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What is it and how to use the Activity feature on PS5?

Ps5 activity feature allows player to interact with extra content and still track their own progress in games

The PlayStation 5 user interface brings some news compared to the PS4. One is the new activities feature, designed to bring the player closer to extra elements of the game, such as behind the scenes, tips, DLCs and etc. Learn more details and how to use an activity on PS5.

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Ps5 activities: what is it?

The activities are part of the new ui features on ps5. Through cards, located at the bottom of the screen, the player has access to, for example, tips from the developers themselves for supported games, their progress in a phase, trophies won, challenges and more.

These activity cards can be activated in two ways: on the main screen and in the hub of some game. Cards on the main screen (without any games running) usually show general console interest issues, such as production journals for some games, promotions, and so on.

Cards visible when selecting a game or returning to the hub with a running game (if the game has this support) can display how much is left to finish the part you are playing, advance in the game, return to search for lost items, receive tips, see captures (prints and videos) made, make challenges, track trophies, among other activities.

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Ps5 activities: how to use?

Ps5 activities: how to use?

Activity cards can also be used as shortcuts to start a game, for example. By selecting a game from the PS5 main menu and moving the screen down you will be able to see a card showing where you left off in a match and start directly from this part, without having to go through the main menu of the title. If the game allows, the player can also quickly resume pending challenges.

But that’s not all. Whether you have an active game or not and going down the screen a little bit (after selecting a game) you can watch title-related videos (mostly with community gameplay) and see available expansions or DLCs. It is highly recommended to explore these shortcuts shown by the activities feature. You never know when you have a free DLC to download.

You can also use the cards in the PlayStation 5 media tab. When exploring TV and video cards, for example, you’ll find featured content from major streaming apps such as Disney+Netflix, Prime Video, and etc. and trends on YouTube and other channels.

Just like in the Games tab, when you select a streaming app you’ve downloaded, you can see extra content specific to each channel, such as new movies and series and recently added content. Then just select some if you want, and already start watching (remember to log in first).

Is it worth using ps5 activities?

It will depend heavily on your need to consume extra content, whether from general console news to specific items such as in-game tips, check your progress in phases, or check what new additions to streaming apps are.

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In all cases, this is a good addition to the user interface and despite the large amount of information per item chosen, does not compromise the agility of the navigation of the menus.

For those who focus more on game content than media and, as much as you won’t make constant use of these cards, it’s worth keeping an eye on them from time to time because of free promotions and DLCs, which can go unnoticed.


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