How to Free Space on an iPhone with Full Memory


The survival guide for a 16 GB iPhone user.

Whenever I go to concerts, I notice a common scene: several people deleting apps to free up space on the iPhone and be able to take pictures, even more if you have a full memory. It is not for me to question whether the person should forget the cell phone at those times , but even in other situations it is not easy to survive with a 16 GB iPhone (or even 8 GB!).

How to free up space on a full iPhone

Some tricks and changes of habit can help you get along better with an iPhone that has little storage space. Many of these tips are for other platforms, by the way.

1. Use mobile sites instead of apps

It is true that the App Store is full of applications. However, many can be replaced by the respective mobile sites. Leave the fewest apps installed on your iPhone and abuse webapps: if you use Facebook a little, why not use it directly from your browser? Replacing the social network application with the website saves at least 200 MB. The same goes for applications from news sites, airlines, online stores and many other categories.

A good trick for this is to place a shortcut to the website directly on the application screen. To do this, just visit the desired website, click on the share icon and click on the “Add to Home Screen” button. It is quite possible that the icon is identical to that of the main application.

2. Use Google Photos instead of iCloud Photos

Mobile phone cameras are getting better and better, but at the same time, the size of each photo has also increased. Google Photos should assist you in this task: the photos taken by the phone’s camera will be automatically copied to the service’s servers and saved in the cloud when the smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or you can even choose to use your mobile data.

Of course, you can use the camera upload service of your choice, but I recommend Google Photos because it has unlimited storage in high quality. The application also helps to remove from the device’s memory everything that has already been copied to the cloud.

3. Use the Lord of the Rings method

Before and after the attempt to download “Lord of the Rings”.

This is a great trick for those who are low on free space and need to free up memory quickly. Just open the iTunes Store, search for a movie larger than the available space and tap to rent. This will cause the iPhone to clear the cache to try to make the necessary space available.

Tip: The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring weighs 9.72 GB in HD and should be enough to empty your cache. It is good to remember that the film will only be rented if it is possible to free up all the necessary space, so it is not good to be joking if you still have a few gigabytes available.

4. Use streaming on Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and others

You like listening to music, but you have little space available on your smartphone. There is a solution: you can detach your music offline and listen to it and many more thanks to streaming services.

Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Apple Music. There are several services, each with their respective differentials. If you want to further optimize the use of space, using Apple Music should still save you a few megabytes because it is already built into the operating system. It is certain that this task will bring you more use of your mobile internet package, so it is good to put the increase in data consumption at the tip of the pencil. TIM offers traffic released from TIM Music by Deezer on some plans.

At the moment of tightness, it is worth using creativity to free up even more space. Do you have any other tips? Please leave it in the comments section below.


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