How to schedule posts on Facebook

by George Philip
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how to schedule post on facebook

The method for scheduling posts on Facebook has changed even on pages and groups: the social network transferred the resources from the Publishing Tools to the Creation Studio, an interface dedicated to managing pages. See how to schedule Facebook posts now.

How to schedule Facebook posts through the Creative Studio

Facebook made changes to the way pages can schedule posts. Originally, the administrator could create a post for a certain day and time using the “Publishing tools” menu. However, the resource is being migrated to the Creator Studio, an interface dedicated to the supervision of pages.

To schedule a Facebook post from now on, you will need to access the Creative Studio page. Apart from this little inconvenience to relearn the procedure, and having to access an interface totally separate from the page on which you want to publish (the studio allows you to manage all the pages that the user owns or administers at once), there are no major changes in this step a step.

In fact, it is just one more step.

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In time, although the “Publishing Tools” menu is still available on the page, it does nothing else and only redirects the user to the Creator Studio.

Over time, the option should be removed from the pages.

To schedule Facebook posts through the Creative Studio, do the following:

schedule post on Facebook
  1. Visit;
  2. Above “Home page”, select which Facebook page you want to publish to (if you manage more than one, otherwise, skip this step);
  3. Click on “Publish something”;
  4. In “Create publication”, compose the post as you wish, with text, image, links and etc .;
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the “Publish” button and then on “Schedule”;
  6. In “Publication schedule”, select the day and time when the post should be published;
  7. Click on “Schedule”.

And that’s all.

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Once this is done, the Facebook post will be scheduled and published on the specified day and time.

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