iTop VPN Review: Free, Secure, and High Speed to Access Content


When you are using public Wi-Fi, a VPN (Virtual Secret Network) keeps your connection private. It establishes a secure tunnel for your traffic, making spammers’ access to your online data and personal information impossible. When you’re shopping online, using public Wi-Fi, gaming, streaming, travelling, or just want some privacy, you can use the VPN on mobile phones and download VPN for PC.

 iTop VPN: best free VPN for 2022

iTop VPN is a relatively new VPN service that aims to provide customers with a secure, private, and quick browsing experience since 2016. Even though it is still new, it is grabbing the attention of VPN users all over the world. The company’s apps for Windows, Android, and iOS have been downloaded by 20 million people so far. 

To give customers a taste of what iTop VPN has to offer, it is now giving a free edition with access to 100 servers and a data bandwidth limit of 700 MB a day.  The paid iTop VPN subscription gives you access to over 1,800 servers in over 100 locations around the world, all of which are committed to delivering security, privacy, and secure access to geo-restricted content to their users. 

No matter where you are, iTop VPN allows you to overcome geo-restrictions and gain unrestricted access to any material. You can access social apps including TikTok, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, and others. You can also access favorite videos, music, and websites without being censored by the government. 

Dedicated Netflix, Disney+, PUBG, LOL: Wild Rift, and Free Fire servers are included in the iTop VPN plans, unsurprisingly, and deliver a faster and better streaming and gaming experience. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

iTop VPN’s free edition does not have unlimited bandwidth. Premium subscribers, on the other hand, get unlimited bandwidth. If a video streamer or online gamer uses their service for 6 to 7 hours a day, they can have an uninterrupted VPN experience. Even the best VPNs can’t guarantee their consumer’s unlimited bandwidth, thus this is a useful option. 

IP Checker & Protection 

IP Protection masks your true IP address and prevents your location or identity from being revealed by replacing your IP source with a VPN server. Furthermore, the IP Checker tool works in conjunction with IP Protection to give consumers real-time information about their online status. 

Access Geo-blocked Content

iTop VPN also offers geo-restricted content unblocking technology and provide optimized and dedicated streaming, gaming and social media VPN servers, so you can watch Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, Kodi, Amazon Prime Video, play PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, and log in to your Facebook and Instagram account in any countries. You may binge-watch all day on such sites because of their limitless bandwidth option, which ensures a lag-free experience. 


Governments, the military, and huge banks all use 256-bit encryption, which is a military-grade encryption standard included in the iTop VPN.  This encryption encrypts all of your traffic to the highest level possible, rendering it unreadable by anyone or anything. Even the world’s supercomputers can’t decipher this type of encryption to ensure you always have secure and private surfing at home, in the office and in public.

No-log Policy

When you use a VPN, you give up control of your traffic and online activity to the VPN service provider, putting your privacy in danger. This is why iTop VPN has a strict no-logging policy in place, ensuring that no information about its customers is retained, stored, or acquired. You can upload, download and share any files privately on the Internet.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch feature provided by iTop VPN works quickly and effectively once engaged. The Kill Switch technology kicks in when your VPN connection dies. 

When the VPN connection breaks, the Kill Switch feature turns off the Internet connection, making it impossible for third parties to gain access to your device.

Performance & Speed 

Even the free plan of iTop VPN delivers outstanding results. If we subscribe to iTop VPN’s paid membership plan, we will get 10x faster speeds because all of the fastest servers will be enabled and we will have access to all of them, according to their official website. 

iTop VPN gives you fast speeds without limiting your Internet usage. It’s also a huge plus for all consumers because they have over 1,800 servers in over 100 locations. If someone is having trouble connecting to a fast VPN server, they can move to a different server at a different or exact location. 


iTop VPN contains more functions that may make customers’ lives easier. To solve your privacy issues and eliminate intrusive adverts for a better user experience, you can use features like browser privacy, security reinforcement, Advertising block, and DNS protection. Overall, whether you use the paid or free version, it’s a fantastic VPN.


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