How to change your Facebook username

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You can change your Facebook username , either from your profile or from a page on which you are the administrator. First, it is worth noting that “username” is not a way of identifying the name displayed next to the profile picture. Name and username are, in practice, two different data on the platform. Understand this difference and see step-by-step how to make the desired change.

In the account settings and privacy area, you can edit both your name and username. 
Follow the steps to make the change.

Go to your account settings:

Click on “account”, option represented by the arrow, in the upper right corner of the screen. 
Then click on “settings and privacy” and select “settings”;

Change your profile username:

Under “settings”, in the “general” section, click “edit” next to your username. Enter another username and, if the platform indicates it is available, click “save changes”.

Change your Facebook page username:

To change the username on a page where you are the administrator, the steps are similar. Under “about” on the left side of the screen, select “general” and then “username”. Click on “edit”, type the new name and, finally, confirm on “Create username”.

What is the difference between name and username?

The name, the information that appears next to the profile photo, corresponds to your personal identification. That is, the name and surname that appear on your identity document. It is also allowed to add a nickname in the first space, if it is a variation of your real name: Mari, instead of Mariana.

The username is the information that makes the URL personalized and is part of the “address” of your timeline on the social network. Your real name must be included in the username — a data consisting of at least five alphanumeric characters and may include periods (“.”).

Because it is part of the address of a specific timeline on the platform, no identical usernames can exist. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that capital letters and dots are not meant to make them different.

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Therefore, “gabrielacosta” and “Gabriela.Costa”, for example, are considered equal options. So if the first format you type is not available, the easiest solution is to try combinations with numbers, like “gabriela.c0sta”.

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