How to transfer files between iPhone, Android or PC


Data migration between different devices or with different operating systems can be done quickly with the help of some applications. I will show you below what is needed and how to transfer files between iPhone, Android and PC without much hassle.

Sending data from an Android to an iPhone without the help of apps has never been a simple task, as the systems don’t talk well over Bluetooth. In this gap, some apps and services have emerged that can help with the transfer, including the promise of faster speeds than Bluetooth.


Snapdrop is familiar to anyone who is an iPhone user. It is inspired by AirDrop, Apple’s service for sharing files between iOS devices. As with ShareIt, the necessary condition is that the two devices are connected to the same network. It works for transfers even between PCs, smartphones or tablets.

To use it, with both devices connected to the same network, it is enough for the person who will be uploading files to go to the Snapdrop website. It will receive an identification, a kind of “nickname” to be recognized by the other device. Then the recipient will also access the site and will automatically be identified and then also given a name.

After confirming the names are correct, users can start transferring files by selecting them. Another possibility is sending messages between devices.


ShareIt is a file management and sharing application that will help you transfer files between Android and iPhone ( iOS ). Available for both systems, the app promises higher transfer speeds than Bluetooth.

The only fundamental requirement is that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There is no data or file size limitation.

Using it is simple: once the two devices are connected to the same network and the app is open, the person who will send files simply opens the app and taps “Send”. From there, just choose the items you want to transfer and confirm. The device that will receive the files needs to select the “Receive” option and the transfer will start.


Xender is another app made for file sharing and it also works for devices of different operating systems like Android and iOS. Usage is very similar to ShareIt. Both devices need to be connected to the same network and open the app on each of them. After starting the app, the user who will transfer files needs to select the “Send” option and choose the items they want, while the recipient will tap the “Receive” option to authorize sharing.

Now you know some options to help with transferring files between different devices like iPhone, Android and PC. Snapdrop is a good tool as there is no need to download any application as it is accessible via the web, which also makes it easy to use on PC.


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