22 Best Apps to Make Money in 2024

best apps to make money

We all like easy money. And we likely know more than one person who earns a small bonus through the Internet. In this sense, money-making apps seem to be a great solution. Now, which are the best? Are they reliable and secure?

I have prepared an extensive article for you with the best-rated money-making apps of 2023. All the tools for iOS and Android to get extra money with your mobile. You can do it by watching videos, installing games or offering your services.

We will explain to you how they really work, what dangers they can hide and what is the truth behind them. At first glance everything is wonderful, but making money is not always so easy.

Keep reading and discover how to earn money safely and without scams.

Best applications to earn money by watching videos, trailers or ads

While it is true that there are many applications with promotions and discounts, these probably do not belong to the category of apps to earn money. For this reason, we bring you a series of tools that pay in exchange for watching videos and advertising. A quick and simple option to make a little extra money with little effort.

1. Make money with Givvy Videos

Do you want to earn a few bucks with a free video player for Android? This is what Givvy Videos offers you, one of the best apps that pay you to watch videos. Its operation is very simple: you watch videos or listen to music, you receive coins in exchange and, when you have enough accumulated, you exchange them for real money.

The app gives the option to redeem the coins through PayPal, Binance, Amazon or other virtual wallets. Payments are made within a maximum period of 7 days, although the vast majority of them are made in less than 24 hours. Givvy Videos does not require any subscription and also has no in-app micro-purchases.


An app to make money watching videos very similar to the previous one is TV-TWO. In this case, we are looking at a tool that pays rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies, which you can transfer to your virtual wallet after obtaining them.

The platform offers content from up to 2 million creators, so as a user, you can choose the videos you want to watch. Each video gives you a certain number of tokens and you will also have a small daily reward if you enter the app at least once a day. TV-TWO is exclusive to Android and is free to download.

3. LuckyCash

If cryptocurrencies are not your thing, LuckyCash is the app you need to earn money by watching videos. Its interface is very intuitive and is organized into different sections depending on the method you choose to obtain money: watching videos, surveys, trying apps, playing mini-games, etc.

So, as you watch videos and do certain actions or tasks, the app will provide you with credits. When you reach the figure of 5,000 credits, you can exchange them for PayPal money or gift cards from websites like Amazon. And if you want to go faster, LuckyCash assures you greater profits if you invite a friend or acquaintance.

Survey apps to make money with your mobile

Another method to make money with mobile applications is by doing surveys. These are tools that give you the opportunity to express your opinion about certain services or companies, in such a way that they give you a small financial reward in exchange. These are the most notable:

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Do you want to download an application from Google Play, but you have to pay to have it on your mobile? Now you can have it without investing a single cent if you complete any of the Google Opinion Rewards questionnaires, a survey app that will give you credit to spend in the Play Store.

Its operation is very simple. First of all, you must download the app and answer a series of basic questions. Once done, the tool will send you a survey every week and after completing it you can receive prizes of up to $1.

Download for Android

5. Money Cash App

Money Cash is one of the most interesting applications to earn money on PayPal on this list. Unlike other similar software, this app does not allow you to earn credit on Google Play or obtain gift cards, but all rewards are transferred to PayPal as real money to spend.

You simply have to enter the app, choose a survey and answer it. Upon completion, Money Cash will give you a certain number of credits that you can exchange for free money. In addition, it has a referral section with which you can earn up to 50,000 credits. The app is available on Android and iOS.

6. Poll Pay

Do you want to receive your reward in real time and safely? Then download Poll Pay, an application for taking surveys that has excellent ratings on both Google Play and the App Store. The surveys are updated daily and you can find everything from simple questionnaires to detailed market studies.

The balance obtained can be exchanged for PayPal money or for gift cards from different services and platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Xbox, Netflix or iTunes. Poll Pay stands out for being one of the most reliable and best paying survey applications, while its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

7. Streetbees

If you are tired of long and repetitive surveys, Streetbees offers you something different. With this application, you will get free money by sharing your ideas and thoughts about big brand products. But this is not all, you can also comment on political aspects or respond with photos and videos.

