10 Best Farming Games and Simulators for Android 2024

Games about farms are very interesting, but which of them are the best? Find out the best farming games for Android and PC

Best Farming Games and Simulators for Android

The best farming games are the ones you think about even when you don’t play them. There you’re just boarding a train like a normal person and you see someone innocently drinking a milkshake. Not only do you suddenly wonder how your cows are doing, you wonder if you remembered to pat them today to ensure milk production, and you reflect on the idea of tearing down your apple orchard to make room for even more pasteurized production. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You may not play hungry, but the best farming games are the ones that make time go away as you maximize the design of your fence and draw the best sprinkler designs.

Whether you’re looking for a realistic farming simulator or something more casual to enjoy with other crop addicts, there’s something on this list for you. This collection includes murky offerings on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. Happy irrigation!

Best Farming Games and Agricultural Games for Android

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

To be totally transparent, you’ve come to this list of 10 of the best farming games to play right now, but you’d better stop after this first entry. Here, in the sweet embrace of Stardew Valley, available on several platforms, you will spend hours thoroughly fixing your grandfather’s old farm, naming your animals, selling your products, mine, collecting, flirting… You get the idea.

Everything is here in colourful form from top to bottom. And, if you feel you’ve already paid your dues (Star), you might be interested in the new “All” update.

The free patch has only reached the PC so far, but among other things, it adds 60 new items, fish ponds, individual banking in multiplayer mode, new haircuts, new clothes and even a button to take a photo of your entire farm. We know, just when you thought you were out …

Available in: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android.

2. Hay Day

Hay Day

The farming game par excellence is Hay Day, one of the most complete downloads from the Google Play Store and where we will gradually complete our farm with animals and harvest. You’ll have to take care of everything, including sowing or picking up the sown.

Be careful to water your trees and the terrain so that over time you can collect all your work and sell it at a good price in the market that integrates this complete game. If you want you can connect it to Facebook so that other friends can help you take your farm forward.

It’s not all agriculture because you’re also going to be able to improve machines, the barn and the small farm will end up being big, increasingly important to your Hay Day neighbours. The level system allows you to earn rewards and watch as you progress gradually. Events are also present in this game which makes it a fun game for any age.

3. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Another of the most popular options in farming games is FarmVille 2 where several aspects have been improved including animals that are now more real, allowing us more options and we can even raise them until they get big. Social action is also present, allowing us to help our neighbours and friends through Facebook.

One of the advantages of this game is that you won’t need an internet connection and you can enjoy being gamed no matter the time or place and then syncing the game data. If you are a garden lover you also have your space to plant plants, take care of them and grow them.

With your collections you will be able to make everything from morning cakes to other sweets, seeing how with each progress and challenge surpassed our level continues to grow to compete and make it more fun with friends.

4. Egg

Egg Inc

The centre of every farm is its hens and in this game, we will have to focus all our attention on taking care of them, studying their growth and development to get their eggs improved. It is data of simple, fast and progressive games.

From different investments where drones are included, we will be fulfilling progress to make our farm the one that gets the best eggs. Can download this game totally free of charge on Google Play and little by little we’ll pick up the pace of a 3D-based game.

5. Super Farmers

Super Farmers

The next game we present to you is called Superfarmers and you can download it on Android from Google Play, but don’t expect to come up with something like the above. In this superhero game, the technology and the most amazing thing you can imagine help us move our farm fast forward.

Superheroes also have a gap with us to pick up the harvest faster and water crops without too many problems. By completing our orders this farm will move forward and with it, the powers of our superhero friends to continue growing.

If you want to play a different game in the mute of farm agriculture this is the one you need. Let’s not forget that we have to take care of the animals, so much excitement with new possibilities can make us forget.

6. Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer

If you are looking for farm games without an internet connection on Android, “Big Little Farmer” is the game you should download. It features a similar style of play to FarmVille 2 with some changes here and there.

You have to grow and raise animals like cows and chickens. Harvest crops or milk and eggs from animals to sell them and earn money in the game. There are several different animals in the game that you can raise.

Download | Android.

7. Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm

Most farm games on Android have basic graphics and all look the same. That’s not the case with Blocky Farm. The game’s cartoon block-style graphics make it stand out.

You have to create a farm improve the buildings and harvest the crops. The game also lets you show love to your farm animals and you can even make pets wear accessories.

Download | Android.

8. Harvest Land

Harvest Land

To experience something new in the farm sector, you can try Harvest Land. It is one of the most-played online farm games for Android. It’s interesting and addictive. You can grow a variety of crops to trade with them.

There are several types of productive pets you can feed. You can design the farm of your dreams with many elements. Provides satisfactory visual quality and music tools, etc.

Download | Android.

9. Village and Farm

Village and Farm

Say hello to Village and Farm if you really want to enjoy a unique way to grow. It is another free farming game for Android that can make you addicted soon. You can grow many groups to sell in the market.

You can also produce and cook different foods for your business. You have to maintain and feed your pets to be productive. You can decorate your farm however you want and much more.

Download | Android.

10. Township


A game of city creation and agriculture is a great companion to spend a joyful moment. Township is one of the most outstanding and classic farm games for Android with its incredible graphic integration.

It offers a very beautiful customizable gaming platform where you can create the city of your dreams as a farm and continue to expand your city.

Download | Android.

These are our 10 best options for the best farming games for Android. If you think we missed a better farm game, feel free to let us know in the comments below.



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