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How to get verified on TikTok

Like other social networks, TikTok also verifies accounts to show that a given user is authentic. The platform’s blue seal is desired by many content creators, as it offers greater visibility and credibility to the profile. But anyway, how to get verified on TikTok? Below, I will explain more details.

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Why get verified?

Verification serves to show users that a profile is actually controlled by a real person/company and meets the rules of the platform, thus ensuring more authenticity.

Also, thanks to the TikTok algorithm, verified accounts have higher visibility and, consequently, get more likes and followers. That is, there are interesting benefits.

How to be verified?

Unfortunately, the TikTok verification process is not so clear. The company doesn’t provide many details on how to get a verified account — there are no links or forms to fill out. Apparently, the social network has its own system based on popular and high-quality content.

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However, it is possible to increase the chances of winning the blue seal by meeting some requirements:

  • Activity: The account must be active within the last six months;
  • Authenticity: The account must represent a real person, company or entity. If the profile is dedicated to the last two options, the registered email must contain a corresponding domain;
  • Transparency: the account must be public and have a complete profile with biography, name, photo and at least one video;
  • Security: The account owner needs to enable two-step authentication.

In addition, it is also necessary to follow the Terms of Service. TikTok warns that all users must meet usage criteria, including those that are already verified. Otherwise, the platform may revoke verification.

Tips to get verified

As the TikTok verification system is automatic, there is no official way to apply for the badge. However, some tips can help you earn that much-desired icon:

Produce authentic or different content

To create your own identity, you need to share authentic content daily. After all, once someone becomes known for something, it becomes easier to retain and attract new followers.

So focus on producing captivating and engaging videos to catch the attention of a larger audience and, consequently, get noticed by the platform itself. This increases the chances of earning the blue badge.

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It is also worth keeping an eye on the hashtags and challenges of the moment to analyze what is trending and create content that is different from the general audience. Thus, your name can gain notoriety on and off TikTok.

Get verified on other social networks

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow users to request verification. This does not mean that all applications are accepted easily, as there is a rigorous process. Still, at least there is an official way to apply for the seal.

If you have a verified profile on one of these social networks, the chances of being verified on TikTok also increase, as the platform can verify that you are a person of public interest.

Try to go viral

This topic may seem obvious (and it really is), but most accounts verified by TikTok have had at least one viral video. Appearing on the “For You/For Your” page can boost your profile and put you on the company’s “radar”.

As there is no magic formula to go viral, the most you can do is keep producing different and attractive videos. At some point, the platform’s algorithm can “bomb” your content, attracting a large amount of likes and followers.

Importantly, viral videos do not guarantee TikTok verification. In fact, they only increase the chances of getting the seal.

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