Thus, on Streetbees there are no traditional surveys, but you will find so-called stories. Each story is a chat conversation and usually lasts between 2 and 5 minutes. As a reward, you will have cash or you will be entered into a prize draw. All responses are anonymous, so your safety is guaranteed.

Applications to earn money by playing and testing apps

Now it is the turn of all those apps to earn money by installing apps and games. With them, you will have the opportunity to pocket a few euros by having fun and trying some of the most downloaded apps of the moment.

8. CashPirate Buzz

CashPirate Buzz is one of the longest-running money-making apps in the Play Store. To obtain profits you must try free games or answer very entertaining mathematical questionnaires. Rewards can be in the form of cash, mobile recharge or gift cards.

Likewise, for each person you invite, you will earn 10% of what they earn, and 5% of what their guests earn. You can claim your payment from 2,500 coins earned, either through PayPal or a gift card in your email.

9. AppNana

AppNana is an application with which you can earn gift cards. To do this, you just have to download the applications that the app tells you and, after doing so, you will automatically receive your reward. While it is true that you will not earn cash, gift cards will save you on your purchases.

The reward codes arrive by email and are sent within a maximum of 48 hours after downloading the application. Additionally, you will receive 400 daily points for simply opening the app once a day.

Download for Android

10. Cash’em All

Cash’em All is an app to earn real money in exchange for trying different games. To do this, you just have to enter the application, choose a game from the list and start playing. Its premise is very clear: the longer you play, the more coins you will earn.

Later, all the coins collected can be exchanged for cash prizes or gift cards. The latter are available for platforms such as Amazon, Google Play Store, PlayStation, Steam or Walmart, among others. The app is completely free and payments are usually made in less than 24 hours.

Apps that pay you to walk or drive

Have you ever heard of apps that pay you to walk? Well, in this section we bring you some of the best apps to do sports in exchange for money and we explain how they work. Start adding steps and kilometres and earn money with it.

11. WeWard

Are you ready to help the planet? With WeWard you will have an application with which you can leave the car at home and change your daily habits. Among other things, you can win cash, gift cards, shopping vouchers and various gifts.

You will also have the opportunity to donate your profits to different charities and support projects of different kinds. The tool works very precisely and uses Google Fit to record activity in real-time. Likewise, thanks to its challenges and different levels you will be motivated at all times.

12. Runtopia

If you like running, Runtopia is the perfect running app for you. It is a tool that has all the necessary functionalities for any runner (training plans, activity recording via GPS, audio trainer…), but it adds a feature that makes it unique: sports coins.

As you train and add steps, you will accumulate these coins and you can exchange them for different rewards. Whether you are a beginner or have several marathons under your belt, with Runtopia you will have all the motivation to run.

13. StepBet

StepBet is another app that pays you to walk and run for Android and iOS. In this case, the application proposes a series of challenges based on your activity history. From here, you must make an initial bet and, if you are able to achieve the challenge set, the app will reward you by paying you real money.

The application works with different sources and step counting software, such as Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin or Samsung Health and offers you the possibility of cancelling the challenge during the first week if you prefer to recover all the money invested. Without a doubt, with StepBet you will invest in health.

Applications to earn free money with your purchases

If you are wondering how to earn money with your mobile phone quickly and safely, another option is to download cashback applications, a type of tools that return a percentage of your purchases so you can spend it on whatever you want.

14. GELT, the best application to earn real money

Earn money by going shopping at the supermarket. This is the wonderful idea of ​​the developers of GELT, an app that will allow you to save on your supermarket purchases without using discount coupons. Once you register, you will be able to check which items are on promotion and what associated cashback they have.

To prove it, you must take a photo of the ticket and upload it to the app. If you do things right and are patient, you can accumulate up to $30, which you can withdraw from an ATM without using a credit card. Among the supermarkets compatible with GELT are Alcampo, Carrefour, Mercadona, Dia, Hipercor and Eroski, among others.

15. Beruby

Do you want a small part of the money spent on your purchases or plane and hotel reservations back? Then perhaps you are interested in the Beruby money-making application, which will share with you a small percentage of the commission generated on the transactions you make online.

