16 Best Weather Apps for Android and iPhone 2024

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In winter there are cold waves and in summer there are heat waves. The weather is becoming more and more extreme and it is necessary to stay informed about whether it will rain tomorrow or the temperature, preferably from your mobile phone. That’s why we have selected some of the best and most accurate apps to see the weather on iPhone and Android.

Most of them are supported by prestigious companies and institutions, so the accuracy of these weather apps is beyond doubt. However, the temperature and the amount of rain or sun varies depending on each one, although minimally.

Prepare for the next cold snap with a coat and a good application. Otherwise, you run the risk of freezing when you go outside in the morning. At this point, having your mobile phone on hand begins to become as essential to avoid a cold as a stove.

If you want to see tomorrow’s weather on your phone, there are many options. On both Android and iPhone, their respective app stores are full of alternatives. Many of them simply use the data from the main and most accurate ones, “tapping” the weather forecast from other apps.

Precision is important when it comes to seeing what temperature it will be from your mobile. A good weather app should also offer GPS location, and energy efficiency and be an interactive widget. Some go much further, standing up to the most popular ones with a good number of extras that make them more attractive.

All of the ones we have selected are accurate in their weather forecasts, as well as free. Some of these apps, however, have a paid version. You choose whether or not to settle for what they offer you.

Best Weather Apps for Android and iPhone

1. AccuWeather


AccuWeather contains a set of standard data: temperature, wind speed, humidity, and pressure. It also shows the level of ultraviolet radiation (which is useful if you decide to sunbathe), visibility, cloudiness and dew point, which informs you about the likelihood of deposition. AccuWeather also has a brief weather history showing what the temperature was on this day last year, as well as a map with precipitation data. You can set up alerts to alert you to extreme weather conditions.

The application also gives less obvious predictions. For example, there is an air quality scale that will determine whether the environment is good or whether you should not go outside at all. The service informs about the content of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and suspended particles in the air. But, perhaps, this is more for those who had an A in chemistry. For allergy sufferers, it also shows the dust index in the environment.

In addition, AccuWeather has a built-in map that allows you to monitor the weather in real-time in your region, country or entire continent. There is support for watches with Wear OS and watchOS, as well as cute widgets.

Platforms: AndroidiOS

2. 1Weather


1Weather has a range of standard information that makes it invaluable for finding out about the weather forecast for the day or week, from temperature to wind direction and speed. In addition, you can view cloud movement or UV index on the radar, as well as set up hurricane and cyclone tracking.

In addition to these basic functions, the application also shows the sunrise and sunset times of the sun and moon, as well as the phase of the latter – whether it is waning or waxing. There are also short videos about various natural disasters and phenomena from all over the world: floods in China or tornadoes and fires in the USA. However, the majority of videos are from the USA.

You can select up to 12 cities in which you want to track air temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and precipitation – this will be useful for travellers. 1Weather includes a weather map. It also has widgets of different sizes. The application supports Wear OS watches.

Platforms: Android, iOS

3. Today Weather

Today Weather

The free version has a full set of necessary data: temperature, wind, visibility, dew point, cloud cover, pressure and ultraviolet radiation level. All of them are clearly presented on the map. The forecast of all natural phenomena is given a week in advance. It is based on more than 20 data sources: in the settings, you can choose the one you trust most.

On the main screen, the weather forecast is accompanied by a picture. The application also contains information about sunrise and sunset, and the likelihood of precipitation. A paid subscription disables advertising and gives access to some other types of indicators.

Platforms: AndroidiOS

4. YoWindow


This is perhaps one of the most colourful weather forecast applications, which is accompanied by animated pictures with sound. It is possible to install them to your liking. For example, by loading the “Village” landscape, you can watch horses grazing near the house, and “Ocean” will be accompanied by the cries of seagulls and the sound of waves. The sun in the animations sets at the same time as in the real world. You can also add regular, non-animated pictures.

There are several weather sources: data from foreign weather stations, and satellite images. Unlike most other programs, the forecast is given for two weeks. To find out how it will change during the day, just swipe your finger sideways on the animated picture.

The application contains standard data on temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, etc.

YoWindow also has widgets and an alarm clock with nature sounds.

Platforms: AndroidiOS

5. Windy

Windy weather app

The application perfectly visualizes the weather forecast. The main page has an interactive map that shows the direction of wind and waves, precipitation, temperature, cloudiness and other parameters. In total, you can customize about 50 layers. The program is tailored for sports. For example, it shows places for hang gliding and kiting. Many other features will be useful to anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Thus, the tourist map clearly shows roads, terrain, altitudes and other data.

You can add map layers to your favourites for quick access. It is also possible to customize a convenient colour palette for them. The application gives a weather forecast for six days. The premium version has technical support, no advertising, and the forecast is generated every hour.

Platforms: AndroidiOS

6. WeatherBug

WeatherBug weather app

Another useful weather forecast for 10 days with a set of standard functions. It also has about 20 layers of animated maps that will show information of interest: where the storm is now, where the lightning is striking, or what the wind speed is. You can configure the service so that notifications are sent about an upcoming thunderstorm.

