A Game Changer in Sports Headphones: TOZO OpenReal Headphones Review

TOZO OpenReal Headphones Review

The world of headphones is constantly evolving, with new innovations and technologies shaping the way we listen to music and enjoy audio experiences. One such innovation is the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones, which have been making waves in the market with their unique design and impressive sound quality. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the features, performance, and overall experience of these headphones, and explore why they are considered a game changer in the world of sports headphones.

Open-ear or air-conduction headphones have gained popularity for their ability to provide situational awareness while maintaining sound quality. Unlike traditional in-ear headphones, open-ear headphones leave the ear canal open, allowing the user to hear their surroundings while still enjoying their favourite music or audio content. The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones take this concept to the next level, offering an exciting combination of sound quality, comfort, and durability.

Sound Quality: A Clear and Natural Listening Experience

When it comes to audio quality, the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones truly stand out. These headphones deliver a clear, full, and natural sound that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles. The default tuning of the headphones is nicely balanced, providing an enjoyable listening experience right out of the box. However, if you prefer to fine-tune the sound to your personal preferences, the TOZO app allows you to customize the audio equalizer with 10 bands and +/- 5dB adjustments.

The bass performance of the TOZO OpenReal headphones is commendable, considering their open-ear design. While bass is usually the weakest aspect of open headphones, the OpenReal headphones manage to deliver clear and tight bass without muddiness. Although the sub-bass extension may not be as powerful as some bass-focused headphones, there is enough warmth and depth to enjoy a wide range of music genres.

The midrange of the OpenReal headphones is natural and well-balanced, with vocals and acoustic instruments sounding on point. With some minor tweaks in the upper mids, you can bring out the clarity and detail in acoustic instruments and vocals. Electric guitars also benefit from a boost at 3.2kHz, adding grit and aggression to the sound without any sibilance issues.

In the treble range, the OpenReal headphones offer a pleasant listening experience. The treble is polite and slightly darkish by default, but with a slight boost in the 2-3kHz region, you can add more shimmer and texture to the overall sound. While the headphones may not reveal micro details like faint “vinyl” crackles, they do provide an airy and open sound that is impressive for headphones in this price range.

Comfort and Fit: Designed for Active Lifestyles

Comfort and fit are crucial factors to consider when choosing headphones, especially for sports and outdoor activities. The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones excel in this aspect, offering a comfortable and secure fit that is perfect for active individuals.

The ergonomic design of the headphones ensures rock-solid stability, allowing them to stay securely on your head even during intense workouts or outdoor activities. The ear hooks provide support and distribute the weight evenly, making them feel feather-light on your ears. The silicone-covered body of the headphones ensures comfortable skin contact, and the placement of the touch and physical buttons allows for easy control without pressing the headphones against your skull.

However, it is worth noting that some users may experience slight fatigue or discomfort after extended listening sessions. While the headphones are generally comfortable, prolonged usage may lead to irritations or headaches, depending on individual preferences and sensitivities. Additionally, the tilted neckband design may interfere with the adjustment wheel of a cycling helmet, so cyclists should take this into consideration.

Durability: Built to Last

When investing in a pair of headphones, durability is an important factor to consider, especially for outdoor and sports-oriented use. The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones are well-built and designed to withstand the rigors of active lifestyles.

The headphones feature a minimalist design with a matte black/grey color scheme, giving them a sleek and modern look. The majority of the headphones are covered in a soft silicone finish that not only feels gentle on the skin but also adds to their durability. The headphones are flexible, including the ear hooks, allowing them to accommodate different ear sizes and shapes.

One standout feature of the TOZO OpenReal headphones is their IPX8 rating for water resistance. This means that the headphones can be submerged without any damage, making them suitable for various water-related activities, including swimming. However, it is important to note that Bluetooth interference may occur when using the headphones underwater.

One area where the TOZO OpenReal headphones could improve is the inclusion of a protective carrying pouch. While the headphones are durable on their own, a carrying pouch would provide an added layer of protection against scratches and accidental drops. Additionally, it would make transportation much safer and more convenient for users.

