Best Chemistry Apps for Students 2023

by George Philip
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Best Apps to learn Chemistry

If you are passionate about science or perhaps Chemistry, in particular, it is likely that you like to carry some applications on your mobile both to learn and to study in your day-to-day, in addition to having fun with them. These are scientific applications, some of them focused on learning, others as reference applications and others designed for you to have a good time while playing or learning.

As much as we want, we will always have a lot to learn, a good way is to learn by playing, so these Chemistry apps will help us to have a good time with chemistry.

Best Chemistry Apps for Students

1. Periodic Table 2018

It is a Chemistry application for Android, whose interface is the periodic table. The table is based on the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Pressing any item provides information that is constantly updated. For more detailed information there are direct references on Wikipedia for each element. And if you need to find any element it is possible to use the search.

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The items in the chosen category will be specified in the search results and illuminated in the table on the main screen of the application.

2. Thermodynamics Calc. Tablet

To do your thermodynamic calculations. It contains 44 calculators to get quick results on different common parameters of thermodynamics such as entropy, efficient energy, Fourier number, Carnot cycle, radiation constant or kinetic energy among many others.

3. Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds

Learn organic chemistry nomenclature.

This app wants to help you learn organic chemistry in a simple and fast way through a mobile application. The topics to learn the formulation are divided by the type of molecules so that it is easier to learn little by little.

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4. Free Chemical Suite

This very complete application, exclusive to Android, brings a complete periodic table with different display options. In addition, it has an element finder (based on their properties), an atomic weight calculator and a molarity calculator, and a unit converter. To complement this practical part, you can download an inorganic formulation tutorial and an organic one with more than 40 topics with examples. It is translated into Spanish.

5. I formulate

Aimed at Secondary and even university students, this chemistry application (suitable for iOS) includes a database in which to locate the most common inorganic compounds with basic information on each one, such as the composition and the three Available nomenclatures as well as practical examples.

6. Functional groups in chemistry

With this chemistry app, you can practice the name of the functional groups of organic compounds (hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, etc.) and of biomolecules (amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.). It includes 80 functional groups. You can start from the basic groups (such as ketones and hydrocarbons) and move on to more advanced topics (such as peroxides and sulfonic acids).

7. Hydrocarbons: chemical structures and formulas

It shows the structure of the hydrocarbons and, thus, you can practice the nomenclature of them.

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It has more than 180 structural formulas. The questions are divided into 6 topics. There are all the major hydrocarbons. It starts with basic structures like methane, benzene, and butadiene. Then proceed to advanced topics such as adamantane and squalene.

The chemistry application is translated into 8 languages, including Spanish and English, so you can learn the names of the hydrocarbons in any of them.

8. Physical Chemistry

Information on chemistry-physics concepts.

The appendix contains a description of physical chemistry. Very useful application for students.

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9. Periodic table quiz

The chemistry application selects the questions and the number of repetitions to memorize the data of the periodic table: names and symbols of elements or vice versa, atomic numbers, groups, newspapers and blocks.

Make sure before you start that you are familiar with the periodic table of the elements. Test yourself by comparing your results with the best players online and become a master of chemistry.

10. Chemical Glossary

Chemistry is the science that studies both the composition, structure and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions and their relationship with l to energy.

Glossary of chemical terms is a program related to chemistry programmed entirely in Spanish and designed for both learning and consultation.

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The Dictionary of Chemical Terms contains more than 2,000 entries.

11. RealCalc Plus, the scientific calculator

Those of us who studied science in the pre-smartphone era needed expensive scientific calculators, so today you can use powerful calculators just by installing a chemistry application. One of the most complete is RealCalc Plus.

With a design similar to that of a handheld calculator, it incorporates the most common scientific functions to which it adds a history of results, 10 memories and a large number of constants and conversion units. It also offers the ability to perform binary, octal, or hexadecimal calculations. It has a help manual to facilitate its use. Only for terminals with Android.

12. Atomik Monsters Infinite

An exciting strategy game that allows you to discover the main elements that make up our universe. In this adventure, you will discover the most important characteristics of each element. You will also have to avoid the Super Force and try to overcome it in order to advance on your way. Collect objectives to reach all the achievements and get incredible rewards.

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You can enjoy hours of fun while discovering chemistry. Each of the elements is based on everyday and industrial applications, from its colours to its powers.

Of course, there are many more applications with which to learn chemistry. I encourage you to try them and, if you want, share them in the comments.

More on apps:

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