How To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria


Are you looking for the be­st gift to give your loved ones? Look no furthe­r than gift cards! They are the ide­al presents, guarantee­d to bring joy. Now, here’s an important question: How can your loved ones re­deem those gift cards in Nigeria? Don’t worry. It’s a pie­ce of cake!

They have se­veral options available. They can either: visit the brand’s physical store­, redeem the gift card online­, or, my personal favourite – sell the­ gift card for cash on Cardtonic.

Now, you may be curious about how to accomplish all of this and why se­lling the gift card for cash on Cardtonic is my preferre­d option. But fret not, my dear friend, be­cause I have all the answe­rs! Join me on this exciting journey as we­ delve into these­ alternatives!

Where To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria

There are three places you can redeem your gift cards in Nigeria. You can either redeem your gift card in the card issuer’s physical store, on the brand’s official website or sell the gift card for cash on Cardtonic.

1. Physical Store

Just head over to the physical store of the brand that issue­d your gift card. Let’s say you have a Nordstrom gift card, for instance. He­ad straight into their physical store and let the­ shopping adventure begin! Explore­ all the fabulous fashion items you desire­ and effortlessly pay using your Nordstrom gift card.

2. Official Brand’s Website: 

If the physical store of the gift card brand is not in Nigeria, don’t worry. All hope is not lost yet because there is another way to redeem your gift card. You can redeem the gift card from the brand’s website. 

For example, let’s say you have a GameStop gift card, and I am sure a GameStop physical store is not in Nigeria. 

Your GameStop gift is not a waste; you can redeem the GameStop gift card online on the official GameStop website and enjoy all the value the gift card offers!

3. Cardtonic:

This is my favourite spot because if you are unable to use the gift card in a physical store or redeem the gift card on the brand’s website.

You can easily sell your gift card on Cardtonic and earn rewards and incentives when you do so.

How To Redeem Gift Cards In Nigeria

There are three ways you can redeem your gift card; At the physical store, on the brand’s website, or by selling it for cash. 

1. Redeem The Gift Card At the Physical Store

You can easily redeem your gift card at a physical store. Just head over to the counter and give the cashier your gift card. They will input the details on their machine to accept your payment.

2. Redeem The Gift Card On The Brand’s Website

Each brand has an online website where you can buy and redeem their gift cards. It is important to note that each website is unique, and the process wouldn’t be the same thing. But fear not! It is still easy to redeem your gift card online. All you need to do is;

  1. Head to the brand’s website and Login
  2. Pick your desired items and head to the cart
  3. Under payment methods, select “Gift Card.”
  4. Input your gift card details and make the payment.

3. Sell The Gift Card For Cash On Cardtonic

You can easily sell your gift cards on Cardtonic, and all you need to do is; Download the Cardtonic application from either Google Play or Apple App Store, register on the platform, open your Cardtonic app, click on sell gift cards, select a gift card, input the amount of your gift card, upload the images, and start trade.

1. Open the Cardtonic app you already have installed on your phone.

2. Select “Sell Gift Cards” and then pick the form you want to sell (Physical or E-code).

3. For the category, select the type of gift card you want to sell, e.g., “Gamestop gift card.” and USA Gamestop gift card under the subcategory section.

4. Type in the amount of your Gamestop gift card.

5. Upload the gift card image(s).

6. To complete the process, click the “Start Trade” button. Once your transaction is approved, you will receive your payment in Naira instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Redeeming Gift Cards in Nigeria

1. What Are Gift Cards Used For?

Gift cards serve multiple purposes, such as gifting loved ones, personal shopping, and rewarding employees. Their versatility makes them ideal tokens of appreciation and joy.

2. Where Can I Sell My Gift Card For Cash?

Cardtonic is the best platform for selling gift cards for cash. With seamless transactions and competitive rates, Cardtonic ensures a hassle-free experience.

3. How Can I Redeem My Gift Card To Naira?

Redeeming gift cards to Naira is effortless with Cardtonic. Once you sell your gift card on the platform, the amount will be converted to Naira at a favourable rate and delivered to your preferred payment method.

4.  How Can I Redeem Gift Cards Online?

Redeeming gift cards online is easy. Visit the brand’s website or app, enter the unique code during checkout, and enjoy the convenience of online shopping with your gift cards.


Gift cards are more than just digital assets; they simplify our lives and bring joy. To unlock their true potential, you must redeem them. 

Whether on a brand’s website, at a physical store, or by selling on Cardtonic for cash, gift card redemption opens doors to endless possibilities. Don’t miss out!


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