13 Best Free Beat Making Software of 2023 (Windows & Mac)

by George Philip
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Best Free Beat Making Software

Beatmaking is the art of composing on a computer. Beats are at the heart of electronic music. And every musician should be able to quickly sketch, compose and edit beats.

Probably every music lover dreamed of writing his own musical composition. If you think that it takes years of preparation and several classes of education to create quality songs or mixes, then you are only partly right.

Modern computer programs for composing music allow even beginners to make complete compositions, and knowledge of musical notation is only useful if you plan to conquer the top of the international charts.

Whether you’re a budding producer eager to put your ideas to music or a seasoned music lover looking to create quick backup tracks, beat making software is an essential component in the music-making arsenal.

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Music production is of course a profession, but for millions of enthusiasts, it is also an exciting hobby. Gone are the days when it was reserved for the wealthy. Today, all you need is a computer.

Whatever your intentions, we’ve compiled a list of the best free beat making software for you.

Also, in this blog, we will discuss some of the top beat creation software for Windows and Mac systems that are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced music composers.

Best Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac in 2022

If you consider yourself a music lover, check out our curated list below for the best software to create your own high-quality music beats.

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1. FL Studio: Windows and Mac OS

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

FL Studio is a pro-level DAW that offers everything you need to become a beatmaker. The free version of FL Studio ensures full access to its DAW and all major plug-ins. Let’s first talk about what FL Studio doesn’t allow: it doesn’t allow you to open saved projects. That is, you can use the software continuously and then export the beat projects in WAV or MP3 format, but you cannot reopen them once you have saved them.

You can expand the functionality of the studio by connecting VST applications and effects, as well as connected hardware devices (for example, MIDI controllers).

Unfortunately, due to such a large list of features, it will be difficult for beginners to start creating tracks with FL Studio tools without training, however, if you type the “Learning Fruity Loops” criterion into the search on the same YouTube, you can find a lot of thematic videos.

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Interface: FL Studio’s interface has always been one of its great assets. Once you get familiar with its sleek design, you can easily choose between Mixer view, Track/Waveform view, and other features like automation to polish your songs with the best beat music.

Content/Features: FL Studio is a bit limited when it comes to mixing, but it offers a host of feature-rich and easy-to-control plug-ins for beat making.

For beatmakers, FL Studio includes everything in the form of plug-ins, which means you really don’t need any hardware. It was truly designed for in-the-box production. FL Studio Mobile for Android is also available.

2. Studio One: Mac and Windows

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

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PreSonus’ Studio One is a well-known DAW aimed more at those who want to record. Nevertheless, this software remains more than an honourable choice for anyone who wants to produce beats, and its FX and professional processors make it the ideal choice for those who want to produce sampled or recorded beats.

Interface: Studio One 4 Prime features a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It allows easy control of the 1 GB of samples, 9 plug-ins and other free DAW commands. Everything can be dragged, dropped and combined into a seamless workflow. Studio One 3 Prime also allows you to create unlimited audio and MIDI tracks.

Content/Features: Studio One 4 Prime is overall a professional DAW. It allows for professional time-based effects and tracks automation with pro-level algorithms. It also offers 9 FX and processors including a sampler, which lets you control loops and free samples, reverbs, EQ, limiters and compressors. The big disadvantage of Studio One 4 Prime is that it does not allow third-party VST instruments.

3. GarageBand: Mac

Compatibility: Mac

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GarageBand is a simplified version of the pro software Logic Pro X. With its many ultra-intuitive features, GarageBand offers a near professional suite of tools for all levels of music production. It is an awesome beat making tool that you can use to create awesome beats and musical sounds.

Interface: When opening a beat project, you can choose the style of the project to load: hip-hop, electronic, multitrack (for recording) or blank project. You choose your option, and GarageBand brings together the plug-ins and effects you need.

For beat-making, the Hip-hop mode is really great, with easily editable Smart Drum Kits in samples, beats and FX. The software is filled with intuitive options, each easier to use than the next.

With its beautiful, professional interface, GarageBand is easy to navigate, and even newbies will have no trouble producing music.

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Content and Features: GarageBand doesn’t skimp on advanced features. It’s full of plug-ins, which are often no less than light versions of Logic’s high-performance tools. It offers time-based effects tools, full MIDI compatibility with hardware gear, advanced automation controls, and much more to discover.

4. Ableton Live: Windows and Mac OS

A well-known Beat Making Software for Windows and macOS among “electronics” is used to create complete compositions, remixing and mastering. The beat making program includes a multi-band track editor, a groove generator, an effects container, and components for working with MIDI.

