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How to know android battery life [Charge Cycles]

Here's how to know Android's battery life; in addition to the health of the component, it is possible to check the amount of load cycles

The technology has evolved and today almost all mobile phones available on the market use lithium batteries. Although they offer several advantages, it is natural that over time their components present a certain degradation, affecting the ability to retain energy for a long time.

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If you have an Android smartphone and think it has failed to deliver satisfactory autonomy, you can identify charge cycles to know how battery life is and, consequently, assess whether or not to replace this component.

How to know android battery life

To do this, you need to install the AccuBattery app, available for free from the Play Store.

It is important to note that the operating system also allows you to enter a dial code to check some battery information, but unfortunately it does not display the charge cycles. Anyway, I’ll show you how to do both methods:

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Dial code

  1. Open the mobile phone app;
  2. In the dial area, type “*#*#4636#*#*” (no quotation marks);
  3. Tap the “Battery Info” option.

From this moment on, Android will show some important data. If the battery is not in trouble, you will see the status “Good” in the “Battery Health” section. In this same menu, you can also monitor the voltage and temperature of the component.

By AccuBattery

First of all, I should mention that after installing AccuBattery, you will need to complete a few charging cycles, since Android does not allow applications to have access to battery history. Once that’s done, just open the app and tap the “Health” option in the bottom menu to get access to the data.

A new battery is usually 95% health, but any value above 80% is already considered good. If the app shows a rate of less than 70%, I advise you to change the component. As for load cycles, they will also be displayed in that same section.

Tips for decreasing battery degradation

Every battery degrades over time, that’s inevitable. However, there are a few things you can do to extend its lifespan.

  • Avoid charging up to 100% or unloading completely;
  • Try to keep the battery between 40% and 80%. Frequent and small recharges are better than full refills;
  • Avoid fast charging if you’re not in a hurry—some phones let you turn off this technology in settings;
  • Keep your phone in an airy environment during charging and do not use it while connected;
  • Use the original charger and cable of the appliance or at least one certified third-party charger.

Ready, now you already know how to check android battery life.

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