

Now Netflix Original has also started producing a number of Korean series or dramas, such as Kingdom, Arthdal ​​Chronicles, the latest Extracurricular and The King: Eternal Monarch.

In addition, Netflix also provides streaming services for various kinds of TV shows and films and it is also a good place to download Bollywood movies

The Korean drama collections available on Netflix are quite varied, ranging from old dramas such as My Love From The Star to currently running movies such as Hospital Playlist.

Netflix can be used as a mainstay for websites to watch Korean dramas or apps to download Korean Dramas. To enjoy all the content and services that Netflix provides, you must subscribe first. 

Netflix subscription packages consist of basic, standard and premium packages with rates ranging from 49,000 to 169,000 rupiah. For new subscribers, Netflix will provide free service for the first 1 month well not in all countries.

If your network does not close access to Netflix and you are interested in subscribing to Netflix, you can directly access it via the web or via an application that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store and App Store.

17. BioskopKeren


The site to watch Korean dramas that can be the next right choice is Bioskop Keren. Not only does it provide various films that have aired in theatres, but the BioskopKeren site also provides Korean drama content.

You can find almost all of the latest and most popular Korean dramas here. In addition, you can also find out information about how popular the movie is, through the number of views given to the drama.

18. Drakorindo.cc


Then there is Drakorindo.cc which is one of the best websites to download Korean drama online. With its simple appearance, this site offers Korean dramas and films that are classified as very updated.

However, the only drawback is in pop-up ads that seem annoying, because they often appear. Not just watching, you can also download your favourite Korean dramas from this website.

For the latest Korean drama schedules, this site will also provide complete information, related to when the movie or film will be released.

19. Kshowid


Want a website to watch Korean dramas online that is simple and doesn’t have a lot of advertisements? Maybe Kshowid is the answer. The reason is, when viewed in terms of appearance, this site is very simple, neat and easy to use.

Not only that, if you stream Korean dramas on this site, you don’t need to worry if there are broken links. Well, when this happens, you only need to report it and you can see the repair process carried out by the admin.

This site server is also classified as fast, especially if you add a fast unlimited internet package. So, there is no buffering in the middle of the film.

20. Dramaid


Not only movies, this website to watch Korean dramas, namely Dramaid, also provides shows titled Variety Show hits from South Korea. The simple and neat appearance of the site makes those of you who just love watching Korean dramas comfortable and addicted.

Here you will also be recommended for Korean dramas that are hits, most popular, and updated.

21. Youwatch


Almost similar to other Korean drama websites, Youwatch can also be the most recommended choice for you. The YouWatch site with this link (https://youwatch.fun/) also offers a clear view of the site from annoying advertisements.

Apart from the lack of advertisements, the list of Korean movies on this site is also complete, coupled with HD image quality. However, for those of you who don’t want your quota to run out quickly, you can download your favourite Korean drama, plus Indonesian subtitles. Isn’t it fun?

22. CinemaQU


Of the many Korean dram websites, you still can’t find a suitable site. Or the drama that you mean is not yet available? So, there’s no need to be upset, maybe the CinemaQu site ( https / cinemaqu.com ) can be another good choice.

Moreover, this site provides a variety of Korean movie and film titles that are quite complete from various different genres. However, the drawback is, that this site still lacks ongoing Korean movies.


Well, that’s a list of recommendations for the best websites to download Korean movies with English subtitles online that you can access right now.

It is worth noting that watching or downloading pirated movies from illegal sites is a crime as some of the sites listed here are illegal.

In fact, it is not impossible that you will be fined up to billions. In addition, this kind of illegal activity is also considered to be detrimental to film industry activists.

Not to mention the risk of virus threats from some of these sites which may cause harm to your computer or smartphone.

If maybe you are lazy to watch Korean movies through the sites above, you can also download them via streaming applications that are widely circulating today.

So that you don’t get confused anymore about which application to watch Korean movies, we have some recommendations that you can read in the following article.

Related: Best Applications to Watch Korean Drama.

Reasons for Fans to Watch Korean Movies

There are many reasons why Korean drama fans don’t want to miss an episode. This is because Korean dramas have a unique story, unlike dramas in most Indonesian soap operas, because they are predictable.

Not only that, for those of you who like to watch Korean movies, of course, you agree, if Korean dramas have their own uniqueness. What are the reasons why fans like Korean dramas?

  • The story is not easy to predict
  • The players are beautiful and handsome
  • The chemistry of the characters who make their own smiles
  • The actors’ acting looked very natural
  • The character played is very strong
  • The soundtrack and song are nice to hear
  • The shooting, set of filming locations and cinematography are excellent
There are various genres of Korean dramas

The genres offered by Korean dramas also vary, including:

  • About Romance
  • About kinship
  • About the ancient kingdom
  • Adventure
  • Humour or comedy
  • Horror, and other unique plots.
Long Duration Makes Satisfaction and Addiction

The duration of Korean movies itself also varies, especially Korean movies are usually divided into several episodes, where per episode the duration is about one hour.

It is necessary to have a lot of time to be able to spend all episodes of one Korean movie title. Apart from time, you also need an internet quota to watch all episodes until the end.

Even so, the cost of buying a quota is certainly not more expensive than if you subscribe to a paid site. So, you really have to know some of the most recommended Korean movie websites below.

Want to download Korean Movie Online for Free? Here is the list of updated Korean movie websites

So, those are some recommendations for the best websites to download Korean dramas with English subtitles that you can make as an option. All you can watch for free with complete choices and HD quality.

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