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10 Best Websites To Download Nigerian Movies 2023

The Nigerian movie industry also known as Nollywood has come a long way since the likes of popular actors like Aki and Paw Paw, Mr Ibu, Kanayo O Kanayo, Patience Ozukwor (Mama Gee) and Nkem Owoh, popularly called Osuofia. The movies portrayed the typical Nigerian life in those days and we all enjoyed those moments of fun, tragedy and laughter. So today, I’ll be sharing with you the best websites to download Nigerian Nollywood movies for free in 2022.

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The list of websites I’ll be sharing with you to download old Nigerian movies may not offer the best quality although the quality of the movies is pretty good and for the most part, foreign movies like blockbusters Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available for download on these sites too.

It is worth noting that the Nigeria Movie Industry – Nollywod is bigger than you think. It is rated as the third biggest movie industry in terms of revenue after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India). If you’d prefer a streaming service, you will find some of Nigeria’s hilarious blockbuster movies on Netflix. Below are the best websites for free and paid Nigerian movie downloads.

10+ Best Websites To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies For Free

1. NetNaija

NetNaija is one of the biggest movie download sites in Nigeria. If it’s a Nollywood movie, rest assured that the site has a large database of Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa movies available for download for free.

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NetNaija is a very popular website amongst Nigerians as it offers the opportunity to download new and trending movies and episodes of TV shows with good quality a few days or weeks after the release whether Nigerian or foreign movies.

The site does not only upload movies. Comedy skits, football highlights, and MP3 music can also be downloaded from NetNaija. It still doesn’t end there, you can also read the latest entertainment gist on this website.

Visit NetNaija.


You might have probably seen IROKO TV in a TV commercial or billboard before. IROKO TV is probably the biggest web platform for Nigerian movies download.

IROKO TV provides you with access to over 5,000 Nollywood films and series on the go. However, it is an online streaming service so movies cannot be downloaded from here for free.

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3. NaijaOnPoint

Naijapoint is more or less like NetNaija. It is also one of the best websites to download Nigerian movies for free in 2022. The site also publishes daily news, Nigeria breaking news, entertainment news, business news, politics and sports. The latest foreign and Nigerian songs can also be downloaded from this website.


iBAKATV is a subscription base Video-On-Demand OTT Service where you get to stream the latest blockbuster Nollywood Movies and TV Series and according to their claim, iBAKATV has the world’s largest online catalogue of Nollywood movies, with over 15000 hours of incredible 9ja movies and TV content streamed on-demand.

You can download Nigerian movies on the app or stream them online. The app is available for download both on iOS and Android platforms.

5. RealNollyTV

RealNollyTV contains a whole of varieties of Nigerian movies. Both old and new Nollywood movies can be downloaded for free from this movie website. However, the website requires users to sign up first before granting access to its content.

It is said to be the smoothest website to download Nigerian movies as it contains little to no ads.

6. YouTube

Yes, YouTube!! I bet you probably didn’t know that there are some channels on YouTube that upload full old and new Nigerian movies, especially Yoruba movies.

The good thing about YouTube is that you can choose to watch movies in HD and the bad thing is that YouTube contains a lot of ads and these ads can show up at any point while watching the movie, more annoying is the fact that you only get to skip the ads after 3 secs or sometimes 5 secs but you can avoid the interruption of ads by subscribing to YouTube premium.

With all that’s been said, YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch Nigerian movies for free and also download Nigerian movies,

7. NaijaPals

NaijaPals is a forum like Nairaland but what is different here is that it has a lot of content like movies and songs uploaded by the users. The website/forum allows you to download the latest Nollywood movies uploaded on the website for free after signing up. You can also read the latest Nigerian news on this website and it is one of the best sites to download Nigerian movies.

8. CodedWap

CodedWap is just like every other Nigerian music website but extra. On this website, the latest Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Indian movies can be downloaded for free. The website also publishes entertainment news and gist. Visit CodedWap now to download the latest and most high-quality Nollywood movies in 2022.

9. NollyLand

This website is loved for its beautiful user interface. It allows you to download Nollywood movies right from the website to your local storage or stream the movie right there on the website. You’ll also find Ghanaian and other African country movies on this website.

NollyLand is one of the best websites to watch and download the latest and old Nigerian movies.

10. GistVile

Gistvile is a Nigerian blog and one of the best websites to download both Nigerian Nollywood and foreign movies all for free without any subscription or registration whatsoever.

11. AfriNolly

Afrinolly’s mobile app is one of the most popular apps that Nigerians watch African music videos, short films, comedies and trailers that have been made public by the content owners or their legal representatives most especially from the Nollywood film industry.

12. 9jaFlaver

Popular for music downloads, 9jaFlaver is also a Nigerian movie download website that offers the latest Naija movies for free.

13. Delonifera.ng

Delonifera TV offers both free and paid African movies. It also has an application available for iOS and Android users.

Visit DeloniferaTV and enjoy a variety of Nollywood movies.

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