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21 Best Android TV Games to Play in 2023

Android TVs are great. They put almost all the power and flexibility of the Android operating system into your TV, and now that Android TVs are becoming more popular, thanks to the Mi TV line from Xiaomi and others such as iFFALCON K2A and iFFALCON F2 is the perfect time to buy an Android TV if you don’t already have it.

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So, whether you’re planning on buying a new Android TV or you already have one, here are 15 great games you can play and spend some time watching Netflix or Prime Video:

20 Best Android TV Games to Play Right Now

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is one of my favourite mobile games. It’s incredibly fun to play, and it even has a multiplayer mode that makes it even better. On Android TV, the game is available in the Play Store and works great on Mi Box. However, the frame rate is not very smooth. You can connect a Bluetooth controller to your Android TV, and Asphalt will automatically detect it and tell you the control scheme for your controller.

While you can play a game with a controller supplied with a set-top box, it makes the game “not so exciting.” However, add a Bluetooth controller and you’ll have a lot of fun racing on a giant screen in your living room.

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Notes: Although Asphalt 9: Legends is available for Android, the game is still incompatible with Android TV.


2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a fun game that will keep you on the hook for hours. The premise is simple – you just need to cross the roads while avoiding being hit by the car, as well as avoid going outside the screen as the camera continues to pan forward, and you need to be ahead of it. Breaking through the traffic is quite difficult.

The quality of the graphics in the game is deliberately low, but that’s what adds to its charm. In addition, fast movement and an easy control scheme make the game very exciting. Note that playing is better played with an Android TV rather than a gamepad.


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3. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person survival game. If you think that this is another game about the zombie apocalypse, then it is. However, the “kind” of open world maps and the graphic quality of the game creates a very interesting game design. You can walk around the map, perform tasks, and do more. The game requires a gamepad and you will have to customize it before you can start playing the game. Although the setup takes some time, I like the idea of setting up controls when the game starts, you know exactly how to play the game and perform the tasks before you.

When the game starts, you are in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and you are armed only with melee weapons and a pistol, later in the game will unlock more weapons and you will be able to play it in different ways. The game is often updated, adding more and more elements of the gameplay to interest you.


4. Into the Dead

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is another game I really enjoyed playing on my Android phone, and it was nice to know that the game has become just as fun on the big screen. Also on the big screen, the game makes a much deeper perspective causing real horror. This game is easy to play with a controller. You run automatically, and all you can control is to turn left or right to avoid zombies (and obstacles such as trees and abandoned cars), and to shoot from weapons that you can pick up from boxes that are thrown randomly.

You have to have good reflexes and turn around at the right moments to avoid colliding with zombies that will lead to death.


5. Infertile Land

Infertile Land

Another fun game you can play on your Android TV is the popular game Badland, which has received critical acclaim. The game has received over 1 million ratings and the average score is 4.5/5. On TV, the minimum graphics look very good, and the colours stand out well. You can play the game with a gamepad or with an Android TV remote control, and it’s similar to other games like Flappy Bird.

In Badland, you can hit walls and obstacles as much as you want, unless you’re stuck in them, leading to death. The goal is to pass the level, avoid obstacles and collect bonuses, the levels are getting harder and the game never ceases to be interesting.


6. Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2

The zombie Age 2 is a fun, side-scroll shooter, with good graphics. The game begins with a study of the basic movements and shooting patterns you follow. Then you quickly throw yourself into the field, expecting to defend yourself only with a baseball bat and a gun. The first few levels are simple, and once you start unlocking the weapon and basically start to feel invincible, you will get to a level that seems almost impossible to pass.

This game is really fun to play, and if you like shooters in which you do not treat yourself in all seriousness, zombie Age 2 – is the perfect way to spend some time beating zombies on your TV.


7. Fast like a Fox

Fast like a Fox

In the game, someone stole all the treasures of the foxes, and you have to find and return them all. But that’s not all, you have to be as fast as possible. You can press the transition button to jump over obstacles and chases or collect coins and gems that hang higher in the air.

However, running is not everything in the game; In fact, you have to slow down at the perfect time to be able to collect every piece of treasure on the level. At the end of each level is a diamond which you have to touch (or go through it if you run too fast). However, oddly enough, if you are too fast and you jump over the diamond, the level is not overcome and you have to go back.


