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How To Get Airtel 20X Bonus Recharge

Airtel introduces a 20X Recharge welcome back Bonus for subscribers who have not been active for 30 days or more. In other words, this offer will definitely work on an inactive Airtel SIM that has not been used to receive or make any calls, send or receive text messages or browse in the last 30 days.

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Note: The Airtel 20x Bonus may depend on your eligibility.

So If you are among those who have kept their Airtel SIM for a while ( 30 days or more), it’s time for you to pick up that SIM again and start enjoying the 20X Bonus in all of your recharges.

According to Airtel, “DO ANYTHING to get your Airtel SIM back”.

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How Does the Airtel 20x Bonus Offer Work?

It’s a very simple calculation. With a 20x bonus offer, when you recharge N100, you will get N500 for voice calls and N1500 for data that’s N2000 in total just for N100. It will be valid for 30 days. So If you recharge 200, 300, 500 or 1000, you will get 20X your recharge, How amazing?

How Do I Activate this Offer?

To activate the Airtel 20X bonus, Simply dial the codes below;

Recharge N100 or more and dial *241# then select the preferred option or dial *241*100# for the direct activation.

Airtel 20x Recharge Bonus Codes For Different Amounts

images 1
  • N200 *241*200# for N4000
  • N300 *241*300# for N6000
  • N500 *241*500# for N10000
  • N1,000 *241*1000# for N20000

They are all valid for 30 days (1 month). Moreover, you can purchase this offer multiple times within 30 days from the date of the first purchase. Bonuses can be used to call, text (all networks) & browse.

How to Check Balance?

Simply dial *123# to check your bonus balance.

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How Do I Know I’m Eligible For The Airtel 20X Bonus Offer?

You are advised to dial any of the above codes first before attempting to recharge your Airtel line.

If you are not eligible for the offer, you will get a message from Airtel that “you are not eligible for this offer” but if you get a response that you have insufficient balance, then, you can recharge your Airtel line with any amount you want to get your preferred bonus.

Please don’t forget to drop comments if it works for you.

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