How to Lift Telegram spam Ban

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How to Lift Telegram spam Ban

The problem of spam is gigantic and telegram would be no different. After all, how to lift telegram spam ban and what were the reasons that led to your account being banned. Will it be temporary or permanent? Let’s get this information right below.

What is ban on Telegram (spam)

The move happens when users tap the “Report spam” button in a chat, messages go straight to the moderators who make the assessment. If moderators decide that these messages are really spam, the account is temporarily limited.

Typically, it happens when the user is sending messages to strangers or posting spam in groups, which causes the limitation.

Limited account can send messages

Users with limited accounts can send messages to people who have their contact saved. In addition, they can always reply to those who send messages first. In short, the temporary limitation or ban preserves the peace of people who do not know the user who has suffered the restriction.

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What reasons can lead to spam reporting on Telegram

People usually don’t like it when someone stranger contacts them, and they’ll report their messages if they find them inconvenient. In private chats, what was sent doesn’t matter if the recipient doesn’t like the message. Photos, invitation links or a simple “hello”. The indicated is only to contact those who already know that they are waiting for a message from you.

For groups, moderators are more relaxed in the analysis. Users are bothered to receive irrelevant ads, links, invitation links to groups or channels, random photos, and anything related to commerce or popularity on the web.

How do I be released from spam on Telegram

If the user has committed the infraction, he/she cannot be released from the limitation by spam on Telegram. There is no set deadline for the duration of the ban. It depends on the type of rape committed.

If the limitation was for only two or three messages, the ban can be suspended in 2 or 3 days. On the other hand, if you are banned for spam in groups, the penalty may be a few weeks. Also, based on the severity of the shortage, your account can be banned for a long time or forever.

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I was banned from Telegram for no reason

It can happen yes, be banned without committing any foul in the rules of spam. In this case, the platform indicates contacting @SpamBot by Telegram.

Checking account situation with the @SpamBot

Sometimes specific numbers can trigger a severe response from the Telegram system. Because of the activities of previous owners or because the numbers come from some VOIP services. If this is the case, the tip is the same: contact the @SpamBot and make your report.

How to circumvent Telegram’s spam ban

If the user has been banned for a valid reason, the best position is to wait for the end of the punishment. But if you don’t want to wait, there’s a way to bypass this system.

  1. Visit telegram’s official exclusion website;
  2. Enter your number and they will send you a confirmation code via Telegram (not SMS);
  3. Enter the code. The account has been deleted;
  4. Open Telegram on your Smartphone and create a new account with the same number;
  5. Join the group or send messages.
Page to cancel Telegram account

Already knowing how to get out of Telegram spam, restriction and ban, stay tuned. If you need to use the above method, try not to be a repeat offender in the absences and again banned. Good luck!

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Source: Telegram.


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