To get the reward, it is essential that you access the stores from the Beruby app or website. Once you formalize your purchase or reservation, the money will be transferred to your checking account or PayPal. The platform has an agreement with more than 1000 stores and is 100% free.

16. Tiendeo

Tiendeo is another application to get money through your purchase and the cashback method. Its operation is very simple: you take a photo of your purchase receipt, associate it with your active coupons and request a refund. You can ask for the money to be deposited into your account or request a gift card.

Some of the participating establishments are Mango, ZARA, Massimo Dutti or Decathlon, among others. It is one of the best apps for checking brochures and offers, so with it, you can benefit from the best discounts and know where the closest establishments are to make your purchases.

17. LetyShops

If you are a regular at online shopping and reservations, then you will surely be interested in LetyShops, a cashback app with which you can save up to 30% in more than 3,000 stores. Some of the stores and platforms that you can find within the app are ASOS, Shein, Booking and AliExpress, among many others.

And how it works? Register in the app, make your purchases, accumulate your balance and withdraw your funds to your bank account or PayPal profile. You can invite friends and benefit from 15% cashback on all their purchases. In short, a totally secure app to earn PayPal money.

Applications to get real money in exchange for your services

If you are willing to provide your services, you can also opt for applications to generate money in exchange for small jobs. With them, you will have the opportunity to earn a little extra money and get the most out of your experience and abilities.

18. eToro

With eToro you will control the financial markets from the palm of your hand. The tool is characterized by its simple interface, its low spreads, its fast execution and its graphs, which are very easy to understand for both an expert and a novice in trading topics. The app is up to date with FOREX quotas and stock indices, as well as market prices.

eToro is an easy investment network, so you can use it as an app to make money from day one. To do this, you must create your own stock portfolio and start investing in the main stock markets in the world. No management fees, no surcharges and no commission threshold. You have a free demo account that allows you to use it as a kind of stock market simulator.

19. Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known online platform for freelancers where sellers offer their services for $5 as a base. The services are of all kinds: performing translations, writing articles, transcribing, logo designs, creating videos or songs, language classes via Skype… everything you want!

Without a doubt, Fiverr is one of the best-known applications to make money without investing in both iOS and Android. You just have to create an account, publish an attractive service and establish your conditions (price, available time…).

From here, you will receive a notification every time a user is interested in your services. Whatever your gift, with Fiverr you will have the opportunity to unleash the potential within you.

20. Airbnb

Do you have a free room in your apartment and want to take advantage of it to earn a little extra? Put it on Airbnb. Publish your ad, set conditions and contact guests.

Payment can be made through PayPal, direct transfer or any other payment method available. Airbnb will only take 3% of the total (one of the lowest rates on the market), and will also provide you with free liability insurance for any damage to the property.

21. Uber Driver

Uber Driver is an app with which you can earn money in your free time by taking people to their destinations or making home deliveries. To start using the platform you must register as a driver within the app, so you will have the help of the Uber team throughout the entire process.

When everything is ready, you will receive a notification telling you that you can now get behind the wheel. From here,  you decide how and when to earn money, so you won’t depend on bosses or other intermediaries to set your own schedule. Among other features, you can check your earnings, know which areas are most active or configure payment management.

22. Vinted

Vinted is one of the best apps to make money on iOS and Android. It is an app to buy and sell clothes. An application with which you can make profits with all those clothes that you haven’t used in a while.

You just have to register and start publishing your articles. To do this, take a photo, put a price and add a detailed description. Once someone interested arrives, you can send the clothes and start earning money. Of course, read our post about tips for selling on Vinted first.

Why use apps to earn money?

First of all, you should know that nobody gives anything away. Money does not fall from the sky magically and without effort. Wow, we won’t become millionaires overnight. Now, it is possible that these types of apps give us a little extra if we have brains and a little patience.

By using these tools there will be mutual benefit between users and companies. That is, users will obtain a small profit without needing specific knowledge, while the app company will be able to identify the impact of its products in real time.

