How to place clickable links in PDF

by George Philip
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how to put a clickable link into a text on PDF file

The Portable Document Format (PDF) started, in 1992, a revolution from print to digital. In order to allow anyone to capture documents from any source, the project envisaged sending electronic versions anywhere.

We know that this revolution did not stop there and today it is even possible to make some editions, such as placing clickable links in PDF – facilitating the population’s access to texts and their sources. Something essential in the era of fake news.

They can do so much more. PDF documents can contain links and buttons, form fields, audio and video. Interactive links add convenience and accessibility.

If you are marketing a brand, your audience can get more information through the link with just one click. In today’s tutorial, you will learn a simple way to insert links in PDF files, without the need to install the software.

How to place clickable links in PDF

  1. Access the PDFEscape website ;
  2. Drag your file to “Drop PDF here”;
  3. Or click on “Choose File” and select the file on your computer to upload;
  4. Click on “Link” and type or paste the URL you want to insert into your file;
  5. Click “OK”;
  6. Click on “Save and Download PDF”;
  7. To delete a link, simply select the demarcation previously made and click on the trash can icon.

PDFEscape supports documents with up to 10 MG and 100 pages, even allowing the subtraction of some of them. Insert the links you want and export only the pages you need, using the tool: “Delete”, in the “Page” tab.

With this tool, you can also insert links from your profiles on social media and website, start a conversation via WhatsApp, from a click on a virtual business card or resume, add elements, images, observations and markings, and sign documents with a digital signature and even insert form fields.

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