How to access Netflix Games and play it on phone

by George Philip
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In early November 2021, Netflix gradually released its new mobile gaming service. Subscribers can access different titles directly through the Android app (the service is not yet available for iOS) and install everything for play on the mobile device. Learn how to access Netflix Games and play on your phone.

Remember that Netflix Games is only available for Android phones right now.

Find the game icon

With the app open, find the games icon at the bottom next to the “Start” button. Please note that games do not appear if you are accessing an account on a child profile;

choose your game

Click on one of the available games to play on Netflix Games and then on the “Download Game” button. 
You will be directed to the Play Store to download;

start playing

Once installed, the “Download Game” button will change to “Play”. 
From there, just click to play and enjoy Netflix Games.

When will it be possible to play Netflix Games on iOS?

Netflix Games games are already available on the App Store , however there is a need to search for each one through the Apple store.

What games are available?

As of this writing, the available games are: 
Stranger Things: 1984 , Stranger Things 3: The Game , Teeter (Up) , Card Blast , Shooting Hoops.

Why doesn’t the Netflix Games games icon appear in my app?

The company said it is gradually making available the update that adds the icon to play through Netflix Games. If it hasn’t appeared for you yet, just wait for it to be available eventually.

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How to install games without using Netflix Games option?

If the games icon has not yet appeared on your device, you can open the Play Store on your phone and search for games or for “Netflix Games”. From there, just install normally and you will be able to play them through your streaming company account.

What are the device requirements?

We recommend a phone with Android 8.0 or later, a good internet connection, an active Netflix subscription, and enough space to install each title.

Are you already using this new feature from Netflix? What are you thinking about the available games? Tell us!

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