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How to Activate Airtel 6GB for ₦1,500

Airtel Nigeria has continued to offer cheap data bundles and packages to its customers. Airtel internet package that is considerably cheaper than the Glo overload data plan one of the best 4G networks we have here in Nigeria with cheap data offers.

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It’s no new news as we were formerly aware of the Airtel 6GB for N1500 data plan that many subscribers of Airtel have enjoyed previously. Well, Guess what? The data plan is back but with a different activation code, this time around and Airtel made this plan not eligible for every subscriber but for selected subscribers alone. Only new subscribers that have just joined the Airtel network have been using the SIM for no less than 3 months.

I’ll be sharing with you today the new procedure on how to activate the Airtel 6GB for N1500 and how to confirm if you’re eligible for the data offer.

How to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for ₦1500

  • Dial *141*1504#;
  • A message will be sent to your phone that your subscription to Airtel 6GB for ₦1500 has been activated successfully;
  • To check your data balance on Airtel, Dial *140#.

This data will be valid for only 7 days and it can be accumulated.

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Here’s how to know if you’re eligible or not;

How to Check your Eligibility Status

  • To check your eligibility status, make sure you don’t have up to N1500 on your Airtel SIM because you want to confirm your eligibility status;
  • After that, open your phone dialer and dial *141*1504# (activation code);
  • If you get a message from Airtel like this; “subscription failed due to insufficient balance”. Relax and smile because it means you’re eligible, you can now recharge your Airtel SIM with ₦1500 and dial the activation code;
  • If you receive a message like this; “you’re not eligible for this offer”. It means you’re not eligible for the data offer. You may decide to get a new Airtel SIM and after 3 months you try it again with the new Airtel SIM.

How to Rollover Airtel 6GB for ₦1500

To rollover your remaining data volume before it expires just simply buy a new data plan.

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