How to make all letters uppercase (or lowercase) in Excel

by George Philip
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Excel has a different proposal than the text editor that is Word. Therefore, it does not have a “button” to automatically change the configuration of a text. See below for the ideal way to capitalize all letters in Excel, as well as lowercase or with only the first letter capitalized.

The change is made through a function, applied to a side column where the text to be modified exists:

  1. Insert a new column: Next to the text you’ve written and want to convert to uppercase, insert a new column. As in the image below, the original text column is A in lines 1, 2 and 3 (A1, A2 AND A3) and the new column is B;
  2. Type the command: On the ballot besides that, if you want to change the formatting, type the command =UPPERCASE(COLUMN+LINE). The column and row are from the original text;
  3. Hit “Enter”: By pressing “Enter”, you will already see the new modified text. Repeat in the column for all necessary texts. You can drag the command down and the change will automatically be made;
  4. Copy formatted texts: After converting the texts, select them all and copy;
  5. Paste in the original text column: In the sequence, select all of the columns of the original texts and in “Paste”, in the upper left corner, select the first option of “Paste Values”. Okay, the text that was lowercase before will become uppercase;
  6. Remove the created column: After finishing the conversion, you can delete the column created to generate the command, as it will no longer be needed.

How to make the letter lowercase

The process is the same, the only change is in the command. So, to change all uppercase text to lowercase, just enter the command =SMALL(COLUMN+ROW) in the column to the side and then follow all the steps already shown above.

How to make only the first letter capital and the others lowercase

Here, what also changes is the command in which the “PRI” is added. in the formula so that the program can identify that only the first letter is to be capitalized. So the command that should be used in this case is =UPPERCASE(COLUMN+ROW).

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