20 Best RPG Games for Android 2024

Best RPGs for Android

Role-playing games are beautiful, and projects with interesting storylines are well-suited for mobile platforms. Despite the relatively small screens of gadgets to which we are accustomed (5.7 inches by the standards of the gaming industry is considered a small screen), RPG games allow us to briefly escape from reality.

True players are often lost in-game characters. RPG games are made for that very thing. Most RPG games allow players to create their own characters, so players spend hours after hours creating their role models and improving them. That’s why RPG is the most addictive genre of game types out there. The Android system always tries to cover all the categories of games that are to this day, so now you can play RPG games on your Android device.

In some games, especially PC ports, it can be 20 or 30 hours for a short time! Many RPGs for mobile are definitely worth their money on the Google Play Store. But there is also junk, so we manually picked up the best games to save you time searching. Here we have the best role-playing games for Android.

Best RPGs for Android

1. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

If you have room in your heart for this series, be sure to download one of the games in the series on your phone or tablet. Go through the sci-fi fantasy saga if you want to help Cloud defeat Sephiroth, Cecil to stop Golbets, and also help defeat Braha side by side with siding.

Most adventures and a few spin-offs will be able to lure you for many hours, which makes them extremely profitable to buy (because the price of some reaches 1,200 rubles). But keep in mind that one such game can take up a lot of space (up to 2 GB), but for this place, you get a full game with all the content, so the space paid off. You’ve probably already seen FF XV ads, but this project wasn’t developed directly by Square Enix, and the gameplay is entirely based on pay-to-win.”

Whether you’re a fan of the Middle Ages or a technological future, Final Fantasy has something for everyone. This makes Final Fantasy one of the best RPGs on Android and for all other platforms.


2. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is another legendary RPG developed by Square Enix for Super Nintendo, which was known for its excellent storyline and incredible 16-bit graphics. The game also holds the position of the best game of all time.

Mechanics and gameplay remained the same, and the visual and audio part was improved when the game was moved to Android. It should be admitted that the game causes some discontent among hardcore fans of the series because it is not an emulator ROM on SNES but an independent optimized game with adapted control for mobile gaming. The game supports default touch controls as well as Bluetooth gamepads. Now you can play it offline, which will make the game a great companion for long journeys.

If you’ve never played a Chrono Trigger series, it’s going to cost both time and money. The game is full of secrets, adventures and activities, and the plot is very interesting, that’s why the game is so loved by fans.


3. Evoland


Evoland is not the most original game: it borrowed elements from Legend of Zelda, Diablo and Final Fantasy, and the output turned out to be an amazing adventure RPG, as fun as the originals (which were taken as a basis).

This is a game about the evolution of video games, starting with monochrome graphics and 2D characters. As the game progresses, you discover new technologies and graphics, up to the modern 3D era.

Your adventure will be clogged with references to classic RPGs and movies, so look around carefully and enjoy the Easters, which will flash in battles and as you get levels.

If you love the RPG genre no matter when they were created, then you’ll love Evoland and the second part of Evoland 2, which pushes the boundaries of adventure through video game history.


4. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile version of the most beautiful MMORPG, which also boasts a modern picture. The player will create a character and go on adventures in a fantasy world in which he can build his own castle and hire workers, as well as participate in PvE (passing dungeons, battles with world bosses) and PvP (battles in the arena).

Pumping, pets, grind – these and other RPG mechanics are here on the spot. But what beautiful graphics here! Just to enjoy this picture, Black Desert Mobile can already safely swing.


5. AnimA ARPG


AnimA ARPG is an isometric role-playing game on Android in the spirit of the old school. Many details resemble the immortal Diablo – font, Gothic style, stripping dungeons with hordes of demons and monsters, battles with bosses, a bunch of loot … No, we do not claim that it is bad – on the contrary, such projects remain relevant, especially on Android.

What is more interesting: high-quality graphics, 10 levels of difficulty, variable pumping with the choice of specialization, and more than 200 items, divided by rarity.


6. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

A high-quality role-playing action movie, of which the authors are proud not only of excellent graphics but also of dynamic gameplay. In the story, the player in the role of the hero (it can be a warrior, a sorceress, an assassin or berserk) will go to the bowels of Hell to eradicate evil. He will fight with orcs, ogles, demons and other evils that have flooded the world.