Battery Life: Long-lasting Performance

Battery life is a crucial consideration, especially for those who use headphones for extended periods or during outdoor activities. The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones offer a respectable battery life that is above average for headphones of this type.

During our battery test, which involved playing music at 50% volume, the TOZO OpenReal headphones lasted an impressive 12 hours and 3 minutes on a single charge. While this falls slightly short of the advertised 13 hours, it is still sufficient for most users’ needs. With such battery life, users can enjoy 2-3 days of use without having to worry about frequent charging.

One notable feature of the TOZO OpenReal headphones is their support for fast charging. With just a 10-minute charge, users can add 2 hours of playback time, providing added convenience for those who are always on the go. However, it is worth mentioning that the proprietary charging port used by the headphones can be a slight inconvenience, especially for users who primarily own power bricks with USB-C outputs.

Features: Simplicity and Functionality

TOZO OpenReal Headphones Review

While the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones may not boast a wide range of features, the ones they offer are functional and well-implemented. The headphones provide a good balance between simplicity and functionality, catering to the needs of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

The TOZO app, which is compatible with the OpenReal headphones, allows users to customize the sound through the customizable audio equalizer. With 10 bands and +/- 5dB adjustments, users can fine-tune the sound to their personal preferences and enhance their listening experience.

In terms of controls, the TOZO OpenReal headphones feature both physical buttons and touch controls. The touch panel on the right earphone allows for essential playback and phone call commands, while the physical buttons located behind the ear provide volume control and song selection options. While the headphones do not support voice commands or offer caller ID prompts, the controls are intuitive and easy to use.

The built-in microphone of the TOZO OpenReal headphones delivers clear voice quality, making them suitable for voice calls and video conferencing. The microphone captures voices with clarity and fullness, ensuring that users sound natural and intelligible. However, it is worth noting that the microphone volume may be on the quieter side, requiring others to raise their volume to hear clearly.

Noise Isolation: Balancing Awareness and Privacy

One of the key advantages of open-ear headphones is their ability to provide situational awareness by allowing users to hear their surroundings. The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones strike a good balance between providing awareness and privacy, making them suitable for various environments.

When it comes to wind noise resistance, the TOZO OpenReal headphones perform well, especially during outdoor activities. While some faint high-pitched sounds may be produced when cycling at higher speeds or with the head slightly tilted, they do not significantly impact the listening experience.

However, it is worth noting that the TOZO OpenReal headphones have some degree of sound leakage, particularly at higher volumes. While this may not be an issue during intense workouts or in noisy environments, it can be noticeable in quiet settings with people around. Users should consider the intended usage scenario and environment when using these headphones to ensure a comfortable listening experience for themselves and those around them.

Bluetooth Performance: Stable Connectivity and Impressive Range

The TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones utilize Bluetooth 5.3 technology, providing a stable and reliable connection for users. The headphones offer an outstanding indoor Bluetooth range of approximately 65 feet (20 meters), even when passing through multiple brick walls. This range is among the longest for Bluetooth headphones, ensuring a seamless listening experience without interruption.

While the TOZO OpenReal headphones excel in terms of range and stability, they do have some limitations in terms of features. The headphones do not support Bluetooth multipoint, which allows users to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, they do not offer a dedicated gaming mode like some of their competitors. However, for general audio playback and video watching, the headphones provide a lag-free experience without any noticeable audio delay.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Active Individuals

In conclusion, the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones are a game changer in the world of sports headphones. With their impressive sound quality, comfortable fit, durability, and thoughtful features, these headphones are a must-have for active individuals who want to enjoy their favourite music while staying aware of their surroundings.

While they may not replace your regular headphones or compete with the best bass-focused models, the TOZO OpenReal headphones provide a more enjoyable outdoor music-listening experience during activities such as running or cycling. Their clear, natural sound and ergonomic design make them an excellent choice for audiophile sportspeople who value both audio quality and situational awareness.

If you’re in the market for open-ear design headphones that offer full awareness and exceptional sound quality, look no further than the TOZO OpenReal Air Conduction Headphones. They are a testament to how innovation and technology can enhance our audio experiences and elevate our enjoyment of music, all while keeping us connected to our surroundings.

Disclaimer: The sample for this review was provided by TOZO.


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