And there is no cat in the bag? Don’t companies lose money? Normally these generate advertising revenue through the content they offer, such as an ad inserted in a YouTube video. In this way, a part of the earnings is distributed among the users who use these applications.

Tips before you start making extra money online

Before falling for a scam or compromising your security, it is important that you only download apps to earn money that are trustworthy. This is the first step to take, but not the only one. Therefore, we recommend that you take into account the following aspects to use them with peace of mind:

  • Only download apps from official stores, that is, from the Google Play Store and App Store. Now, there may still be some suspicious applications, so you must be careful at all times.
  • Do not pay to download the application or make any subscription. They must be 100% free.
  • Create a PayPal account. Many companies deposit money on this platform, which allows the procedures to be carried out without any type of bank information. If, on the other hand, you already have an account, remember to verify it first.
  • Also check your email, as some apps use it as a channel to send gift cards.
  • Do not enter sensitive data (ID, credit cards…) unless they are from proven companies.
  • Avoid giving out your mobile phone number, since in many cases it implies a subscription to a paid service. In any case, we recommend that you talk to your mobile operator to automatically block these types of subscriptions.
  • Some offers are free at first but later become paid. In these cases, remember to unsubscribe before the change.
  • Create your own referral network with your friends. By doing so, you will be eligible for a small percentage of your future earnings. Anyone who registers in an app on your recommendation will be your referral.
  • Remember that you should not use them as your main financial support, but that they will simply give you some euros. If they promise you otherwise, we are sorry to tell you that they are deceiving you.
  • Be careful when using sports betting apps.

How do you make money with applications?

There are many methods to earn money through these applications. In most of them, you have to perform a series of actions before receiving the reward, such as watching a video or answering a survey. Below we show you the different types of money-making apps depending on the tasks to complete:

  • Downloading and testing apps: some software allows you to install third-party applications on your mobile and run them for a while before getting the reward.
  • Running a game: This is about downloading a game and trying it out. In some cases, you must overcome certain challenges within the game. Ideal for gamers.
  • Filling out surveys: A questionnaire or form must be completed. Normally, the user is rewarded with money or points that can be exchanged for prizes.
  • Watching ads: without a doubt, one of the most widespread methods to earn money through apps. Advertising can be displayed in video or text format.
  • Driving: it’s as simple as using your own car and earning a little extra doing what you like most.
  • Giving your opinion: some companies need reviews to make themselves known, so they usually make a small payment to those who are willing to give an opinion about their services.
  • Selling second-hand items: Apps like Wallapop are ideal for generating small income from things that you no longer use and are still in good condition.
  • Making the purchase: the most common are cashback apps, a type of tool that gives you a small percentage of your purchase back in the form of money, gift cards or discount coupons.
  • Exercising: Certain apps pay for the simple act of walking or running. The most common challenges are those in which you must manage to complete a certain number of steps during the day.
  • Creating your referral networks: There are also companies that will give you a reward in the form of points or money if you get your friends and acquaintances to register for certain services or apps.
  • With your own app: if you make an app, you can monetize it. Here we explain how much an application earns from advertising.

Warnings and precautions

Before finishing this entry of the best applications to make money with your mobile, we would like to give you a warning. I would love for you to earn a few extra euros per month, but the truth is that no one gives away dollars. Therefore, we have only talked to you about the most reliable ones in the current market.

Remember that:

  • These applications are not going to allow you to live off of them, especially those watching trailers or downloading other apps. With these, you will need to dedicate many hours for just a little bit of cash.
  • On the other hand, apps like eToro or Fiverr can generate some more interesting income, one through investments and the other through remuneration after providing a service.
  • They are still apps that will fill your mobile with applications that do not interest you or with videos, advertising and other undesirable elements. Any download of this type carries a risk and from here we do not encourage carrying out these actions in exchange for money.
  • And that’s it for our post on apps to make money. As you have seen, all that glitters is not gold. While some apps of this type promise extraordinary profits, you should know that you will rarely get rich with them.

Starting from this premise, you should choose the app that best suits your needs and use it wisely to obtain a small bonus. And you, do you know any other ones to get an extra? Write to us in the comments and share it.


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