Why Play Call of Duty Warzone?


I know, there are a tonne of battle royale games out there. And, I know, to the untrained eye each looks pretty much the same. However, if you’re a veteran of the genre you’ll know that each battle royale on the market takes a notably different approach to the same formula: be it foregrounding realism, speed, accessibility, or something else.

With each game striving to carve out its own identity, this article will take a closer look at Call of Duty Warzone, exploring what makes it different to the other battle royales on offer—ultimately, looking at whether it might be a good fit for you or not.

The Battlefield of Battle Royales

The Battlefield of Battle Royales

Over the 2010s, the Battle Royale quickly exploded in popularity to become, probably, the most popular gaming genre out there. While battle royales have moved slightly out of the spotlight in recent years, they are still a huge genre enjoyed by millions of players around the world on a daily basis.

From the pulse-pounding action of Apex Legends to the building frenzy of Fortnite to the realism of PUBG, each of the major titles in this genre brings its own unique flavour into the mix. So, while it may seem like the gaming world is inundated with the same game in different packages, if you’ve played multiple battle royales you’ll know just how different they can feel and play.

So let’s look at why CoD Warzone might be the battle royale for you.

Series Familiarity

It’s almost impossible to miss the fact that Warzone is a Call of Duty game. As a part of the franchise, Warzone adopts huge amounts of its DNA from previous and current Call of Duty games. That means that if you’re a fan of the fast, high-octane and cinematic action that Call of Duty offers, Warzone will automatically appeal to you. However, if you’ve never liked how weapons or systems are handled in Call of Duty, chances are that Warzone isn’t going to blow your mind.

By inheriting many of the systems from Activision’s iconic franchise, Warzone also has the secondary benefit of a smaller learning curve—at least for Call of Duty veterans. Again, this is because the game simply feels and plays like other CoD titles. Meaning that your skills and knowledge will translate well from other games onto this one.

To the Gulag 

Perhaps Warzone’s most unique and discussed feature is that of the Gulag. This unique mechanic sets Warzone apart from other Battle Royales in one important way: that death isn’t the end. In Warzone, when you are first eliminated you’re not immediately tossed into the spectator role. Instead, you’re thrown down into the Gulag. The Gulag is a confined arena where you face off against one or multiple other players and even an AI juggernaut which you can tag-team with the others—with these opponents changing depending on your game mode.

Ultimately, the Gulag is a second chance at glory, and it adds a uniquely tense fight to the game while offering up the chance to jump back into the main lobby. 

Squad Play 

While solo is an option in Warzone, most players will agree that squads are where this game truly shines. Squads consist of three players. Hopefully, players who are encouraging, communicative and innovative with their strategy. Of course, if you want to show off to your squad with rare cosmetics, you might want to buy a Warzone account to get your hands on some before you jump in.

Not only does Warzone have squad play, but it also offers in-game contracts. These are objectives delivered to you and your squad on the fly which pay out huge rewards. They can range from coordinating your load-outs to executing manoeuvres or simply taking down opponents.

Together, squads and contracts add a lot of dynamism to the moment-to-moment gameplay of Warzone.

Vast Landscape

Warzone’s map of Verdansk was huge, but with the release of Warzone 2, they have really upped their game. The new map of Al Mazrah has increased the scale and scope of the game significantly. Of course, it features all the iconic locales of tight city streets, open fields and various mixed environments. Excitingly, they’ve doubled down on vehicles for this map, even offering up boats as a new way of getting around.

Within this huge and diverse map, the game offers endless opportunities for dynamic and varied gameplay.

Innovative In-Game Economy

Another factor differentiating Warzone from the other mainstream battle royales is its in-game economy. This system changes it from being a simple looter-shooter to a multifaceted system where gaining cash can mean gaining the best loot. Cash can be accumulated by completing contracts, eliminating opponents, looting and more. And can then be spent at buy stations, to get your hands on weapons, equipment and killstreak abilities.

Why Choose Warzone Over Others?

Why Choose Warzone Over Others?

Fortunately for Battle Royale fans, most games in the genre are free to play. Warzone is no different. This means that you don’t necessarily need to fork out any cash before trying it yourself. And, believe us, trying is the best way to find out whether Warzone is the best battle royale for you.

That said, Warzone does stand out in a number of ways. Its Call of Duty lineage is hard to ignore, alongside the new gameplay features that it brings to the table. 

So, if you’re yet to try it out perhaps it’s time to download Warzone and give it a go.


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