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How to see Photos on free mode Facebook (Free Basics) 2023

Learn how to see photos and videos on free mode Facebook without any data bundle using Facebook Lite app

Free mode on Facebook is basically a feature called “Free Basics”. It was introduced by a partnership between network operators and Facebook to allow their subscribers to switch seamlessly between free and data modes thereby making it possible for them to chat, post, comment, like or share content for free with friends and families online.

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Network operators understand how it feels to own a smartphone without any data bundle so that’s why they introduced the Free Basics feature on Facebook to ensure everyone is still able to chat and connect with friends on Facebook even without an active data bundle as it is the largest social network on planet Earth which makes it easy to meet with lots of people from different regions. But this feature has some limitations, which is you won’t be able to see photos or videos.

But don’t worry, in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to see photos and videos using free mode on Facebook.

Before we get started with the tutorial, you might need to get some things if you don’t already have them. The items are listed below.

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  • A smartphone (either iPhone or Android)
  • Facebook Lite App, (not the Official Facebook app, see the differences between the both here)
  • Free basics supported SIM networks such as Airtel SIM/ 9mobile SIM
  • Strong internet connection.

Now that you have all the things you would be needing to be able to see photos on free mode Facebook. Let’s get started.

How to see Photos on free mode Facebook

Now that you have installed Facebook Lite as instructed earlier and you have inserted any of the free mode supported SIM such as Airtel SIM or 9mobile SIM, follow the steps below;

  • Turn on your data connection
  • Open the Facebook Lite App and log in with your details
  • Now switch to free mode after logging in
  • Close the app and force stop it
  • Now go to Settings > Applications > Facebook Lite > Clear data
  • Open Facebook Lite App again
  • You’ll get two options to choose either data mode or free mode
  • Just in case the app refuses to open, close it and open it again
  • Now, the Facebook Lite app will open automatically and switch to data mode.

That’s all, you’re now ready to use free mode on Facebook to see photos and videos. Wallpics.

If this trick eventually stops working, repeat the method again and enjoy. Also, check wordle unlimited.

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Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook using Free mode now so they too can enjoy seeing photos and videos again even without data.

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