How to sabotage the ship as an Impostor in Among Us

by George Philip
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How to sabotage the ship as an Impostor in Among Us

In addition to being quick and choosing his victims well, a good impostor needs strategy. There are several methods of sabotaging the ship, dividing the crew or even isolating their prey to carry out a death without being seen. Learn about some ways to sabotage the ship as Impostor in Among Us.

How to sabotage the ship as an Impostor in Among us

As an impostor, you will have access to two ways to sabotage the ship: by locking the doors of the rooms or by directly sabotaging some facilities. Each requires a different strategy and opens up a range of situations, as you can see below.

How to sabotage the ship as an Impostor in Among us

Locking the doors

Locking the doors is an excellent strategy option for an Impostor in Among Us. You can separate crew members, making it easier to approach a victim, prevent them from having access to a certain place or isolate your target with you inside a room to kill them. it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the Sabotage button in the lower right corner of the screen;
  2. On the ship’s map, each room will have a red button with an “X”; By clicking on this button, the doors of this room will close, isolating the room for 10 seconds;
  3. When a room is locked, you can continue on the map and lock other rooms;
  4. Only when direct sabotage to any installation is initiated will the countdown begin to be displayed.

Sabotaging the ship’s facilities directly

This form of sabotage provides some chances to win the game directly, use a strategy to facilitate your access to a victim without being seen or to attract a group of crew to a certain place. To sabotage an installation, simply touch the button with the corresponding installation symbol on the sabotage map. Are they:

  • Reactor : When this installation is sabotaged, a countdown begins and if the crew does not resolve it at the end of the time, the Impostor wins;
  • O2 : This sabotage also has a countdown and if it ends before the solution, the Impostor also wins. This option is widely used, as to solve it, the crew members need to go to two different locations, which facilitates the strategy of separating the group;
  • Communication : When sabotaged, the task list will disappear, as well as images from security cameras and the administration map. It can help the Impostor to distract the crew and separate the group;
  • Lighting : Lighting greatly reduces the crew’s field of vision, making it easier for the Impostor to approach victims to kill without being seen.

Now you can use all these forms of sabotage and create various strategies to win as an Impostor in Among Us. Good game!

Source: Screenrant.

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