How to make a photo round in Canva [Cut to circle]

by George Philip
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The “crop” function in Canva is used to crop the images inserted in the layout. See how to make a photo round in Canva below and learn about methods to change the view with the platform crop tool. Likewise, you can select several other formats, such as heart, oval, polygon, numbers, and alphabets, among others. With Canva, the ease of performing these functions is great.

How to make a photo round in Canva

There are basically two methods: for the PC, through the Canva platform or in the app available for Android and iOS.


  1. Open the template. Click on “Elements” in the sidebar;
  2. Select the shape of your choice under Frames. Click All to see all available
  3. The selected shape will be added to the model;
  4. Drag the image you want to crop in a circular shape over this circle. It occupies the circle automatically;
  5. Use any of the four corners to change the size of the circle;
  6. Double-click the circle to crop the image;
  7. Confirm the “Done” button to save the changes.


Canva doesn’t offer an ideal option for using frames in the mobile app. There are other options such as illustrations, text, images and even shapes. Shapes are different from frames. But, there is a “way” that works on Android and iOS, just take a look at the frame elements.

  1. Open the model;
  2. Tap the “Add” icon at the bottom;
  3. Tap on “Elements”. In the search bar. Type “Frames” and press “Enter”;
  4. Select the circle shape;
  5. Open the photo you would like to insert in the circle; click on it and drag it to the frame;
  6. Touch the shape and adjust the size and position, confirm with “done” and the photo will be cropped.

With these tips, you can make the photo round in Canva on your PC and smartphone, even in the Android and iOS apps that need to make a slight adaptation. Good luck.

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