8. BombSquad


BombSquad is one of those games you can play with a keyboard, but not with a gamepad. However, if you happen to connect the keyboard to your Android TV, you’re sure to fall in love with BombSquad. The game supports a large number of different modes, including single/cooperative or multiplayer. The game is very fun when you play in multiplayer mode; All you have to do is connect two (or more) controllers to your Android TV and you’re ready to play with your friends.

BombSquad has a number of great levels, and the only goal of the game is to kill all the characters of your friends, you can hit them, pick them up and throw them off the platform (actually killing them), or throw bombs at them. The game is very fun, even in single-player mode, but playing with friends will reveal its true potential. You should definitely try it pass with a couple of your friends.


9. Does not Commute

Does not Commute

The game Does not Commute is a completely different type of game, and although from the beginning it seems confusing, the goal of the game becomes clear pretty soon. The game reveals the stories of several different people, each of which is sent somewhere and you have to make sure that they all get to their destination in a given time, avoiding collisions with other cars.

The game is fun and the graphics are very good. there’s something funny when you read brief descriptions of people in cars and what they’re doing. I would recommend this game only when you have enough time and energy to think a little bit about the game.


10. Mars: Mars

Mars: Mars

Mars: Mars is a fun way to kill time on your Android TV. The purpose of the game is not immediately clear or at all clear even after I jumped over about 70 pads. You are an astronaut who was sent to Mars, and for some reason, your only goal on a lonely red planet is to jump from pad to pad using engines in a spacesuit to control the flight, and land slowly without impact.

For some reason, the game is extremely addictive and will play (like me) for a long time just waiting for what will happen next. The game poses a number of challenges and there is always something that will make you keep playing.


11. Dan The Man – Action Platformer

Dan The Man - Action Platformer

Dan The Man is an action-platformer who looks like Super Mario. The gameplay is very similar, and even the course of the game is very similar to Mario. Personally, I liked playing this game, although the music did not quite correspond to the tone of the game. Just like in Super Mario, you have to fight through a lot of obstacles and defeat easy enemies to get through the level. There are also several vases placed throughout the level that can be broken up by punching and kicking to get coins, or (sometimes) weapons, and ammunition.

It’s very cool, and you should definitely try it.


12. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing

If you’re interested in racing, Beach Buggy Racing is a great racing game you can play on your Android TV. The best part about this game is that you can easily control the beach buggy.

The control scheme is easy to understand, and there is no ultra-precise physics in the game, which, frankly, can be annoying in casual play. The game starts with the fact that you learn to drive your car and improve it. During the races, you can pick up different bonuses that provide you with different types of forces, including things like rockets, speed boosters and more.

You can also get a shield that basically protects you from missiles and bombs fired by your opponents. The game itself gives a lot of fun, partly because of the smooth gameplay, and also because it does not try to make itself too complex and keeps the controls pleasant and simple.


13. Crush Your Enemies

Crush Your Enemies

Crush Your Enemies was one of my favourite games on iOS devices, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it works so well on Android TV. This is one of the games that shows that graphics are not everything when it comes to creating a nice game. The game uses graphics that are very similar to 8-bit games.

Crush Your Enemies combines fascinating gameplay, with a storyline told with such wit that it is almost impossible to break away from it. The game requires a hefty strategy, especially when you move to a higher level. In general, Crush Your Enemies is a great game for people who like strategic games.


14. Leo’s Fortune

Leo's Fortune

Fortune is an exciting platforming game you’ll be passionate about. Thanks to very well thought out levels. Thanks to the smooth gameplay and controls “easy to understand, difficult to master,” the game is sure to catch you. In Leo’s Fortune, you play the role of Leopold: a moustachioed hero who preys on the thief who stole his fortune.

The game has almost 24 levels, plus a few bonus levels, so the game will definitely keep you for a while. In addition, you can play this game with a controller or using the Android TV remote control thanks to a simple control scheme.


15. GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Do I even need to talk about the GTA series? I mean, even the most ordinary gamer has heard GTA, and GTA: Liberty City Stories brings all the beauty to Android TV. While the game retains its original style, the gameplay has been optimized to make it better for Android TV. You play tony Cipriani, a former wise guy trusted in the Leone family. You were hiding after killing a man, and now you’re coming back to see the streets of Liberty City in turmoil as warring families compete for control and the city begins to self-destruct.