The game includes the passage of the storyline, as well as epic raids on the dungeons. Darkness Rises stands out for attention to detail – for example, opponents can be finished off, as well as take away their weapons and use them in combat. An excellent game is also available for free, however, only for owners of Android 6.0.


7. Arcane Quest 3

Arcane Quest 3

Arcane Quest 3 is a turn-based RPG that combines a quest, role-playing game and strategy elements to tell the story of retribution and redemption. You will be able to create your hero by selecting one of 10 unique classes and fighting with hordes of orcs and other undead. The purpose of the battles is to restore the honour of the guild and save its people.

Along with the main plot, there are real-time quests with other players. You will be able to join a team with friends or players around the world and unlock incredible prizes. There is also a quest editor that allows you to create your own story and share it with other players, as well as play quests of other players.

Gameplay watch for hardcore RPG fans, without a pay-to-win system. Be sure to play all fan’s RPGs, because it can be a beautiful kill of the time.


8. Crashlands


Butterscotch Shenanigans create quite interesting and fun projects, and Crashlands is no exception. This is one of the most hilarious RPGs on mobile platforms. You play as the space trucker Flux Dabes, whom the villain Hugodoko pulled the force on the planet Crashland.

Trying to survive on this strange planet, you need to repair the ship, build a base, tame wild creatures of the planet, fight with the local fauna and create weapons and objects from their remains (sounds creepy, but it’s fun).

If you like witty dialogues, funny plots, unexpected gameplay and endless crafting, it’s worth playing In Crashlands.


9. Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

If you like the D’amp;D series, then you definitely need to install Baldur’s Gate games on your phone as soon as possible. The developers grounded the modified Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition system into the original Baldur’s Gate version during the 1998 PC RPG revival.

The game features classic fantasy gameplay, where you start a character who knows nothing but the native walls of the castle and then go into a world enveloped in war under mysterious circumstances. Take risks and fight mythical creatures.

If you love the good old Middle Ages, cleaning up dungeons and fighting hordes of monsters, creating potions and improving your character, then the series Baldur’s Gate should please you.


10. Pocket Mortys

Pocket Morty

Like Pokemon? And Rick and Morty? At its core, the original Pokemon series was a beautiful RPG, and Pocket Mortys is as close as possible to the original, in which you can (legally) play on your phone (yes there is Pokemon Go, but it’s not the same).

You control Rick, who deals with his scientific “stuff” in the garage, while the mystical Rick appears from the portal and summons him to battle Morty. Rick then goes to Rick’s Council, where he is stripped of his portal gun.

To get it back, you need to beat 6 Ricks Board, but before that, you have to fight the Ricks from other dimensions and earn badges. And then you have to capture all kinds of Morty.

This is probably the strangest clone of Pokemon, but it is fun and filled with brand humour from the animated series, which makes this game such that it will make you “swirl”!

Download Pocket Mortys and WHAT WHAT (a reference to season 5 series 2).


11. Sky: Children of Light

Sky: Children of Light

Unusual RPG in our collection, which is distinguished by calm, but at the same time hardcore gameplay. It tells the story of the Children of Light, which return to the deserted kingdom of fallen stars. You have to explore 7 fairy worlds, overcome various dangers, as well as improve the skills of the characters, collecting “particles of light.”

Originally built and network interaction – you can find “spirits” that will show your memories to death and teach you gestures with which you can communicate with other users. They can also be given gifts. And that’s not all – with players you can unite for the passage of the level.


12. Eternium


The first RPG is designed for controllers and it’s a wonderful fantasy RPG. Management is convenient and well combined with mobile gaming, and the gameplay is fun and exciting.

You and your group go on a mission to prevent the enslavement of the world by Ragadam. You will fight with hordes of skeletons and demons, collect treasures, create objects and weapons, and read spells. The system of reading spells is quite interesting because you will need to draw characters on the screen to call different magic.

The game is similar in spirit to the crawlers as Diablo and will appeal to all fans of the series. And since the game was developed for mobile platforms, it turned out to be natural and worth playing it.


13. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5

It’s one of the deepest RPGs on this list, and it contains story mode, online and co-op. In the game, you will fight in dungeons, raise levels, unlock weapons and armour, and create your own strong weapons.

