11 Best Free Apps to Help Lose Weight in 2024

Free Apps to Lose Weight

Do you need an app to lose weight without neglecting your health? According to my nutritionist, it is better to maintain an ideal weight and not obsess over the idea of ​​being thin. So I have looked for weight loss apps that are focused on health and I have found various styles.

But what is the best application to lose weight? Is it reliable to use an app to lose weight? In this article, I will talk about some health apps that help you control your weight in a healthy and balanced way. I will also include a warning section to use responsibly.

The best apps to lose weight for free

Currently, it is possible to find applications of all kinds, even an app to drink water. However, health and nutrition topics are somewhat delicate, so you should never use such an app as a substitute for a doctor, instructor, or nutritionist. With that in mind, I’ll give you a list of the best weight loss apps.

1. My Fitness Pal, the best weight control app

My Fitness Pal, the best weight control app

My Fitness Pal is a calorie counter that helps you achieve your goals, whether you want to lose weight or improve your diet. Features include food logging, calorie calculator, barcode scanning, and water tracker.

The good thing about this application is that it allows you to connect it with other apps to complement your routines and training sessions. So I encourage you to also install the best calisthenics app, or use a smartwatch to obtain better results.

2. Calorie Counter, an application with a free diet plan to lose weight

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary

Nutrition apps like Calorie Counter have the necessary tools to keep you in control of your calories. In this case, you are looking at a personal assistant that compiles all the popular diets and menus designed by registered dietitians.

Some of its features include barcode scanning, voice food logging, daily workout tips, synchronization with smartwatches, and a step tracker. If you want professional advice, you can contact your dietician through the app, and share your diary with them to receive feedback about your regimen.

3. Lose it, a good app to lose weight

 Lose it, a good app to lose weight

Lose It is similar to the Yuka application, which is used to track and analyze the food we consume. However, this app stands out for keeping a record of more than 27 million products in its database, so you can easily find and make better decisions in your diet.

If you are already using a gym app, you can connect it with Lose It to get better tracking of your physical activity. It also offers information about your daily habits, so you will know in advance which activity is causing you to slow down your progress and not be able to reach your goals.

4. Running, the best running app to lose weight

Running App - Lose Weight App

If you are looking for a running app that gives you the best results, you might be interested in trying this one. With the use of GPS, this application guarantees that it will detect your steps to calculate the distance, speed, duration and the amount of calories burned during the workout.

As with walking applications, Running shows you your results through graphs and statistics to see if you managed to meet your goal. But the most interesting thing is that you can synchronize it with your playlist to move according to the rhythm of the music.

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5. 8fit, do exercises to lose weight

8fit, do exercises to lose weight

Whether you are a man or a woman, this application offers you the best diet and exercise plan to lose weight for free without leaving your home. Each workout is adapted according to your schedule, so there are no excuses to postpone it due to “lack of time.”

This is how you will find exercise routines of between 5 to 20 minutes that you can do anywhere. It also includes a series of recipes to improve your diet and forget about counting calories for each product you want to consume.

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6. Google Fit, best free weight loss app

Google Fit, best free weight loss app

Google Fit uses information from the WHO and the AHA to give you the best recommendations to help you take care of your health. Its main function is to detect your pulse through your mobile phone or smartwatch every time you move or do exercises.

This application includes a widget to access your data from the device screen without having to enter the app. It also allows you to configure your objectives to set goals that help you lose weight and control your weight.

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7. Lifesum, free diet and exercise plan

Lifesum, free diet and exercise plan

Lifesum is a practical food diary that updates as you scan a product’s barcode. It also has other additional functions such as a water counter, macro counter and various diet plans to lose weight.

As a weekly menu app, it offers a wide variety of diets to choose from as needed. For example, if you opt for intermittent fasting, you can set times when you would not be trying any snacks. Of course, remember to consult with your dietician to know whether or not it is convenient for you to opt for this type of diet without harming the health of your body.

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8. Fabulous, control your weight loss routine

Fabulous, control your weight loss routine

A good diet plan should be accompanied by a change in your daily routine, especially if you are looking to lose weight. This is how Fabulous came about, a habits app that helps you achieve your goals by following its training program.

Although this application is used for any area (whether you want to improve your sleep or increase your productivity at work), it is also recommended for losing weight. In this case, the exercises are combined with meditation sessions, scheduled nap times and stretches that help body flexibility.

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9. Dancefitme, an app to lose weight by dancing


If you find training sessions boring because they are very repetitive, perhaps what you need is to lose weight by dancing. That’s right, it is proven that dancing reduces cardiovascular problems, makes you more agile and helps improve your mood.

For this reason, Dancefitme is one of the best options you have to lose weight to the rhythm of music. You just have to choose between the different dance workouts in the app (such as Zumba, Salsa, K-pop, etc.) and move your body according to the instructions given by the instructors.

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10. Yoga for children and fitness

Yoga for children and fitness

You have already seen that there are many apps for exercising at home aimed at adults. But what about the children? Some parents worry that their children spend hours on their cell phones, without doing any physical activity. This will change when they discover this application is designed exclusively so that the little ones in the house are always on the move.

Guided by colourful and educational graphics, children will be able to follow the instructions to try new yoga poses and do exercises suitable for their age. Thus, you will help them improve not only their physical condition but also increase their self-esteem and concentration.\

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11. Lose weight for men, a free application to lose weight

 Lose weight for men

It is part of gender stereotypes to think that only women are interested in losing weight. That is why there is this app designed for men who want to burn their belly fat, reduce man boobs or tone their arm muscles.

As with the women’s version, this app includes three difficulty levels. It also allows you to set up a personalized training program based on your goals. And if you combine it with a free cooking app to control your calories, you will get the desired results.

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Warnings and precautions

Now that you know what types of weight loss apps exist, it is time to give you a series of tips and warnings to avoid any mishap to your health.

First of all, most apps that promise to help you lose weight are not endorsed. According to research, only 0.5% of them have been designed by health professionals. There are even very few that have been guaranteed by the corresponding organizations.

However, there are experts who do not completely rule out the possibility of using these applications to lose weight. Of course, it is always important to have the supervision of a health professional to obtain better guidance, in addition to remembering that “miracle diets” do not exist. Yes or yes it is necessary to have a change of habits that achieve the best results.

In conclusion, weight loss apps should be used as support and not skip food just because “the calorie counter says so.” It is good to eat everything, but it is much better to keep moving and avoid, at all costs, a sedentary life.

If this article has motivated you to improve your health and aim to lose weight in a healthy and balanced way, share it with your friends. I also invite you to leave your comments if any of the weight loss apps that I have put on the list have worked for you.


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