Platforms: AndroidiOS

7. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

The application is for those who are tired of interactive maps, do not understand why they need UV indices and do not monitor the wind speed at their entrance. Yes, Google Assistant can also tell you about the weather. To do this, you need to write to the chat or use a voice command. The virtual assistant will show the hourly temperature and the probability of precipitation.

For more detailed information, you can click on the Forecast tab and go to the site with the relevant data. It will show the 10-day forecast, wind direction, pressure, humidity, sunrise and sunset and other parameters. The application is free.

Platforms: Android.

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

One of the most accurate weather apps. It is incredibly popular. It provides hourly, 15-day and weekend weather forecasts. From the reports, you can learn about real and felt temperature, wind speed, precipitation and ultraviolet radiation intensity.

On the notification panel, you can place weather information anywhere in the world. The application is perfectly optimized for both smartphones and tablets. The Weather Channel has convenient widgets with different aspect ratios to suit any desktop.

Platforms: Android, iOS

9. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a program of the weather service of the same name. It can do everything that other weather apps on the list can, but it also has its own features. For example, Weather Underground will report to you on air quality and UV levels in your city, as well as alert you to flu outbreaks or allergy threats.

Weather Underground relies on data from more than 270,000 weather stations around the world. In addition, the application users themselves provide weather information: messages are displayed on an interactive map. Finally, using webcams you can see what exactly is happening in a particular city.

Simple widgets look nice and will appeal to lovers of minimalism. There is support for Apple Watch.

All Weather Underground features are available in the free version.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

10. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

This is definitely one of the best looking apps on the list. Yahoo Weather continuously downloads great photos from Flickr and automatically selects backgrounds that match your location, time of day, and weather conditions. It looks very impressive.

But the functionality of Yahoo’s brainchild did not disappoint. The application can show the weather in 20 cities simultaneously. Detailed forecasts are displayed for the next day and 10 days: there is data on air temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure and UV radiation intensity. The usual information is supplemented by an interactive weather map, bad weather warnings, and beautiful animations of sunrise and sunset.

Yahoo Weather widgets are simple and convenient. There is support for Apple Watch.

The application is free and does not contain advertising.

Platform: Android, iOS.

11. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather stands out for its abundance of dark humour. No matter what is going on outside the window, the application will have a sarcastic comment. Cynical remarks and jokes are also made towards the user.

Plus, CARROT Weather is full of surprises. For example, the Time Travel feature lets you know what the weather was like in the past. In the application, you can search on the map, for example, the surface of the Moon, Mordor or Tatooine to find out what the weather is like there. In short, you won’t be bored with CARROT Weather.

Platform: Android, iOS.

12. Yandex.Weather

 Yandex. Weather

The Yandex application provides accurate forecasts for the entire city or a specific area. Shows information about air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, strength and nature of precipitation, pressure, hour of sunrise and sunset.

If you think that the application is wrong, write about it in a special section and the forecast will be adjusted.

The interface is simple, pleasant, convenient and informative. Yandex.Weather also has widgets for the home screen and notification panel, as well as support for Apple Watch.

The application is completely free. There are advertisements, and you cannot turn them off.

Platform: Android, iOS.

13. Clime

clime weather app free

One of the most advanced applications that boast a radar that shows cloud movement and weather changes on a map in real time. Clime has hourly forecasts up to 14 days ahead and minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts.

The application will provide notifications about bad weather and report the air quality index. There is information on the dew point, as well as a tracker for lightning, hurricanes and fires.

Platform: Android, iOS.

14. Weather Fit

Weather Fit

By and large, forecasts are needed not to study piles of numbers and complex graphs, but to choose clothes according to the weather. It was with this in mind that the Weather Fit app was created.

Personalize your character, and immediately upon launch, you will see what is best to wear today and whether it is worth taking an umbrella. Temperature and the usual forecast are also included in the app. And also – animated backgrounds according to the weather and even the ability to set clothing preferences and customize your wardrobe.

The application is free but contains some advertising. There is also a subscription that unlocks additional features like advanced widgets.

Platform: iOS.

15. Weather Radar & Forecast

Weather Radar & Forecast

A nice application with an interesting feature: it can adjust the background of your lock screen to what is happening outside the window. In addition, there are various widgets with real-time weather information, images of your city, clock and calendar.

Weather Radar & Forecast displays temperature and precipitation data in the Android status bar, so you can see it even when other apps are open. The program can also send alerts about sudden hurricanes, storms and avalanches.

Platform: Android

16. RANE°

Most weather apps for Android and iOS overwhelm the user with tons of data. Do you really need all that fancy stuff like dew point and absolute humidity? If not, try RANE°.

There is nothing superfluous in it. Only the forecast for the next five days with temperature, pressure and precipitation data. However, this minimum can be adjusted.

The design of RANE° is very simple and elegant. The animations are smooth and the controls are easy to use. RANE° is a good option for those who are tired of overloaded interfaces.


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