This game is awesome. Although the original client weighs 33 Mb, after that will be loaded with a few gigabytes of data because the game has more than 900 varieties of weapons, as well as hundreds of different spells and skills.

Online, you need to create your own dungeon, where you will hide the loot. It will be guarded by monsters, which can be created from special fragments. As an additional measure, you can use rooms with traps to surprise sudden in-arms. Be careful, you will often receive such “guests.”

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a big, exciting, versatile RPG that will absorb you before you know it. If you’re looking for a cool RPG that you can play before Ragnarok is released, Dungeon Hunter 5 is right for you, but watch carefully to keep up with the drive.


14. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is the full version of K.O.O.R., so if you’re a Star Wars fan, then this mobile game is for you. The game weighs 2.4 GB, but for that, you get lightsabers, the Force, and the salvation of the Republicans, that is all that teases our consoles.

You assemble a group of 9 types of characters, travel to 8 planets on the Eben Hawk and learn how to use the Force. The game has 40 abilities available, and you also create your own lightsaber.

Knights of the Republic is the embodiment of the classic Star Wars RPG, and the port is definitely worth the money invested. The game supports controllers if you prefer a more comfortable game. As the last hope of the Jedi, you decide the fate of the galaxy and look for your own path. You will stand as a hero or succumb to the temptation of the dark side, it is up to you!


15. Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest

One of the most popular games in the Dragon Quest series is Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. The game is available on Android and impresses with its village-shading graphics. This is the first global part of Dragon Quest, which was first published in PAL, and was also first named Dragon in North America, where it has always been called Dragon Warrior (you can watch the early games of the Dragon Quest series on Android).

In this version, you play a hero from the guard Trodina, who went on an adventure to return the stolen evil jester Dolmagus sceptre. Dolmagus cursed Therodine Castle, turned the king into a troll, the princess into a horse, and all the other inhabitants into plants.

This is a complete adaptation of the PS2 game and its size is 1.4 GB, so you’ll need to make room on your phone. But you get everything from the original: epic step-by-step battles, creation of items in an alchemical box and classic fantasy in 3D anime style. If you liked Dragon Quest VIII on PS2, you’ll like the Android version.

16. Kritika: White Knights

Kritika: White Knights

A role-playing game with a focus on the action component, which offers to create a hero in one of 18 classes and go to clear numerous levels. There is a long single campaign (103 levels), tests, and a PvP arena.

The gameplay is built on the type of stripping levels – each of them is broken into zones that need to be cleaned from enemies, and at the end of the player expects strong enemies or bosses. What is happening on the screen is filled with action at the expense of an abundance of mass abilities and attacks on the characters. The hero, by the way, can be pumped, as well as enlist the support of a pet or other players, joining the guild.


17. Grim Quest – Old School RPG

Grim Quest

From the doorstep, the authors of Grim Quest state that their game – a real classic. The player will go to a dark fantasy world filled with references to Lovecraft’s work and make an unforgettable journey.

The classics here await at every turn. In the setting of the character, in text-based step-by-step battles, and in the execution of quests … there are elements of modern games: for example, the defence of your own city, the siege of the enemy and various events that will affect the mind of the hero.


18. Genshin Impact

Geshen Impact

Genshin Impact is the latest game on this list and most likely the one with the best technical quality. In fact, it is almost impossible to embark on this adventure and not be enchanted by the refinement of the buildings. The game has been attracting the attention of many players and has guaranteed many hours of gaming, with its story and its captivating characters. Nowadays, this game is a virtually mandatory alternative.


19. Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Vampire's Fall: Origins

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a true tribute to classic RPGs. With a visual identity reminiscent of Diablo, the game features graphics worthy of a decade ago, with 2D-by-turn combat, but with a tactical requirement slightly higher than most games of the type. With a respectable open world and hundreds of customization options for items, skills and equipment, Vampire’s Fall: Origins has everything to please any RPG fan.


20. Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper combines the real world with the virtual. The game is focused on a group of RPG fans who team up to play a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons.

The mechanics of the game is interesting with a classic atmosphere and retro visuals. In addition, there are many missions and dungeons to explore.


With that concludes my suggestion for the best RPGs for Android. Did we miss anything? Write your favourite RPG on Android in the comments.



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