Your goal is to take back control of the city by the Leone family in order to preserve peace and organized crime. You will have to come to politicians, mafia bosses, and business tycoons to achieve your goals. GTA: Liberty City Stories is a great game you’ll love playing with a physical controller.


16. Orbia


Orbia is a fairly common game that I play on my Android smartphone, and the good news is that it works great on Android TV. The game is quite simple. You just have to push and rush to the next circle without hitting enemies. Although the game is simple, it gets pretty fast as the levels grow and, frankly, what really makes the game exciting is the minimum level, bright visuals and a great soundtrack.

The game has several different worlds, characters you can unlock as the game progresses, and I played the game with the removal of Android TV, and it worked fine, so even if you don’t have a controller, you’ll be able to play Orbia without any deviations.

Download (free, with in-app purchases)

17. Hovercraft: Getaway

Hovercraft: Getaway

The hovercraft series has become incredibly popular in recent years, and the latest article, Hovercraft: Getaway, is no exception. This is a combat racing action, which is very fun. The game obviously allows you to control the hovercraft and you are on the run with the cops on your tail. All you have to do is dodge police cruisers and destroy them with different weapons. The game offers everything, be it weapons, missiles, lasers, missiles, sniper guns and more. Plus, what makes the game fun is the fact that the police come in cruisers, hoverbikes, trucks, drones, tanks and even helicopters.

Hovercraft: Getaway is an extensive game, and I love the fact that it allows you to customize a hovercraft with a variety of weapons and numerous improvements. In addition, the visuals are really good, and the combat system based on physics gives a lot of fun. The game works with both the controller and the Android TV console, so you don’t have to face any problems when playing the game on your TV.

Download (free, with in-app purchases)

18. Sky Force Anniversary

Sky Force Anniversary

I’m sure you played Sky Force. Sky Force is one of the classic mobile games, and the 10-year version of the game celebrates this. The game features a scrolling shooter in which you control the plane, and you just need to blow up enemies, collect bonuses and stars and save people stuck on the islands. This is a game I’ve always enjoyed playing, and the anniversary version of the game offers better graphics and more powerful improvements that make exploding enemies very exciting.

The game works with the Android TV remote, although I would advise you to play it with a gamepad, because although the remote control is fine, it is not very intuitive, since you need to use the D-pad to control the plane while pressing the choice button to shoot, and there is no way to turn on continuous shooting, which is a bit strange. Having said that, you should try the game on your TV because of the whole factor of nostalgia and the fact that even with its challenges play can be fun.

Download (free, with in-app purchases)

19. Bridge Constructer

Bridge Constructer

The new bridge constructer game is a joint game of the popular Bridge Constructer series with Valve’s Portal games, and, of course, this simulator game and puzzle is very suitable for television. In the game, you are an employee of Aperture Industries, and you need to work with the AI GLaDOS assistant to build bridges to deliver trucks from one place to another. The portal elements in the game add a different dimension. This means that you can use various portal gadgets such as portals, propellers, eye gels, etc. to overcome barriers and solve puzzles.

It’s a paid game, like any other Bridge Constructer game, but believe me when I say it’s worth it. The game can be played with the Android TV remote, as well as with the controller, so no problems. And if you have a set-top box such as Nvidia Shield, the game works great with them, so check it out.

Download ($9.99)

20. Star Wars: WHAT

Star Wars: WHAT

Star Wars games have always been fun, and what makes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic really funny, It’s the fact that this game hasn’t been reduced or compressed for better work on Android, which means you’ll get a complete visual experience.

Along with an interesting storyline, the game is very extensive and detailed.

Download ($9.99)

21. Solitaire Bliss


Play some of the most beloved card games of all time. Games such as Solitaire, Freecell, Pyramid, and many more are available in a variety of difficulty modes and single/multiplayer settings. Additionally, Solitaire Bliss offers customizable backgrounds, card decks, and a breakdown into popular strategies and rules to beat each game. Solitaire Bliss is also available at their Android-friendly desktop site, here.

Download (Free)

Play the best games for Android TV

There are quite a few games you can play on your Android TV. However, these are the 20 best Android TV games that I personally recommend. These games range in genres such as puzzles, adventures and races. So, no matter what game you’re interested in, chances are you’ll find the game to your liking on this list.


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