How to recover deleted photos from Facebook

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recover deleted photos from Facebook

You know that old photo you posted, you’ve deleted it and you can’t find it on your albums or timeline anymore, but now you want to see it or save it again for some reason? It is possible to get these images again through a function of the social network. Check out this tutorial how to recover your deleted photos from Facebook.

How to recover your deleted Photos from Facebook

You can download all your information on Facebook. This includes your photos, videos and publications, and that’s where we have our bonus: all your images posted, including those that were deleted, are downloaded from this file. Follow the steps below and see how to recover your deleted Photos from Facebook:

  1. On the Facebook homepage, click the top menu and select “Settings and privacy”;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Go to “Your information on Facebook”
  4. Select “Download a copy your Facebook data”. You can also choose the “Transfer a copy of your photos or videos” option to Google Photos;
  5. Choose what information you want to download;
  6. Click the “Create file” button;
  7. After receiving the confirmation email, go to “Available files” and click “Download”.
How to recover deleted photos from Facebook

After the download is finished, unzip the file to access the content and search for the “photos” folders. There will be all your photos and images shared in albums and on the timeline. Now just look for the desired photo.

How to recover Facebook photos shared by PC

If the deleted photo was shared on Facebook through your PC, there is still a possibility to try to find the photo without relying on the social network.

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If you are using Windows 10, you can try Windows File Recovery, Microsoft’s tool for recovering deleted files. Or you can use some programs that help you search for deleted files like Recoverit, available for Windows and macOS.

What happens to photos of a deleted account?

If you permanently deleted your Facebook account, your data is still available for download for 30 days. If you’ve just disabled it, just log in again and your data will all be in the same place.

Source: Facebook.

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