5 Essential Things to Consider In a Mobile Service Provider

by George Philip
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Whether you’re a new phone owner and need to buy a prepaid sim card online or you’re just considering shifting to a new mobile service provider, there are a few essential things to consider. With the many mobile service providers in the country, it’s almost baffling when deciding which is suitable for you. Before you hit the shops or buy prepaid sim card online, here are crucial features to look for in a mobile service provider in Singapore.

1. Network coverage

Most mobile service providers offer varied network coverage with different bandwidths. Almost every one of them has shifted to the latest iteration of cellular technology, the Fifth Generation Wireless (5G). This service aims at catapulting the speed and bandwidth to improve communications. However, some haven’t enabled access to this service in specific areas. If fast internet speeds and uninterrupted phone communications are your obsession, be sure to ascertain whether your potential mobile services provider offers this coverage.

2. Costs and pricing structures

If you’re operating on a tight budget, you might need to consider the pricing and costs of data and airtime plans from your mobile services provider. Some mobile service providers run prices that are way overhead and could strain your budget for the acquisition of the primary data and mobile services. However, most companies in Singapore have rolled out reasonable offers that are lenient enough to their customers’ pockets and can be your best fit.

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3. The reputation of the company

Although the company’s reputation should be an initial consideration before you buy a prepaid sim card online or at a shop retailing the cards, you must check what reputation the company has. Ask friends and family or check some online reviews about their services before buying a prepaid sim card. However, don’t limit yourself to this consideration as there are still new and emerging companies that haven’t built a reputation yet, but are offering exemplary services.

4. Customer service quality

You will encounter problems with your prepaid sim card at some point, and you may need assistance. That’s when accessibility comes as a primary factor to consider. Therefore, try checking the customer service index before deciding on the ideal company to pick. Ensure that they’re available 24/7 before opting for their services.

5. Length of contracts

Some mobile service providers offer restrictive contracts with harsh penalties when you opt-out. In Singapore, most communication companies demand hefty fines reaching up to $200. Keep in mind that at some point, you may choose to change your mobile service provider when searching for greener pastures. Make sure that it doesn’t happen to your detriment and force you to strain your budget. Before purchasing a prepaid sim card, be sure to keep this in mind.


Before opting for a mobile service provider in Singapore, it’s good to do subtle digging to land the ideal company. Luckily, there are umpteen offers most Singapore’s mobile service providers convey to their customers. Besides, most telecommunication companies have good customer services but try finding those that won’t be available when you desperately need help. We trust these five tips will help you find the right company for your communication needs in Singapore.

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