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How to advertise on Facebook Ads

Learn how to advertise on Facebook for greater visibility; understand also what types of ads the social network offers

If you use Facebook and want to boost your business sales, have more likes on your page, or record more hits on your site, for example, the social network offers an ad tool that increases the reach of organic posts. Follow this article to learn how to advertise on Facebook Ads.

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Ad objective

First, you need to define what you want to achieve by advertising on Facebook. Currently, the social network delivers seven categories of ads:

1. Receive more calls

By registering your number (or your business), Facebook will put a button dedicated to phone calls, thereby increasing the number of people who will call you.

2. Expand your business

This type of ad will increase the visibility of your business as a whole, as Facebook will recommend the page in other people’s feed.

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3. Get more visitors to the site

This option is ideal if you want to register more hits on your site or make more people know your profile on Instagram, for example. That’s because Facebook will create an ad with redirect button.

4. Turbocharge a publication

Facebook will post any post on your page to people who are more likely to react, comment, and share.

5. Receive more messages

By selecting this category, the social network will create a button for others to chat with you using Messenger.

6. Promote the page

If you want to create a likes ad, choose this option. Facebook will put a built-in like button.

7. Get more registrations

In this type of ad, Facebook will create a form for people to send their full name, email, and phone number, for example.

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Understand the ad

Now that you’ve chosen which ad to use, you need to fill in some important information before you can finish it. The social network will display the following sections:


Depending on the category, add a flashy description to attract people’s attention to what you do/sell.


You can select age, location, and gender of the people you want to reach.


Select when your ad will end or choose to run it continuously for best results.

Daily budget

Amount you want to spend per day to reach the largest number of people — the minimum is $ 5.66.

Create an ad on Facebook

  1. Go to the ads page;
  2. Choose a category;
  3. Fill in the information and click on “Promote now”;
  4. If you want to manage all ads, just go to “Ad Center” in your page settings.

For more advanced ads, Facebook also offers Ads Manager. The tool is ideal for those who want to work with campaigns or many ads at the same time, for example.

Okay, now you already know how to create an ad on Facebook to get more visibility within the platform.


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