How to know if I was blocked on Telegram

Learn how to identify if you've been blocked on Telegram just by checking out some of the messenger's own features

How to know if I was blocked on Telegram

Were you talking to someone on Telegram and that person stopped answering the messages or just “disappeared”? There’s a good chance she locked your number. In this article, I’ll show you how to identify if you’ve actually been blocked.

How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram

Like other messengers, Telegram does not send a notification to the blocked contact, but by looking at some features of the app itself, it is possible to identify if someone has blocked your account. See below for some tips to know if you have been blocked by someone on Telegram:

1. Status unavailable

When someone blocks a number on Telegram, the other person stops seeing status updates. This means that the platform stop showing when the contact is online or when they last joined the app.

So if any contact’s status updates are no longer visible, or if Telegram only shows the message “Seen a long time ago,” that means that person has decided to block your account.

2. Contact photo is not displayed

Blocked contacts also lose access to some information, including the photo used in the Telegram profile. So, to know if any friends have blocked you, just look at your photo. If it’s “gone” and is just the initials of the name, it’s highly likely that you’ve been blocked.

3. The contact does not receive new messages

One of the biggest indications that you have been blocked is that the contact no longer receives new messages. You texted the person and Telegram just showed a “little tick or somethingt? That means the person didn’t even get what was sent. That is, your profile has actually been blocked.

4. Calls are not completed

Another way to find out if you’ve been blocked is by making calls. If the contact has blocked your number, voice/video calls cannot be completed and a privacy notice will be displayed on the screen.

5. No “account deleted” warning

Whenever someone deletes a Telegram account, the messenger displays a “deleted account” warning in all conversations for that contact. If one of your friends doesn’t reply to new messages or the profile picture isn’t available, but the app didn’t show the deletion notice, it’s very likely that you’ve been blocked.

Okay, now you know some tips that can help you know if you were blocked on Telegram. Read also how to recover deleted Telegram messages.



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