6 sites to download fonts for free 2023

by George Philip
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The use of fonts in applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel always revolves around the most commonly used examples. However, from time to time, the user may feel that desire to vary, to demonstrate more style in their presentation. Using Comic Sans or Times New Roman again can be tiring and boring, that’s why I’ve set aside 5 sites to download fonts for free to ensure their originality.

1. Befonts

Offering the possibility to download a large number of different fonts, Befonts is an interesting site for those who want to innovate. Updates are frequent, always bringing new options. Everything is in English and the process to download the fonts is a bit time-consuming.

Each font is presented by an image with its letters, facilitating the user’s choice. Finally, it is noteworthy that there is a space for font designers to make their creations available and even charge for them.

2. FontFabric

On the FontFabric website, there are a variety of paid and free options. The amount of fonts to download is satisfactory, each one presented through a small box with some words. Something simple and straightforward to help the user when choosing.

If you want to download it for free, you always need to add your email address each time you purchase a font. For those who do not speak other languages, it is important to remember that the site is entirely in English.

3. Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts provides a library of downloadable fonts divided into categories and styles. Unfortunately, to view each option it is necessary to click on a letter of the alphabet to open the related alternatives.

The download part is simple, without the need for any registration. The file arrives zipped and ready to use. Just don’t be scared when you visit the page and come across a large number of advertisements.

4. Google Fonts

Yes, Google even has a website that provides downloadable fonts. There are a huge number of options for those who want to customize documents more and more, all for free and simple. It is possible to download several options at the same time, ensuring a certain convenience.

The fonts are presented in sentences, facilitating the recognition and choice of the user. The site also allows a person to write any sentence they want to get a more familiar sense of style. In addition, there are categories, properties, and languages ​​to help sort out the ones that best fit your project.

5. 1001 Free Fonts

With a layout similar to the one seen on the Urban Fonts website, 1001 Free Fonts offers more than a thousand and one fonts to download. On its home page, there is an alphabetical order to help the user choose, just below the most recent options are displayed for download.

The best part is that to get the font you want, just click on the button on the right side and you’re done. No registration or opening a new page. Everything is easy and painless. That way, not even the English language gets in the way when it comes to ensuring new alternatives for customizing your files.

6. Fonts Bee

One of our favourites picks these days. Fonts bee provides the best commercial use free fonts and alternatives including modern, sans-serif, display, script typefaces, and more for graphic designers. The best part is they mention everything you need to know about a font. ie, Font Details, Character Map Image, Supported Languages, and Similar Free Fonts!

That’s it! No more Garamond or Helvetica in your daily life. Now you know where to download the most diverse fonts. Tell us what is your favorite!

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1 comment

John Cash July 6, 2022 - 6:42 pm

Hi, George Philip!
These are great font’s sites, and we can use it for our projects.


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