The studio allows you to emulate the sound of real instruments (piano, synthesizer, and others). Its highlight is the presence of a unique collection of African and South American percussions. Almost all available VST plugins are supported. The software is often used by modern DJs during “live” performances.

5. Magix Music Maker – Compatible with Windows

Magix Music Maker is a powerful studio that stands out primarily for its impressive loop package, one of the best beat making software for creating music.

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The beat making software allows you to work on composition from the first chords to mastering and publishing on popular resources, contains sample templates for various genres, a 99-track editor, an integrated metronome, a drum machine, and a synthesizer and tools for working with hardware devices.

Magix Music Maker also contains a music tutorial for beginners. We recommend it as one of the best music creation software for PC, which can be found in the market today.

6. n-Track Studio

An amateur recording studio that allows you to create quite high-quality beats at home by overlaying samples and MIDI tracks on a metronome.

The beat making program contains a set of effects, a 20-band equalizer and tools for burning finished songs to disk. Multitrack mode and the ability to connect VST add-ons are supported.

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7. Adobe Audition

A simple and convenient audio editor with professional tools for creating musical material. Performs batch audio conversion cleans noise, creates ringtones for mobile devices, and works with plugins and audio cd.

Due to the presence of special algorithms, the program is also used to remove noise, “vinyl” clicks and create “backing tracks”.

Adobe Audition has a large selection of effects for great sound, a handy equalizer, multitrack mode, vocal removal and noise reduction options. The trial period gives a month to get acquainted with the product.

8. Musescore: Windows, Mac OS

MuseScore is an intuitive beat-making software that is free to download and is compatible with Mac and Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. The software has a user-friendly interface and useful features that allow users to work freely and create the best music of its kind.

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The tool is highly recommended for those who are beginners and do not know much about music. A passionate user with the help of a mouse and keyboard can be a musician using this software for sure. You can edit tracks after saving them, and then export those music files in various formats, like Flac, OGG, Wav, etc.

9. Reaper: Windows, Mac, Linux (Paid)

Reaper is one of the best beat making software for the “Under $100” category. But don’t judge by budget, it has some of the best features you can find in expensive software alone.

It comes with built-in plugins and an extremely user-friendly interface. If you want to use other plugins, you can easily download them. It can read up to 25 different file types.

Overall, it’s a solid DAW and doesn’t require any special knowledge to use. So if you plan to enter the world of music, give Reaper a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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10. OrDrumbox: Windows, macOS, Linux (Free)

Ordrumbox is a unique open-source beat making software that has become very popular in the last year due to its advanced functionality. If you have Windows 10, Linux or the latest version of Mac OS X, then it is one of the best options to create your beat.

Users can download this software for free from the Ordrumbox website and enjoy its easy-to-use and powerful features. The software allows users to change the built-in settings to create their music effortlessly. Exporting music files created with this tool is also very easy.

11. GuitarPro

Another highly specialized software designed to work with musical scores or their special “guitar format” – tablature. The application uses a unique Realistic Sound Engine algorithm to emulate the sound of popular guitar instruments, allows you to create compositions using a virtual fretboard or piano, can work with connected MIDI controllers and convert parts to different keys.

The program is often used as an auxiliary tool while learning to play the guitar.

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12. LMMS: Windows, macOS, Linux (Free)

It is an open-source music creation software that is free to download and is compatible with Windows and Mac. The software features a simple user interface and offers easy-to-use functionality to create amazing music and beats.

The software includes several sample tracks that can help you compose your own in a unique style.

On the left side of the screen, you will find many presets that can be added to your track. You can listen to them with one click and decide accordingly.

The software also includes a wide variety of instruments in its database. Users can save their tracks in MMPZ or MMP format and export them by selecting WAV or OGG format.

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13. HammerHead Rhythm Station: Windows (Free)

It is another robust piece of software that allows both beginners and professionals to create fantastic musical melodies. The software is free to download and is compatible with Windows.

It also offers a cool interface with lots of useful features to create new melodies. There are many built-in melodies that can help you compose outstanding music. Files created in this software can be easily exported and saved in different file formats.

Final Words: Best Software to Create Your Own Music Beats (2022)

Becoming a musician is no longer a difficult task, As we have seen, there are really enough programs for creating music and there is no need to spend too much on buying expensive instruments. There is no need to ask anyone for help, thanks to this amazing free beat maker software for Windows and Mac OS that makes everything so simple for everyone. Hopefully, the list we have provided will help you achieve what you want. Feel free to give your valuable feedback.

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