How to turn your old phone into a security camera

Learn how to give that old phone a new life by turning it into a security camera to monitor your home

How to turn your old phone into a security camera

You know that old cell phone at the bottom of the drawer? You can give the device a new life as a security camera, thanks to apps that enable the function on your device. With a constant power supply, you can monitor your home, garage, office and etc. through your main smartphone.

How to turn a phone into a security camera

There are several surveillance apps, but one of the most complete and the champion downloads is the Alfred Home Security Camera. Available for iOS (iPhone) and Android, offers a number of features in free mode, and others with monthly subscription.

In general, you don’t have to pay anything to use its main functions, and you can monitor any environment you’re in, via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Installing and configuring Alfred is a simple task. You will need two cell phones: the old one, which will be used as a camera, and your son of daily use, no matter what mobile operating system any of the two devices run.

  1. Download and install Alfred on both phones;
  2. Open the app on your phone that will serve as a security camera.
    In the option that asks how the phone will be used (Spectator or Camera), select Camera;
  3. Enter your Google account on your device when Alfred asks;
  4. On your main phone, open the app and in the question about using the device, select Spectator;
  5. Enter the same Google account you used on your old device.

And that’s it.

This is Alfred’s Camera basic configuration.

From this point on, it is already possible to visualize on your main cell phone what the old device is registering. You should position your old phone/security camera in a fixed place, and if you want to use it as such permanently, with access to a nearby power source, so that the device stays on at all times.

How to use other Alfred Camera features

Alfred Camera has other features, such as motion detection.

To activate it, on your old phone:

  1. Click on the Menu (the three dots);
  2. Click Motion Detection and then OK.

With the feature enabled, you don’t need to monitor the camera all the time: the app will send you a notification if the camera detects movements in the area you’re monitoring, something very useful for example to keep an eye on the house while traveling, or to monitor a little point accessed by residents, such as a garage.

It is also possible to enable audio capture,through dedicated commands in the main menu, or andsspoon which camera you want to activate. The Android app version has even more functions, such as reopening the app after an unexpected reboot of the old phone, enabling continuous focus,setting a fixed resolution, and activating a lock password.

On your main phone, you can turn notifications on or off, give the surveillance camera a name, activate Electronic Nanny mode (essential for monitoring babies), use two-way audio and give an intruder access to the camera, give access to the camera to other users of a Circle of Trust, and of course, use as many cameras as you want. The limit is just how many old cell phones you have giving soup at home.

In the end, it is clear that the Alfred is not the only option to turn your old phone into a security camera, but it is one of the most complete, and it does not restrict so much use through a signature.


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